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Kevin Stickle Kevin Stickle has a question!
9 hours ago
Is there any chance of the BigY test going on sell
Robert Lewis Robert Lewis
May 2 @ 6:26pm
I have a question about Haplogroup G2a3b1a. This subclade has a wide distribution and is apparently found in England, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. I've had a discussion with a Dutchman who tested positive for G and he claims to be a bit of a specialist and according to him the reason this subclade is widely distributed is because of the Portuguese Sephardic migrations to these countries, hence the link with Portugal, the Roman distribution or the overall Jewish diaspora. According to him members of G-FGC14522 shared a common ancestor around 200 BC (year of the diaspora) which would imply a common Jewish ancestor What are everyone else's thoughts on this theory?
Gary Wells
May 17 @ 11:11am
Do a study on the Scythian Empire. It becomes evident that Ossetia, which carries the highest concentration of G-Haplotypes, was once a part of the Scythian Empire conceived some 5,600 ago. The first king of Scythia was Magog. Take into consideration Richard III Plantagenet king of England is a G-Haplotypes Otiz the Ice Man also a G-Haplotypes. Below is from "The Bloodroyal & Sangreal International Society of Royal Decendants". Cleopatra VII - Queen of Egypt descent-line from Queen CLEOPATRA of Egypt to Queen ELIZABETH of Britain. The interesting part is that Edward III Plantagenet king of England is also a descendant of Queen Cleopatra IIV who is a descendant of Ptolemy I of Macedonia. Investigate for yourself the associated location of Macedonia and The Scythian Empire. Yes the Jewish nation and the Scythian Empire are closely associated with each other.
Terry Bohme
May 17 @ 8:27pm
When you say Richard 3rd is that Longshanks- because I am descendant of him via Clopton mayor of London Lines to Kent Co. Virginia in 1600s William Clopton all well documented But a G L42 Swiss Rhine I am. A G cousin in my family finder tree is the drug founder Merck a Swiss German. Not 1 Bohme has been wealthy enough to spend $150- cheap but talented scientists and artist, musicians The Religious scholar Jacob Boehm is not a G- I can spot 'em- but they just won't test,,argh.
Maurizio Cattello
May 18 @ 8:47pm
@Gary Wells The high frequency in Ossetia proves only itself. In isolation, it's not a good indication of where G have originated, because almost all of Ossetians are G2a1. Besides, Ossetians are not the group with the highest G % in the world. Abt. 87% of Madjars in Kazakhstan would be G1, and a similar % of Shapsugs are G2a (almost all of them G-L1266, below G-U1), against 70% of North Ossetians and abt. 43% of South Ossetians. If your're suggesting Richard III was related to Ossetians, then again: virtually all G Ossetians are G2a1, while most of G Europeans are G2a2. In other words, the common ancestor of G Ossetians and most of G Europeans - G2a-P15 - lived almost 20.000 years ago (early Upper Paleolithic). The ancestors of most G Europeans entered Europe thousands of years ago, well before the existence of Scythians. Let's leave Cleopatra alone. :)
Robert Lewis
11 hours ago
@Gary Wells. The story of Gog and Magog is straight out of the bible and is nothing more than a foundation myth, just as there are Frankish foundings myth which were created to explain their connection with people of antiquity in order to legitimize their authority. I don't understand how people are able to believe in pseudo historical foundation mythology or legendary myths. Magog has also been associated with other historical and mythic groups such as the Amazons.
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Brian Hamman
May 15 @ 9:31am
Hi Robert Lewis , For L497, there was an "explosion" of new subclades (esp. under Z727/Z727) that happened around 5000 years ago which is fairly recent with regards to only 12 to 37 ySTR markers that are generally completely unreliable for predicting subclades of Z727 and especially Z726. So to answer your question, I generally do not "predict" one's subclade even at the Y37 level unless they are an exact 37/37 match (along with a couple unique marker values) to another man who did SNP testing. However, at the Y67 level, I can usually predict subclades for men who match within 60 of 67 markers. Again, unique marker values are just as important as total matching markers. For example, your closest Y67 matches are to men who Z726+, plus you do not have the DYS531=12 that is mostly unique to the L43 branch of Z727. Thus, I am more than 90% confident that you will be in a branch of Z726, but not easy to predict which subclade of Z726... Brian
Robert Lewis
May 15 @ 12:00pm
Thanks for your concise and detailed reply Brian, much appreciated.
Robert Lewis
May 15 @ 2:21pm
According to the database, our closest matches are at 37 markers. We don't have any 67 marker matches yet, so I was wondering how you came to the conclusion that we match people at the 67 level? People in our database who are Z727 are usually only 12 marker matches, in some cases 12 markers, distance 1. Our closest match is at 37 markers, distance 3, with someone who is FGC14522 (Koeblitz from Thuringia). If the gentleman in question were to take the 67 marker test and we would also match him at 67 markers, is there a possibility that we are FGC14522? Another match I have is at 37 markers, distance 4, also from Central Germany (Menche from Hesse), but he has not yet done an SNP test. So there seems to be a pattern, atleast, geographically speaking.
Robert Lewis
12 hours ago
Hi Brian, I remember you sending me an e-mail with my closest Y67 and Y111 matches. Most of them are at distance 9 or 10, does this equate to 12 marker matches distance 0 or distance 1? If we are Z726, does this mean we're in the same brance as Mr. Michael Moose? Apparently a lot of the people in this branch are of German origin, so there could be a possibility that we're in the same branch, since my grandfather originally came from Germany, but then again, we also have a close match with someone who is FGC14522, how is this possible? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.
Raymond De Winter Raymond De Winter
12 hours ago
Hi all, i am finally able to upgrade my fathers test (†). I want to go for the SNP pack, thought Rolf recommended the $119 test (under matches?) but i can't find this one? I only see a 'special' GM201v2 on top on sale (MyFTDNA>YDNA>haplotree&SNP's) Can someone help me where exactly i can find the one that Rolf recommended or which one i should order right now, please? Thanks in advance!
Raymond De Winter
12 hours ago
oh, is it the one at myFTDNA>myDashboard>YDNA: There is an offer ' Get 175 SNPs related to M201 for only $99!' ?
Guy V. Guy V. has a question!
May 21 @ 3:14am
Hello, Which pack do you advise me to try first G-L497 or G-M201 ?
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Guy V.
May 21 @ 4:43am
I am G-L140 (upstream of both G-L497 and G-M201), looking for some clues to identify the most probable link relatively to my Y-DNA67 results.
Jovan Bojanic
May 21 @ 4:50am
What is your value on DYS388?
Brian Hamman
May 21 @ 5:41am
Hi Guy V., You have the DYS388=13 that over 99% of the time indicates than an L140+ man will be in its' large L497 branch. In fact, you have some very close Y67 matches to men who have already tested positive for CTS4803 that is the largest subclade of L497. I am 100% confident that you will be L497+. Based on your closest Y67 matches, we put you into the following group in our results table: " 601> conf and predicted CTS4803+ and neg for S2808, F3484, CTS6369; DYS389=13/30, DYS392=12_order G-L497 SNP Pack or need one to order a BigY". NOBODY in the G-L497 project should order the new G-M201 SNP Pack! It woudl be fantastic if you would order the G-L497 SNP Pack... Cheers, Brian
Gary Wells
15 hours ago
Thanks for he tip. I am a G-Haplotypes G-M 201. Is my intent to take the G-L 497 but it s a process. I am researching "Richard III king of England (Plantagenet)" through Edward III king of England (Plantagenet). Richard III is a G-Haplotype. Edward is Richard III's grandfather. Edward III's blood line can be traced to Agamemnon. Ossetic, believed to be the origin of the G - Haplotype is located (modern day) on the border of Russia and Georgia but around 5,600 years ago it was a part of the Scythian Empire. The first king of Scythia was Magog (Irish version). There a question mark here is Magog the son of Japheth. My vote is yes. I am the 23rd great grandson of Edward III through Margaret Hawkins born 1772 Maryland.
Maurice Hammond Maurice Hammond
Yesterday at 7:55am
What is the relevance of the grouping on the main DNA Results list? I'm in 354> Z725+, CTS2100+, Z39862+, does the 354 have any significance? Also, is there one of those tree charts that includes my group, like the one Rolf Langland posted a couple of months ago?
Enos Louis Flores
Yesterday at 9:46am
354 is the group you are placed in based on your test result. Z39862+ = England on L-497 Chart. I do not know how to forward L-497 Chart on this site. If you scroll down to January 27 @ 5:05pm it's there.
Maurice Hammond
Yesterday at 1:24pm
Found it, you star, thank you very much!
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Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
March 3 @ 9:49pm
Michael Moose
May 20 @ 8:46pm
Rolf Langland, Is that your family at the lower right in Chart A? If so, how did you get this recent (550 BP)? Pretty impressive.
Rolf Langland
May 20 @ 11:00pm
Michael - I'm in the G-F1300 branch and we have four BigYs in there, which are currently giving us a TMRCA (from YFULL.com) of about 550 years for the four individuals, including myself. However, we found about 15 G-F1300 equivalents, so the actual age of the G-F1300 SNP itself could be much older than 550 years.
Rolf Langland
May 20 @ 11:06pm
The YSC33 branch becomes more remarkable with each new positive test result. It is found from the Balkans to the North Sea Coast and contains an incredible diversity of STR marker oddities.
Jovan Bojanic
May 21 @ 3:23am
Yeah, pretty amazing geographic distribution Rolf, there is a big question with which ancient ethnic group we can connect YSC33 and it's migrations to the Balkans and to North Sea Coast.
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
May 20 @ 4:21pm
NEW HAPLOTYPE PREDICTOR SOFTWARE: For those inclined, there is a good haplotype predictor application at: http://www.nevgen.org. [Note that you can paste marker values into the application box on the nevgen page, from the project roster.]
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
May 20 @ 4:12pm
VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING THE G-M201v2 SNP Pack. This test panel is only for Haplogoup-G persons NOT in G-L497. In our project we have our own G-L497 SNP Pack. And please note that if you have BigY testing or other detailed SNP testing, you do not need to order the G-L497 SNP Pack. As always, the project administrators are ready to assist with any questions regarding testing questions and/or recommendations. If you do order an SNP-Pack, please be sure that you order the G-L497 SNP Pack and NOT the G-M021v2 SNP Pack. Due to poorly-designed FTDNA software, the home pages of many project members mistakenly show a banner ad for the G-M201v2 SNP Pack.