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A War of 1812 Veteran, Robert Fleming migrated to Floyd Co, KY, eventually removed to Pike Co., KY and lived there until his death in 1852. The 7 children of Robert and Elizabeth (Stumbaugh) Fleming were as follows:

                        1. John Jackson Fleming, was born circa Jun 1810 in Powell Valley (Lee Co., VA) and died circa 1881 in Dickenson Co, VA; he married Mary Mullins, a daughter of Holly Creek John Mullins, in 1833 in Pike Co, KY.

                        2. Margaret Fleming, was born circa Dec 1812 in Powell Valley and died circa 1905, Pike Co, KY; she married John Alexander Mullins, son of 'Money Making Sol' Mullins, in 1827 in Pike Co, KY.

                        3. Philip Fleming, was born circa Feb 1815 in Floyd Co, KY and died in 1885 in Dickenson Co., VA; he married Hannah Minerva Mullins, a daughter of Holly Creek John Mullins, in 1838 in Pike Co., KY.

                        4. Lovina Fleming, was born circa 1816 in Floyd Co, KY and married in 1840 to John Mullins, JR, a son of John Mullins, SR, known as 'Jack' (born circa 1795 Burke Co, NC), son of  John  Chunky Mullins.; she died circa 1845-1850 in Pike Co, KY.

                        5. William Fleming, known as "Whiskey Bill", was born circa Apr 1818 in Floyd Co, KY and died circa 1906; he married Elizabeth Mullins, daughter of John Mullins, SR, known as 'Jack', in 1841, Pike Co., KY.

                        6. Frederick Nelson Fleming, known as "Fightin' Fred," was born circa 1820-23 and died 1878 in Letcher Co, KY; he married Nancy Anna Wright, a daughter of Joel Martin Wright, in 1840 in Pike Co., KY.

                        7. Robert Jefferson Fleming, known as "Big Jeff" was born circa 1825 and died in 1893 in Wise Co, VA; he married 1) Lettie Mullins, a daughter of 'Chunky' John Mullins, in 1846 Pike Co, KY and 2) Margaret "Peggy" Rose, a daughter of Samuel Rose, in 1866, Wise Co, VA.

Literally, thousands of descendants of this one man are living today who identify him as their oldest known ancestor. Until recent times, the Fleming families and their descendants who descend from this Robert Fleming were confined to a specific geographic area comprising the mountains of SW Virginia, East Kentucky, West Virginia, and to a lesser extent, East Tennessee. Given the nature of that isolation and culture, descendants (and participants of this project) will undoubtedly consist of a variety of surnames including Fleming. Many of them will no doubt not match each other, although all of them will have a familial tie to our patriarch Robert Fleming.

 As part of our expanded goals, we are advocating the Autosomal/Family Finder DNA test for anyone (male or female) that descends from, or is related to our Fleming Clan.  Those who are related outside a direct paternal descent can now join the project by purchasing an Autosomal/ Family Finder DNA test.   It is neither a Y-DNA (direct male descendants only) nor an mtDNA (females/males used to discover maternal lines) but a chromosomal DNA which pulls this DNA from both sides of a person's family.  Test results will show chromosomal DNA that you have inherited from ALL of your ancestors as far back as 4-5 generations in the past.  If your Fleming or related line is within this time frame, some of the chromosomal DNA from your results will include DNA specifically from your Fleming line.  By comparing this specific DNA from your Family Finder test results, the project hopes to identify and utilize the Fleming specific DNA to find other matches and expand our Fleming Family Tree further back in time.   Further, if you should decide to take the Family Finder DNA test, you will receive chromosomal matches for your mother's family, as well as those matches for your Fleming related family.  For further information on this testing, click on the 'News' tab.

Use the link found on this page to purchase the DNA test of your choice; Y-DNA or Y-DNA + Family Finder if you are a direct paternal descendant OR mtDNA, Family Finder if your relation is outside direct paternal descent.  In so doing, you will automatically be enrolled in the Fleming-Appalachians DNA Project.  Join us on this genetic journey, be a part of our effort to discover, document and expand the history for our Fleming Family!


Alternatively, if you would like to support this important and ongoing research on our family's genetic roots, you can make a donation (of ANY amount--a onetime contribution or a monthly contribution of any amount--whatever you feel comfortable doing). Your monetary gift to the project will be used toward helping other family members be tested or to expand the tests that we already have. This will allow you to participate just as fully in the quest for our family's roots as our test participants. Just click on the link to contribute to the Project General Fund and help us uncover more of our family's rich and exciting history!