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Allen Distler Allen Distler
4 hours ago
Anyone want to speculate on the genetic relationship between persons A and B? B had a limited number of Loci available. There is about 1400 year separation between these 2 Persons. Locus A B DYS19 15 14,15 DYS388 13 13 DYS389I 12 12 DYS389II29 29 DYS392 11 11 DYS393 14 14 DYS426 11 11 DYS437 15 16 DYS438 10 10 DYS439 11 11 DYS446 20 21 DYS447 23 23 DYS458 17 16 DYS459 9,9 9,9 DYS481 21 21
Allen Distler Allen Distler
December 3 @ 6:49am
First post to group. Brick wall is Distler b. 1748 Pirmasens, Pfalz, Germany. This region was decimated in wars and was repopulated by Swiss immigrants according to history books. Nice to see Swiss lineage here. Mapping reflects Swiss migration north along the Rhine through Alsace, France to Pfalz in 17th century. My new 67 results should provide more focus. Thanks for the group invite.
Rolf Carlsson
January 15 @ 3:11am
Hello Allen, I have been looking at your extended matches on Y67. The closest one is matching 55 of 67 markers and some other matching 53-54 markers. These members belong to various main branches. Consequently there is no match bringing you further out towards "the leafs" in the DNA tree. Your predicted subclade 480 quotes " the main branch L42 only". I will send explaining charts by email. Most likely you will create a new branch directly under or close to the L42 branch. This can be performed as a result of the Big700 test.
Rolf Carlsson
January 15 @ 5:42am
Additionally, basically all G-L497 men are coming from Anatolia (Turkey) - about 7.700 years ago - migrating through Switzerland to other areas of Europe. The migration through the Rhine valley could have taken place 2-3.000 years ago but also more recent. A Big700 test with aging compared to other branches may give a hint.
Allen Distler
January 15 @ 9:24pm
Thanks. A good paper that I studied helps understand the Caucasus to western European migration route I believe we took. It's called the Danube corridor or migration hypothesis. I believe they need our dna help to prove this theory. Give it a look https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10963-018-9115-1
Jamie Dohn
20 hours ago
Hi Allen, I can't access the link you posted because I'm not a member of the US Ancestry site (I have a tree/DNA on the Canadian version, but I'm not currently a subscriber). I know there are some people who have taken things further back on the internet, but frankly I'm not sure they have been very careful in their work.
Carl Frederick Carl Frederick has a question!
21 hours ago
I have been informed that my SNP results are G-PF3345 and that it is a very basic and common type. Yet I have found only two matches to this type. Moreover, I now find more matches to Haplo-I than I did before. Sorry, but I am dumb enough to not know the right or best questions to ask to something I am finding very strange.
Philippe PERISSOL Philippe PERISSOL has a question!
January 16 @ 3:09am
Hello all, I have recently uploaded the autosomal MyHeritage Kit of my father to FTDNA, and I have used the “Advanced Matches” function to get matches only with the members of the G-L497 project. And I got one: Mark Laymon (“John layman b1756 5th great grandfather”, Ancestral surnames: Lehman). I suppose that it is quite unusual for a G-L497 man to match with another G-L497 man on autosomal chromosomes. The shared segment is 8 CM, so the TMRCA estimation of this segment is between 500-1500 years ago. Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe not. On MyHeritage my father matches with a Swedish individual who has reported “Lehman” as an ancestral name with an origin in Kozuchow/ Freystadt in Schlesien (Poland/North of Germany) 19th century. I have tried to find “Mark Laymon” or “John layman b1756” on the G-L497 project map without any success. Normally all of the G-L497 members are on this map, no? However I have found 2 Lehman on the map: the first one is G-L42, it is not my branch, but the second is a G-CTS4803 (“likely negative for all currently known subclades_test BigY”) born in Switzerland (17th century), and I am a G-CTS4803. How can I know if this Lehman corresponds to the Mark Laymon (G-L497 member) with whom my father matches on autosomal chromosomes?
Rolf Carlsson
January 16 @ 4:27am
Will email some info.
Carl Frederick Carl Frederick has a question!
January 2 @ 11:55am
Mauricio - I found a kit # in a different group whose DNA matches mine PERFECTLY with only one difference. Not knowing what uniquenesses my YDNA may have I ask if that kit could be allowed in this group so you can analyze the importance of this match to me and to fellow G members. If so, i can tell you both the group and the kit #. Thx for all your help!
Carl Frederick
January 2 @ 7:10pm
Thx for your advice!
Mauricio Cattel
January 3 @ 6:03am
Answered by email. Carl, we'll know soon your branch. :) And yes, your match would be welcome. Please invite him.
Gary Wells
January 7 @ 9:18pm
Carl Frederick, I also search other programs and have asked the Administrators to help me contact the subjects but was always ignored. What is your DNA number, assuming you did a Y DNA and how many markers did you have done? Knowing the number of markers makes it easier to find you.
patrice bauduhin patrice bauduhin has a question!
December 17 @ 12:18pm
Hi, my name is Patrice Bauduhin. My kit is 254477 (L497). I have not done the bigY. Is it possible to predict further results with the results I have? Is there benefits to make more tests? My main interest is mainly genealogical. My paternal genealogical tree goes up to the end of 17th century, from a village called Lecelles, nord, France (17 kms from the Belgium boarder); it is possible that we come from Belgium. Regards
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Robert Flachs
December 18 @ 10:49am
Patrice, an admin will probably reach out to you but for now your kit is predicted to possibly be Z27264. If you look at the L497 chart whereas most progress down the CTS9737 branch, a few go off to the left. Other than the Big Y, you could consider upgrading from 37 to 67 STR markers or the L497 V2 SNP pack (red dots on the chart would be SNP's that get tested there). Here is the above mentioned chart: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y5e4mPWGOlZGK1HoLX-0VEY1Bk4lgXLE/view
Rudi Blondia
December 21 @ 11:30am
Agreed with Robert here, Boudewijns is a common Flemish patronymic name. A lot of my genealogy plays in the same area. And yes, few folks still speak a Flemish dialect in that area.
Rudi Blondia
December 21 @ 11:31am
Nice meeting you both here Patrice and Robert. Dutch/German/French speaker here.
Carl Frederick
December 31 @ 12:55pm
Patrice, I would love to speak with you. In a very old text on the Normans who came to England I read that the name Bodkin (Galway, IRL and England) was derived from the name Baudewyn. I have some contacts working on this connection from both a historical and family context. I’d be happy to share my email with you if we are permitted.
Aaron Taylor Aaron Taylor has a question!
November 15 @ 9:03pm
I am pretty new to this and was asked to join this project by Brian after my Y DNA results, I also went ahead and ordered the SNPs he suggested. My profile says they are done but I have no idea what to make of it. Can someone point me in the right direction? Or help me interpret my results?
Brian Hamman
December 2 @ 5:50am
Hi Aaron, Thanks much for joining our G-L497 project. Based on a Y-DNA67 comparison of you to others in the database who have done SNP testing, I placed you into the following group in our results table: "608> predicted CTS4803+__Recommended: G-L497 SNP Pack or BigY". The SNP Pack test would show where your belong in our Chart C that lists most of the known subclades of CTS4803, whereas, the BigY700 would do that plus identify a brand new branch under CTS4803 (plus tests over 500 ySTRs)....
Aaron Taylor
December 30 @ 11:41am
Thanks Brian, the results are finally in for the tests you recommended. It now lists my confirmed Y Haplogroup as G-Y13112. Does this put me in the group you projected? Aaron
Rudi Blondia Rudi Blondia
December 21 @ 11:46am
So, the G-L497 SNP pack results came in at G-Z17394. I believe I tested negative for anything downstream. Is there a "next-test" ?
Robert Flachs
December 23 @ 11:39am
You’re welcome. Also, have you done any STR marker testing? If you closely matched one of those other 5 kits on say 67 markers then a single SNP test may be an option as opposed to doing a big y. Big Y’s are the ultimate (I have one) but are not cheap.
Rolf Carlsson
December 23 @ 3:32pm
After the Christmas days when back home again I will look at your profile. If you consider single tests there are alternatives. For sure you will be negative for ”red dots” downstream.
Rolf Carlsson
December 28 @ 5:54am
Hello Rudi. Looking at your test results of the SNP Pack you are positive for Z17394 but at the same time negative for Z34079 and Z31842 (included in the Pack). Further the are 5 additional branches under Z17394 but not included in the test. You might belong to one of these but you may also create a new branch under Z17394 (or under one of the 5 subbranches). In order to come forward the next test would be Big700, which will define your own branch. I will mail a copy of the chart to you to better understand the comments above.
Rudi Blondia
December 28 @ 11:56am
I ordered the Big700, the logical next step ...
M J Quinn M J Quinn has a question!
December 17 @ 8:08am
Hello, Admins & Co-Admins. I just received my Big Y results which identify me as G-BY160920 (Quinn, kit 38675) – where English-born Howard families appear. (1) Will my listing in the DNA chart be moved automatically or manually from “685>S23438+...Z41144+_order Big Y” to “688>S23438+...Z41144+BY55158+BY160920+”? (2) How significant is my deviance of DYS390=23 (instead of =22)?
Marshall Howard
December 17 @ 9:19pm
Which Howard Line? Quinn's I am aware of and that connect to is Lord and Governor of VA Francis Howard #2, through the Phelan Family. Why I ask. Marshall S. Howard
M J Quinn
December 18 @ 4:46am
I'm not certain which Howard line. There are several reported here as G-BY160920. My connection is apparently pre-America and pre-18th century. I have not seen any historical records connecting Quinn and Howard families.
jeffrey andle jeffrey andle
December 13 @ 8:07am
Mauricio, what would be the benefit if a paternal 4th cousin were to do big Y700? We have solid paper trails back to the 4th gen paternal ancestor on his side and an overwhelming autosomal triangulation of my father being descended from that line. This would not be to prove we are related but to bolster the terminal SNP, etc., definition for the paternal line back as far as possible. Is he too close a relative or a good place to line things up looking for eventual matches slightly more distant?
Robert Flachs
December 14 @ 12:35pm
This would mean you share a great great great grandfather with him probably dated to around the year 1800. Given SNP’s mutate about every 150 years you each may have one private SNP but that won’t really provide any new information for you as the paper trail exists.
jeffrey andle
December 15 @ 12:13pm
OK, and it would overly refine the S18765 that 23&me gave him and I to something to far refined below my L667 here to be of any real use to the tree as well? I am not looking at defining his and my relationship, but rather defining a familial subclade that is relevant back 300-600 years for when additional testers come along from the region.
Robert Flachs
December 16 @ 8:33am
I don't want to speak for the admins but whether he tests or not, you still need that 300-600 year ago ancestor to test. At that point it wouldn't matter if this 4th cousin has a big y because your two kits are essentially the "same".
jeffrey andle
December 17 @ 9:02pm
Thanks. I was not sure how well it would bracket. 1794-1844 Johann and his son were the immigrants, 2GGF and 3GGF. 5GGF and 6GGF are identified but not proven and get back 300 years. Before that the tree I have jumps across Switzerland - not impossible but less convincing with an 'occupation' name like Sutter. I have 'names' back to 1485 Xurich, but hard to believe I 'know' anything. So basically I need to get Swiss Sutters that are not autosomal matches to test :)