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E-M44 (usually yDNA DYS391=9 and DYS392=12) Formerly E1a1
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About us

The goals of this project are to:
  • Define new subclades of E1a1 by testing members for new subclade-identifying  SNPs as it becomes feasible and cost effective.
  • Group members into logical clusters based on key YDNA markers  (STRs) and other observable data.
  • Focus on the anthropological and more recent time geographical movements and countries of origin of E1a1.

In most cases extended discussions of genealogy is not encouraged however exceptions are of course expected.  Similarly, extended discussion of autosomal DNA and associated member matching will usually move offline.

Because E1a1 is quite unusual with little extensive research, it is assumed that discussion may often emphasize relatively recent ancestor countries of origin in addition to anthropological origins, but of course both are related and worthy of research.  Member comment and research is welcomed.