G-L497 Y-DNA

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About us

The project includes men with the L497 SNP mutation or reliably predicted to be G-L497+ on the basis of certain STR marker values. You are welcome to join this project if you are within the G-haplogroup (M201+) and have the STR marker value DYS388=13, or you have a positive SNP test result for G-L497. If your 37 or 67 or more marker values are different from men already in the project only by 5 or less values, you are reliably within G-L497. A 12-marker STR panel comparison may be reliable for prediction of G-L497if you are an exact 12/12 match to an existing G-L497 project member or someone confirmed G-L497 by SNP test. Persons unsure of their G category should join instead the G-Uncategorized Project. The administrator of that project can evaluate your YDNA results and transfer you to the correct G project if your correct category can be determined or reliably-predicted. We also welcome representatives of L497 males who are deceased, unavailable or otherwise unable to join, including females as their representatives and custodians of their Y-DNA. The primary goal of the project is to identify new subgroups of haplogroup G-L497 which will provide better focus to the migration history of our haplogroup G-L497 ancestors. Donations to the project can be made and will be used to fund targeted SNP testing that accelerates scientific knowledge of our YDNA haplogroup. To join this project, go to your FTDNA home page, click on My Projects/Join at the top of the page. Then scroll down to Y-DNA HAPLOGROUP PROJECTS and click on G(15). Then select G-L497-YDNA, click the orange JOIN button, and follow the instructions from there. Your YDNA-G test results will be evaluated and categorized in the project roster. When sending e-mail to the project volunteer administrators, please provide your FTDNA Kit number: Rolf Langland langland@redshift.com G-L497 Project Volunteer Administrator