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Yesterday at 4:34pm
When can I test for Z-31393?
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
June 21 @ 8:42pm
Rolf Langland
June 21 @ 8:46pm
Updated version of "upper" G-L497 SNP tree. Two items of particular note. (1) New branching under Z40867 involving Britain, France and Scandinavian samples. (2) Addition of a fourth branch (Z44677) under CTS2230. The two major branches of L497 (L43 and Z726) are directly under CTS2230. In addition, CTS2230 is parent of two small Scandinavian branches (Z30723 and the newly-identified Z44677). The presence of two Scandinavian branches here is unusual, since we have no evidence that CTS2230 itself originated in Scandinavia.
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June 20 @ 11:03am
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Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
June 19 @ 10:32pm
Rolf Langland
June 19 @ 10:35pm
Another update of the G-L43 chart. I've added here the new branch (Z44714) discovered from the BigY on Mr. Welty. This is another Swiss branch of of G-L43/L42. Updated charts for the other sections of the project are being worked on now and should be posted before too long.
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June 13 @ 1:26pm
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Alan Timmins Alan Timmins has a question!
June 10 @ 9:44am
Hi, I manage my cousin Alan Timmins account. I was wondering if you can tell me if there is other testing that should be done? His group is G-M201. Thanks! This is Jane Hyndman Klein
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
June 2 @ 10:44pm
Here is a newly-updated version of the SNP chart for the L43 branch of G-L497. This includes results from the two most-recent BigY tests, which discovered the new SNPs G-Z44139 (a Swiss branch under Y11074) and G-Z44672 (a Swedish branch under YSC33). Several points of interest. The L43+, L42- branch has an Iberian component, with membership from Spain and Portugal, as well as France and Italy. It is not clear if this Iberian presence is of ancient origin or could be related to more recent migrations into Iberia from central Europe during the Middle Ages. The YSC33 section continues to expand with new testing results, and includes an interesting Balkan component, but YSC33 is also found as far as Sweden to the north and in France and Netherlands to the West. The other main branch under G-L42 (Y11076) is apparently not found in eastern Europe, but rather has representation in Switzerland, Italy, France and Norway. In general the geographic spread of the Y11076 subclades is not as large as that seen with YSC33. It continues to seem that the “homeland” of G-L42” is likely the Alps area, extending from southern Germany, across Switzerland and into northern Italy. This the region with greatest diversity of L42 subclades and is central to L42 from a geographical perspective. However, a recent study reports that, of all ancient skeletons tested for YDNA so far, the earliest G-L497 is a G-L42 found in Ukraine, and is dated to roughly 5000 to 5600 years before present. So there is still much to learn about the origins of G-L497 and G-L42, and the time estimates we currently have may be subject to significant revisions. Thanks to all G-L43 and G-L42 persons who have done recent testing that makes possible the development and continuing revision of our shared YDNA family tree.
Rolf Carlsson
June 4 @ 10:44am
Very interesting. Hopefully more members will perform BigY or SNP Pack tests occaisionally.
Jovan Bojanic
June 5 @ 3:39am
Pretty amazing geographic distribution, especially of YSC33 and it's branches.
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Enos Louis Flores Enos Louis Flores has a question!
May 28 @ 10:06am
My KIT #B150907 Felipe Ramires Flores Country: Mexico: .YDNA G-Z16777. I noticed that all of the groups I belong to: Mexico, Flores, L497, and Iberian had country as Mexico before has now changed my grandfather's birth (my earliest known ancestor) country to Spain. Why? It should read under Country, Mexico as submitted.
Mauricio Cattel
May 29 @ 1:37pm
Hi, Flores. I see Mexico here, not Spain. Btw, do you know from where in Spain your ancestors Flores were? Regards
Enos Louis Flores
May 29 @ 6:18pm
Thanks for the feedback Maurizio. I checked and it was corrected. My grandfather was born and lived in Mexico. When he was 40 years old , he immigrated, with his young family, to the US. His father, Pablo, also lived in Mexico but there is no documentation or photos. The link stops there. We have no clue yet where our ancestors came from in Europe/Iberian Peninsula. Hope to learn more about our family tree. Thanks.
Robert Lewis Robert Lewis
May 2 @ 6:26pm
I have a question about Haplogroup G2a3b1a. This subclade has a wide distribution and is apparently found in England, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. I've had a discussion with a Dutchman who tested positive for G and he claims to be a bit of a specialist and according to him the reason this subclade is widely distributed is because of the Portuguese Sephardic migrations to these countries, hence the link with Portugal, the Roman distribution or the overall Jewish diaspora. According to him members of G-FGC14522 shared a common ancestor around 200 BC (year of the diaspora) which would imply a common Jewish ancestor What are everyone else's thoughts on this theory?
Robert Lewis
May 23 @ 2:01pm
@Gary Wells. The story of Gog and Magog is straight out of the bible and is nothing more than a foundation myth, just as there are Frankish foundings myth which were created to explain their connection with people of antiquity in order to legitimize their authority. I don't understand how people are able to believe in pseudo historical foundation mythology or legendary myths. Magog has also been associated with other historical and mythic groups such as the Amazons.
Gary Wells
May 24 @ 6:37pm
How can we leave her out of this when she is evidential to the very essence of life's beginning. Following her to Ptolemy I Soter (Πτολεμαῖος Σωτήρ) of Macedonia. Then there is Agamemnon (Ἀγαμέμνων) king of Mycenae leads us back to the same area. Now; we investigate the G - Haplotype in areas surrounding Scythia like Poland <www.anthrogenica.com/...4475-Scythians-in-Poland-new-discoveries> where a small number of G - Haplotypes live to date and go back in time we can prove that the Scythia's did invade and I believe as a result there were G - Haplotype descendants left behind. Okay, what about Scythian migration patterns around 730 BC also the Hebrew migrations about 730 BC and we find that the Scythian and Hebrew migration patterns are very similar. The Jewish Nation was also enslaved to Egypt at this time period. Except the tribe of Levi. The truth is the migration of these peoples is why we are found in Norway, England, Scotland, the Netherlands and eventually The USA. Edward of Westminster is my 21st great grandfather. Perhaps I should have said Great grandfather. Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, - Richard of Conisburgh, 3rd Earl of Cambridge, - Edmund Langley, 1st Duke of York, - Edward III Plantagenet.
Gary Wells
May 25 @ 10:00am
To Robert Lewis: A myth. Okay, however, I can trace my Bloodline directly to him.
Mauricio Cattel
May 29 @ 1:44pm
Gary Wells, the migration of G2a folks to Europe from Anatolia started more than 8000 years ago. You should read more about this. Regards