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Fleming-Appalachians- BACKGROUND: We are still primarily a project devoted to finding suitable Y-DNA of Fleming men either descended from, or ancestral to, our American founder Robert Fleming (1773-1852), who immigrated from Ireland to America during the waning years of the 18th century and married Elizabeth Stumbaugh in Maryland in 1809. We have recently expanded the project to anyone (male or female) who descends, or is ancestral, to our founders. Those who are related outside a direct paternal descent can now join the project by purchasing an autosomal test called Familyfinder. This is not a Y-DNA (males only) or an mtDNA (females only) but one which pulls chromosomal DNA from both sides of a person's family. Test results will show chromosomal DNA that you have inherited from ALL of your ancestors as far back as 4-5 generations in the past. It's by looking for marker matches that you'll start to uncover possible relatives. This is also where your personal genealogical research will be of benefit. If you and another person have chromosomal markers that match, you are related somewhere in the past.-- likely within the last 4 - 5 generations. The higher the marker number between you and the person you match, the more recently in time your common ancestor lived. FTDNA, the company that does the testing and analysis, will keep your results in their database for 25 years (at no charge). They will keep sending you updated information about your results and additional matches as new folks are tested and they refine their databases. Use the link below to join the project and purchase your (FamilyFinder) DNA test (it runs $99.) and in doing so you will automatically be enrolled in the Fleming Appalachians DNA Project. Join us on this genetic journey, be a part of our effort to discover, document and expanded history for our Fleming Family. Use the Join Link to order a Y-DNA or FamilyFinder autosomal DNA test kit or both! Alternatively, if you would like to support this ongoing and important research on our family's genetic roots, you can make a donation (of any amount--a one time contribution or $10 dollars a month--whatever you feel comfortable doing). Your monetary gift to the project will be used toward helping other family members get tested or to expand the tests we already have. This will allow you to participate just as fully in the quest for our family's roots as our test participants. Just click on the link to contribute to the Project General Fund and help us uncover more of our family's rich and exciting history!