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E-M44 (usually yDNA DYS391=9 and DYS392=12) Formerly E1a1
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About us

A sizeable number of members had their Big Y "bam" files analyzed both by ISOGG and at Yfull.com resulting in confirmed downstream haplogroup snps.  Yfull's tree is at this link   FTDNA's tree - viewable at a member's login showing haplotree - now incorporates most of the tree. 

For the latest SNP testing results of our members using ISOGG and Yfull.com go to the Project Testing Results

The snps under M44 are those found in the trees at ISOGG, FTDNA  andto a more advanced degree, at YFULL.com   Individual SNP tests are $39 at  FTDNANews 11/2013:  If you have interest in FTDNA's latest YDNA test, The Big Y, you may want to review: 

News, 6/2015:  tentative new subhaps developed by ISOGG are viewable at this E1a1 site. Testing for these snps is available at FTDNA and YSEQ.com  Contact the project admin for assisitance.

News:  5/2014:  For E1a1 related papers, numerical data, and insightful comments by Robert Hall of our project, visit the site http://exploringe1a1.wordpress.com

"What about the big Y" a good historic review   http://dna-explained.com/2013/11/16/what-about-the-big-y/    
"A Confusion of SNPs"  http://cruwys.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/a-confusion-of-snps.html