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Walter Williamson Walter Williamson
December 11 @ 5:38pm
Hallelujah! My Big Y 500 Results came in today. My new Terminal SNP is G-S15656 It is all the way at the bottom of the CTS4803 subclad. I had a funny feeling I would end up at the bottom.
Walter Williamson
December 15 @ 8:33am
Thank you Mauricio, I received an email from Ray Banks last night, which told me that yes, my unnamed snp's are unique to G-S15656 and that he named them and placed them on the ISOGG Haplotree. I am a new branch to the tree. G-BY113268. It doesn't officially become a new subclade until they find another person with at least one of the unique snp's. I am really excited. I am at the center of new discoveries.
Robert Creamer
8 hours ago
Welcome to S15656, I am the England side of that part of the tree. Frohock (Creamer is my adopted name) is our Surname and we have been able to track ancestory back to the Cambridgeshire area of England in the very early 1700's. Hope to share other notes with you in the future.
Walter Williamson
7 hours ago
Robert. My tentative England connection is John Price Williamson 1687-1757. Born in Kent England - died in Henrico County, Virginia. He would be my 10th GGrandfather. I have a search going on right now, for a cousin who decends from a different son of JP Williamson. If I can get him to test Big Y then we can confirm that John is indeed our ancestor. If he tests differently then one or both of us for sure isn't related to him. There is another family line that I am trying to contact also that comes from a different son of JP Williamson. This is an opportunity to know for sure. Having a unique SNP makes things great right now for confirming relationships between myself and other cousins. The ultimate would be to discover a Williamson in the UK or even in Europe that tests like me. When I told my family about our unique DNA, the first thing that came to their minds are the we must be aliens. We were seeded here on earth. Joking!
Walter Williamson
7 hours ago
David Litton. I love that chart. I might even get my own branch on it, someday. That would be cool.
William Martin William Martin
November 1 @ 6:54pm
Dear Brian and Rolf, my Big Y-500 results came in today, and it appears that my Henry J. Martin line (1799-1859) is G-Z1817 and I have no matches anywhere. Through DNA testing with another family, we have identified Henry's sister, Polly, who married his best friend, and the lady who reared the siblings and taught them to read and write. We believe we have identified their father, pending more research, as the small landowner in Sumner County, TN, who furnished Henry with the specific training and equipment to be a wagon maker (heavy freight) and self supporting at 21. We are still stuck in Tennessee and Kentucky by the 1820s, looking back over the Appalachians at Virginia and the Carolinas (that is us descendants -- the ancestors were not stuck: they were headed west to Missouri and Texas). My next question is whether we have any idea where G-Z1817s originated and when in the "old world?" Wm. C. Martin, III
William Martin
November 22 @ 7:01pm
One day I will get the hang of this, but apparently not yet. Just recently, I told the family that we were haplogroup G-CTS11352 and that would not change, but that our place on the ISOGG G tree was Z691. Now I log in and find that my (our) haplogroup is G-Z6911. So apparently one's group and place on the tree are the same with perhaps a slight clerical lag in the posting! Now if I could only remember whom I have told what, I be ok for 80 years old!
James Hamilton
November 23 @ 9:56am
William, I believe Z6911 is further along the Hapogroup tree so probably someone you match has taken a further test. They are making new tests as new branches become apparent.
David Litton
November 25 @ 2:06pm
I think one of them is a typo. Extra 1, or deleted 1, in the SNP number.
William Martin
13 hours ago
That Z691 was a typo -- should have been Z6911! Now, at times, I am seeing the line identified as G-CTS11352 and at other times as G-Z6911. I do not understand the relationship between the two labels. I'm preparing to write Ray Banks. Thank Heaven for him and our other leaders!
Peter Sawyer Peter Sawyer
December 16 @ 11:10pm
Just looking at Rolf's Chart C (I'm down the bottom at PH239) and comparing time to most recent common ancestors through Y-Full. It it shows for me unrounded predictions of S-2784 at 2,748 ybp; S2795 at 3,271 ybp, G-Y3101 (I infer that is also FGC8303) at 4,189 ybp, G-Y3098 (I infer that is also FGC8304) 4,342 ybp; S2808 at 4,342 ybp and CTS4803 at 4,342 ybp. Just gives me some context about the timeframes involved.
Brian Wade Brian Wade
December 11 @ 8:19am
Sharing with group. I'm positive for Z30790 branch. Tested with YSEQ. Testing for FGC34989 in progress. Thanks Mauricio
Ralph Cromer Ralph Cromer has a question!
December 8 @ 7:25am
First I would like to thank Brian Hamman, Rolf Langland and Ray Banks for all of their help evaluating test results. I have a question that may be pertinent to others in this group. The results of my Big Y-500 test indicate my haplogroup is G-BY186438. I submitted my Big Y-500 test results (Bam file) to Y-Full and they told me my haplogroup is G-Y8903 and my terminal SNP is FGC477/Y8903. How can these differences between the FT DNA results and the Y-Full results be reconciled/explained ??
Mauricio Cattel
December 9 @ 6:18am
Hi. G-Y8903 equals G-FGC477. https://d3tije9h5o4l4c.cloudfront.net/social-photos/2681087 You know, FTDNA and YFull are different companies, with different data. You are G-Y8903/G-FGC477 indeed, but you were already confirmed by FTDNA as belonging to certain subclades below it. However, the lack of data for G-FGC477 - so far - in YFull explains why you're not in a deeper haplogroup there, as in FTDNA. YFull would recategorize you in a deeper haplogroup as more men close related to you also uploaded their data. Let me provide you an example: if the members from our Project with kits #285720, #655168 (or the #749351) and #376257 uploaded their BAM file to YFull, then you'd probably have a similar result in there, with good age estimations.
Ralph Cromer
December 9 @ 8:06am
Thank you Mauricio. Your explanation puts things in perspective.
Peter Shawver Peter Shawver has a question!
November 10 @ 8:57pm
Hi Rolf, I am Kit B3108. Is there anymore that I can do or connection to other Shawver's? I feel like I did all my testing and don't have any matches out there.
Brian Hamman
November 14 @ 2:42pm
According to Yfull, the branches of FGC34823 converge (tMRCA) at about 3000-3300 years ago: https://www.yfull.com/tree/G/
Brian Hamman
November 15 @ 9:17am
Hi, Peter Shawver. I see that your southwest German family and a Welsh (Davis) family represent the two branches of SK1149. Thus, a "unique SNP" comparison of your BigY results should allow estimation of your ancient tMRCA. I see that is missing either one or both of your results so they do not give a tMRCA for SK1149. However, looking at Ray's analysis, it seems that you and the Davis families have a tMRCA of around 2600 years ago, right around the time that Celtic tribes spread from central Europe to the British Isles...
Peter Shawver
December 2 @ 11:37am
How would I do the "unique SNP" comparison of my BigY results?
Graham Colby Graham Colby
December 1 @ 12:22pm
I have just learned that my paternal Grandfather may have been a Thomas Whelan. I have joined the Whelan project and note that there are two G-M201's on there, these are also on here. Kits N8175 and 278127 - my kit B160979. They are both only 11 markers and we have differences on DYS 19 and DYS385 (kit 278127 DYS439 also). I was wondering if I could be related to these kits and if so how far back. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Michael Naylor Michael Naylor has a question!
November 26 @ 11:46am
Dear Brian, I have managed my cousin's FTDNA kit 439273 and had him tested for every test, including the BigY. It appears that he has hit the wall at G-FGC8327, and there does not appear to be a close match, except another Naylor who is in a separate but, presumably, related haplotype (if that's the term). Has there been enough recent research through the tests we have done that give a better fix on the geographic location of our branch of the Naylor family? England? Scandanavia? Northern Europe? I believe that at one time, analysis had been done to segregate, the various branches and sub-branches below the main G-L497 haplogroup into geographic location clusters. Can you advise me where my cousin's kit locates him at this point, geographically, and the relative age of his current location on the tree? If apparent to you, is there a general estimate of the likely timelines of my cousin and the other Naylor listed in your group 726. Finally, is there any additional testing I could have done for my cousin, beyond the BigY. Thanks.
Mauricio Cattel
November 26 @ 2:13pm
The most recent common ancestor of the G-FGC8354 men lived about 2100 years ago, according to YFull, and I believe the G-FGC8327's is just a bit younger. As per what I can see in the Y-DNA Chart from this Project, G-FGC8327 men are mostly from UK. The exception would be a Swiss, but he's apparently just predicted FGC8327+ (so not confirmed, unless he tested it at YSEQ; I don't have this info).
Arthur Williams Arthur Williams
October 11 @ 7:43pm
Hi All. Very new to these DNA projects. I manage my uncle's DNA. He is confirmed Hapologroup G-M201. I am most interested in genealogical research. Recently I discovered ancestors farther back than what is listed on the DNA results page. How do I change that? So far, I see no matches, so unsure I want to buy more tests. (Monfrino - Kit 238176).
Rolf Carlsson
October 12 @ 12:01pm
I cannot find the kit 236176 (Monfrino) among the Project members. Did he join G-L497? If not, he should join the G-L497 Project as well. I assume your own kit is 238190. You have been classified on a pretty high level, Z725, see under Photos the chart L497 in the middle. The recommendation for you is to perform the SNP Pack test G-L497 (make sure yo do not order the not relevant SNP Pack G-M201). The price is USD 119 and will test some 165 various SNP Groups. This test will most likely better define your position on the Y-DNA tree and your ancient origin.
Martin Moore
November 25 @ 10:50pm
Rolf Carlsson, Arthur Williams in comment above had the kit # (Monfrino - Kit 238176). Not 236176 as you typed. Maybe that will help you find his uncle's dna test. MM
Kristian Lahdensuo Kristian Lahdensuo
November 25 @ 12:52pm
Hello, I just did the Y37 and I got G-M201. I have previously done Morley's YDNA predictor and WeGene and got these: G2a3b1a2a G-Z1815 G2a3b1 G-CTS424 (G-CTS946, G-PAGES00098) G2a3 G-CTS10449 (G-CTS11324, G-CTS574) -- G2a2b2a1a1b1 - Z1815 G2a2b2a1a1b1a1a2 - CTS6796 I have 5 matches on 37 markers to 3 in Sweden and 2 in Finland.
Walter Williamson
November 25 @ 1:54pm
Welcome. I do so love seeing another G-M201, even though we travelled down different paths. We do not match. I just checked. I am G2a2b2a1a1b1a1a2a G-CTS4803. Whenever FTDNA finishes with my Big Y 500 test and posts the results, I should be able to give an even deeper terminal SNP.