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James Griffis James Griffis has a question!
October 2 @ 12:28pm
Rolf - Quick question, in your updated Chart D (rev 24 Jan 2020), am I FT48097? I have not seen some of the branches identified in the revised chart down stream from FGC477 . My 700 test results indicated my branch path > Z6748 > FGC490 > Z40857 > Y132505 > BY211678. Thanks for the work on the charts, they are very helpful.
Robert Flachs
October 6 @ 12:09pm
Hi James, yes you are shown as FT48097 in Chart D. Looking at the FTDNA block tree you'll see BY211678 is actually shared above with the Williams group. If you look at your private variant, the only result is position 15863570 which corresponds to FT48097.
Michael Windle Michael Windle has a question!
September 24 @ 10:10am
I was the first person to be recorded with BY70493, and I believe that is still true. I have done the BigY500; would there be any advantage (for me or for the project) if I upgraded to BigY700?
Walter Williamson
September 26 @ 4:13pm
Windle. I don't know for you but for me, upgrading to the Big Y700 from the Big Y500, moved me one branch on the tree, from G-CTS4803 to G-S15656. As for any other advantages, like matches or anything like that. No! It didn't make a difference. BUT! What it did do, was to set me up for those advantages when they come, through another person testing. My Big Y700 provided me with my 22 Novel SNP's which will pay dividends when the right person tests.
Robert Flachs
September 28 @ 10:36am
Not sure if this was already answered by email, but there is not a reason for you to upgrade at this point. You are still the only Big Y tested to BY70493. If another man tests there with Big Y 700, then you can look at what an upgrade from a 500 would show.
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
August 8 @ 12:10pm
Geir Odden
September 23 @ 3:51pm
Sample: VK479 / Gotland_Kopparsvik-272 Location: Kopparsvik, Gotland, Sweden Age: Viking 900-1050 CE Y-DNA: G-Y106451 mtDNA: H1a1
Robert Lewis
September 24 @ 3:23pm
It seems https://yfull.com/tree/G-S18765/ has some interesting representation. Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Swiss and Portuguese. Looks like some of them could have ended up there during the Migration Period, especially the Portuguese one, which could have been Suebian.
jeffrey andle
September 26 @ 7:35am
there were two Swiss and I talked briefly with the other. I think they were Zurich, which is where I think my Bretzwil Sutters were 300+ years ago.
jeffrey andle
September 26 @ 7:36am
no, they were Valais
Walter Williamson Walter Williamson
September 21 @ 4:40pm
A Happy Day, Today I looked over the DNA Results pages again, because an Admin of the England EIJ Project was looking at my odd STR, DYS429=12 marker. He found some Italian's in this project with that marker which suggested to him, I could come from Italian back in the day. There are 5 of them with the combination DYS391/DYS426 of 10/12. I Have the odd combination of 11/12. But in looking at that data, I discovered a new member Kit# N79907 with my same Combination of DYS391/DYS426 of 11/12. This is the first person that I have found other than myself with this Haplogroup G combination. I feel this is significant. He didn't post his name but posted his origin as Netherlands. That also might be significant. He has only tested at the STR Y12 level. We match 11/12. I don't know what significance that would have, since it is just a small test. If it were a Y67 or better yet a Y111 test then it would be very significant. It is my hope this individual, whoever he is, will do further testing. A BigY700 test is ideal. But any further testing will help refine if we are closely or distantly related. Either way. This is a great day for me. because I have found another Haplogroup G person with the combination of 11/12.
Robert Lewis
September 21 @ 5:07pm
a British/Dutch connection somewhere down the line is not that surprising. The native population of the British Isles were completely replaced by Bell Beakers during the Bronze age, supposedly from the Low Countries, which is why the British and Dutch are fairly similar in terms of their autosomal DNA.
Pietro Palla Pietro Palla has a question!
September 4 @ 12:37pm
Good evening First of all, thanks to Rolf and Mauricio for the wonderful charts. You have been doing an amazing job over these years. Any update on Chart A? Thanks, Patrizia
Rolf Carlsson
September 4 @ 1:58pm
They are under preparation.
Pietro Palla
September 19 @ 3:42am
Thank you, Rolf. Looking forward to them.
Kristian Lahdensuo Kristian Lahdensuo has a question!
September 6 @ 12:54pm
Does anyone know if G-Z37375 is close to G-Z39674?
Robert Lewis
September 7 @ 2:01pm
They are fairly distantly removed. G-Z37375 is a branch of G-M406 and G-Z39674 is a branch of G-L497/G-Z16775
Robert Lewis
September 7 @ 3:50pm
The most recent common ancestor of G-M406 and G-L497 lived 14500 ybp, which corresponds to 12550 BC, which is fairly long ago.
Kristian Lahdensuo
September 8 @ 3:31pm
Thank you! Somebody was just asking about this, I kinda remember that there was a big distance. It is just interesting that these two distant G groups even lived in the same manor in Finland when in the whole country has about 0.08% of haplogroup G if I remember correctly.
Matthew Watkins Matthew Watkins
September 5 @ 3:10pm
I ordered by Y-DNA kit even though I all ready know my G-man paternity. My father and I both tested positive for G-L497 and CTS, we estimate we are at Z726 downstream. But we will soon confirm the details.
Rolf Carlsson
September 6 @ 3:38am
We need to wait for your Y37 test result in order to determine your belonging. Did your father test as well? Is he a Project member and if yes under which name?
Matthew Watkins Matthew Watkins
September 5 @ 3:16pm
Just wondering if this person is related to the "Bonanno" family from Sicily. Carmelo Bonanno, b.c. 1805, Tripi, Sicily, Italy Italy G-CTS9737
Rolf Carlsson
September 6 @ 3:28am
I do not fully understand your question. What we can do is to see the relation of the DNA from two specific tested persons.
Richard Grandfield Richard Grandfield
September 1 @ 12:02pm
Hello All, My YDNA-111 results came in recently and I would like to request any help/assistance I could get to interpret. It shows my Haplogrpup as G-M201 (in yellow so assume it’s just predicting), and then all others downstream as just showing in blue which the legend says “downstream”. Does this mean they predict this as my next level down? I am awaiting results from BIGY 700 so I assume these things will become more confirmed, but if you do have insight on how I can read these downstream SNPs for now, that would be greatly appreciated! Cheers,
Rolf Carlsson
September 1 @ 2:40pm
Just wait for the Big700 result, should be coming within short. Then we can give you explanations to your branch belonging.
Duayne King Duayne King has a question!
June 26, 2019 @ 12:11pm
Hello all Please forgive my ignorance, I'm just starting to try and understand these deeper haplogroup DNA results. I took the 23 and me test several years ago and got the return that my Paternal lineage was G-L30. Now I've taken the Y-111 and am G-L497. So is this result a more refined G-L30? Also is there maybe something a bit more basic that the group could recommend? I enjoyed reading "The Rise of Haplogroup G2a-L497 in Central Europe". It's very interesting but a bit confusing to me for now. Wikipedia is not very clear. Thank for letting me join the group and for any help anyone is willing to give. Duayne King Kit # B391265
Robert Lewis
August 23 @ 3:55pm
In your K15 (or K13) 1-20 population approximation results, there is no trace of Eliazer having Sephardic ancestry. It seems he clusters in between the Iberian and Italian cluster. Your four closest populations being North_Italian, Spanish_Extremadura, Spanish_Murcia and Tuscan, but they are still fairly far removed from him because of him having a clear Amerindian input, which seems logical, judging by your least-squares results. My closest populations are usually in the range of 4-5 squares because my various genetic inputs are fairly closely related groups. The reason Jewish results show up in his 2, 3 and 4 population approximation results, is because he, like Italians, have more East-Med ancestry than an average Iberian person. However, Sephardic Jews have 33.88% East Med and Eliazer only has 14.87% East Med. North Italians have between 15 and 16% East Med. He might have minor Italian ancestry that he is not aware of. The reason an Iberian category is pitted against for instance an Algerian-Jewish category, is basically for the sake of clustering. Italians cluster slightly (south) east of Iberians. 50% Spanish Aragonese and 25% Algerian Jewish, pulls his Iberian results slightly south east into the Italian cluster, plus he has an obvious Amerindian input. However, it could also mean that he actually does have Sephardic ancestry which pulls his results away from the Iberian cluster (south) east into the Italian cluster. In any case as you mentioned earlier, if you have Sephardic ancestry, it is not tied to your direct paternal lineage but to various other lineages. Here is a list of the population averages i.e. East Med, West Med, Red Sea etc https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19c_bZjUV_RouKyGyLHmMDw57WwAVabXFJOaso_gcuRE/edit#gid=1872836177
Robert Lewis
August 23 @ 6:20pm
By the way, in a previous comment you mentioned Ötzi. Ötzi is in a completely different branch than us G-L497 men. Ötzi is G-L91, which a different branch of G2a. G-L497 has a most recent common ancestor of 7200 YBP. However with Ötzi, we share a most recent common ancestor going back 16600 YBP. G-L91 likely followed a different migratory trajectory into Europe, likely a more coastal Mediterranean route. Whereas us G-L497 likely followed a more continental route into Europe via the Balkans arriving in the Alps at a later date, possibly from the eastern part of Central Europe. a fairly old G-L497 sample has been found in Hungary linked to the Baden Culture going back 5300 YBP.
Eliazar Chapa
August 24 @ 9:40am
For comparison, here is Eliazar's sister's K15 (my mother) A968855 Admix Results (sorted): # Population Percent 1 Atlantic 29.08 2 West_Med 16.55 3 Amerindian 14.96 4 East_Med 10.90 5 North_Sea 9.31 6 Red_Sea 5.35 7 Baltic 4.15 8 West_Asian 3.95 9 Northeast_African 3.55 Finished reading population data. 207 populations found. 15 components mode. -------------------------------- Least-squares method. Using 1 population approximation: 1 Spanish_Andalucia @ 18.270306 2 Spanish_Murcia @ 18.888502 3 Spanish_Extremadura @ 19.058128 4 Spanish_Valencia @ 19.070425 5 Spanish_Castilla_La_Mancha @ 19.085913 6 Spanish_Castilla_Y_Leon @ 19.612644 7 Spanish_Aragon @ 20.148928 8 North_Italian @ 20.215740 9 Portuguese @ 20.423784 10 Spanish_Cataluna @ 20.890879 11 Spanish_Cantabria @ 21.052553 12 Southwest_French @ 21.308817 13 Spanish_Galicia @ 22.040533 14 Tuscan @ 22.280516 15 West_Sicilian @ 25.469429 16 French @ 25.898674 17 Italian_Abruzzo @ 26.705469 18 French_Basque @ 27.063005 19 Bulgarian @ 27.296703 20 Greek @ 27.510645 Using 2 populations approximation: 1 50% Ashkenazi +50% French_Basque @ 17.093512 Using 3 populations approximation: 1 50% French_Basque +25% North_Amerindian +25% Tunisian_Jewish @ 7.713364 Using 4 populations approximation: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian + Tunisian_Jewish @ 7.713364 2 French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian + Sephardic_Jewish @ 7.993143 3 French_Basque + French_Basque + Mayan + Tunisian_Jewish @ 8.046704 4 Algerian_Jewish + French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian @ 8.149619 5 French_Basque + French_Basque + Italian_Jewish + North_Amerindian @ 8.275313 6 French_Basque + French_Basque + Mayan + Sephardic_Jewish @ 8.314156 7 French_Basque + French_Basque + Libyan_Jewish + North_Amerindian @ 8.451168 8 French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian + Tunisian @ 8.512955 9 Algerian_Jewish + French_Basque + French_Basque + Mayan @ 8.538074 10 Egyptian + French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian @ 8.566772 11 French_Basque + French_Basque + Italian_Jewish + Mayan @ 8.645200 12 French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian + South_Italian @ 8.683603 13 French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian + West_Sicilian @ 8.709241 14 East_Sicilian + French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian @ 8.760379 15 Egyptian + French_Basque + French_Basque + Mayan @ 8.777617 16 French_Basque + French_Basque + Libyan_Jewish + Mayan @ 8.836330 17 Bedouin + French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian @ 8.850659 18 French_Basque + French_Basque + Pima + Tunisian_Jewish @ 8.860516 19 French_Basque + French_Basque + Jordanian + North_Amerindian @ 8.913014 20 French_Basque + French_Basque + North_Amerindian + Palestinian @ 8.914590
Robert Lewis
August 24 @ 12:26pm
Her results are more Iberian shifted than Eliazer's. Her 2 populations result shows Ashkenazi Jewish, but they also show French Basque. These populations are on the opposite ends of the spectrum in a European context. French Basques hardly have any East Med or Red Sea ancestry, whereas Ashkenazi Jews have fairly high East Med and Red Sea ancestry. This means that she does not necessarily have French Basque or Jewish ancestry, just that her DNA looks like a mix of both, I would say fairly Iberian in that respect, since her French Basque results pull her out of the Ashkenazi Jewish cluster all the way into the Iberian cluster. French Basques are very western shifted, slightly west of the Iberian cluster and the Ashkenazi Jewish cluster is slightly south east of the Italian cluster, close to Sicilians. Her 20 single population results show no Jewish populations, which in most cases is a good indication of not having recent Jewish ancestry, since even full Italians and Greeks seem to get Jewish single population results from what I have seen.