G-L497 Y-DNA

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About us

This project was launched in December 2013, for persons in the L497 branch of Haplogroup-G to find others and to compare Y-DNA test results and paternal origins for relatedness. A major goal is to find newsubgroups (or branches) which, in turn, explain our ancestors' migrations,based on who comprises each branch.  

Important: Please note that in the Project Roster your actual haplogroup category is provided at the far left of the roster page in horizontal color-shaded rows. To find this information, go to “DNA Results,” select “Classic Chart” and reset the page size to 2000. Then use a browser Find function to search for your FTDNA kit# or name. From the row of your name, scroll up the page until you find the nearest color-shaded horizontal row. Your Haplogroup-G subgroup is shown at the far left of that color-shaded row. For example: L497+ and not tested for all known subgroups.  Suggestions for additional SNP testing in your subgroup are shown as"Recommended:" or "Rec:" For example, Rec: G-L497 SNP Pack Test.

If you are in a "predicted" SNP sub-group, such as "Predicted Z726," the prediction is based on either your STR marker values or a confirmed SNP test result from a family member, or in some cases on a very close match to another project member with an SNP test result.