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We recently expanded the project to anyone (male or female) that descends, or is ancestral, to our founders. Those who are related outside a direct paternal descent can now join the project by purchasing an Autosomal test - called Family Finder - at a cost of $99.   Test results will show chromosomal DNA that you have inherited from ALL of your ancestors as far back as 4-5 generations.   It's by looking for marker matches that you'll start to uncover possible relatives. This is also where your personal genealogical research will be of benefit.   If you and another person have chromosomal markers that match, you are related somewhere in the past--likely within the last 4-5 generations. The higher the marker value between you and the person you match, the more recent in time your common ancestor lived.  Often the match with you will have a list of surnames that you can compare with—some of which will be found in your family. There is also often a description of where that family was from (SW VA, East KY, TN, etc).  Everyone taking this test is encouraged to add and make their various family surnames available as they make it easier for you and your match to see the possible path of the relationship.  The Family Finder test will also allow you to prove and confirm your Fleming ancestry—truly the ONLY way anyone can ever really prove they descend from a specific ancestor or surname. FTDNA, the company that does the testing and analysis, will keep your results in their database for 25 years (at no charge). They will keep sending you updated information about your results and additional matches as new folks are tested and they refine their databases. 

Other news is the addition of two new co-administrators-- Tony Fleming and Janice (Fleming) Lambert.  Tony came on board in 2012 and Janice accepted the invitation in March 2014.  Tony was taught his love of genealogy from his aunt Luria (Fleming) Willis and is excited to use DNA, social media and other new technologies in the search for distant cousins in Ireland. In addition to assisting with this Fleming project, he reconstructed the maternal side of his family tree and reconnected personally with living descendants on branches that had lost contact over 120 years ago.  Janice has been researching Fleming/Mullins, as well as her other ancestors, for 35 years and is now looking forward to discovering more about DNA use in genealogy.  She was born and raised in Dickenson Co, VA and now lives in Abingdon, VA.