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About us

The project will continue to seek additional direct male descendants of Robert Fleming (1773-1852) to be tested thru Y-DNA; each additional test result will further confirm the (core) genetic line that represents the Y-DNA of Robert Fleming our American Founding Father. Through the analysis of these test results, the project hopes to better chart the many branches of Flemings that come together to form the Clan.  Another goal is to isolate and identify our unique chromosomal DNA segments from the direct and contributing Fleming lines via Autosomal/Family Finder DNA testing.  This identification should aid in the discovery of additional lineages affiliated with the family.  Besides subgrouping matches in the Y-DNA chart, the project will also keep an active results page which will be a part of the public website. Another of the projects goals will be to find genetic matches with others outside the family but have a shared ancestry, and to hopefully learn something of that ancestry and its origins.  An ongoing goal of the project will be to group matches and identify breaks in the genetic line where and when they occur.