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G-L497 Y-DNA

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Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
August 2 @ 5:20pm
Rolf Langland
August 2 @ 5:20pm
Minor update to CTS4803 chart, but I decided to post a new version.
Scott Altimus Scott Altimus
August 2 @ 1:02pm
Thank you for the email today Mauricio. I decided to order the Big Y & Family Finder today due to the sale. Hope this helps find my place a little better.
Mauricio Cattel
August 2 @ 2:27pm
Great, Scott! Looking forward for your results. Thanks.
Michael Berkofsky Michael Berkofsky
July 31 @ 8:03pm
Hi there, I am looking for my Great Grandfather's Y line. Could someone please direct me?
July 21 @ 5:54pm
Hi all. 23andMe gave me the haplogroup G-CTS9737 but I know it's not a recent subclade. My father is Greek and has been matched to Anatolian and Pontic (Caucasian) Greek heritage. I'm trying to find out more about my haplogroup or which tests/resources I should pursue to get a bigger picture. All the best.
Rolf Carlsson
July 23 @ 2:56pm
Did you perform an Y-DNAtest? I do not see any matches?. Rolf Carlsson
Robert Flachs
July 31 @ 1:46pm
Hi JP, I sent you an email on this. It is also possible to check your 23andme raw data in more detail so let me know when you have a chance to go over it.
Gary Waller Gary Waller has a question!
July 30 @ 1:33pm
Sorry, hit the return button too soon. My Y-DNA has been verified as G-Z16770. My question to the group is: Do I need to get further testing done to refine down to a more exact terminal snp?
Gary Waller Gary Waller
July 30 @ 1:30pm
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
July 6 @ 5:02pm
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Walter Williamson
July 6 @ 9:28pm
I love your charts. I was just reviewing Chart C today for myself at G-S15656.
Enos Louis Flores
July 14 @ 3:34am
Thanks for the update.
jeffrey andle
July 26 @ 7:47am
there should be permanent links to all of these ;)
Mauricio Cattel
July 29 @ 12:36pm
Hi Jeff. Ok. Links for the updated Charts will be available from now on at the related section: .
Joaquim António Félix Cunha Joaquim António Félix Cunha has a question!
July 10 @ 5:08am
My BigY test says G-Z6150, its seems that is pretty widespread, (TMRCA about 3600 ybp) brought to Portugal? Celtiberian, an older presence or Suebi, a younger presence or other candidates including Romans, among others. There is some distant cousin from Z6150 here?
Robert Lewis
July 10 @ 2:36pm G-Z6150 is also found in Southern Germany and Switzerland. It could have been brought to the Iberian peninsula with Late Bronze Age /Iron Age Hallstatt expansions from Central Europe.
Robert Lewis
July 10 @ 2:46pm
Indeed, all subgroups under CTS4830 seem to be very widespread, including G-Z6150. a good example of its widespread distribution would be G-S18765 and G-FGC34846
jeffrey andle
July 15 @ 11:58am
for G-S18765 the two Swiss (mine and one other) and the Dutch probably all involve the Rhine river.
Joaquim António Félix Cunha Joaquim António Félix Cunha has a question!
July 7 @ 7:49am
Hi, I don't know if it was shared recently, but it is possible to share the latest version of the CTS 4803 chart? thanks.
Mauricio Cattel
July 7 @ 4:46pm
Hi Joaquim. The new G-CTS4803 Charts will be released in few weeks, before G-L43.
István Viczián István Viczián has a question!
June 11 @ 4:15pm
Hi! I have tested for the Y37, and I am a predicted G-M201. I have joined the group G-L497 Y-DNA because of my DYS388=13. I would be glad if someone could help me interpret my results and suggest what the next steps should be. I know my paternal line quite well until the mid-17th century. They lived in different places in Hungary. I'd like to see further back in time and learn more about the origins of my family. István Viczián - Kit No. IN85905
Mauricio Cattel
June 14 @ 9:11am
Hi István. I just sent you an email. Best regards!
George Allen
June 15 @ 8:58pm
I am G M201 67 marker my ancestors migrated from Africa into middle east 20000 years ago my dna has been traced to Hungary we are posibly related
Gary Wells
June 16 @ 12:17pm
George Allen, what is your FTDNA number?
Robert Lewis
June 22 @ 10:31am
George Allen, if you are G-M201, your ancestors would have migrated from Africa into the Middle East a lot earlier, roughly around 60000 years ago, instead of 20000 years. We don't know the exact location of CF, but we are fairly sure its descendants, F and certainly GHIJK and G-M201 were present outside Africa roughly 50000-45000 years ago, somewhere between the Arabian peninsula and the Indian subcontinent.