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 CIRIACKES-Bremen to London - connected via names in a 'Last Will and Testament' of the senior of two brothers who migrated from Bremen to London in order to become more involved in the Sugar Refining business.  He left most of it to his younger brother's son but did name his Bremen area siblings in the will.  Those names were the key to connecting them to the rest of us - and to the woman who emailed me from ?Austrailia? regarding the possible connection.  I had found most of those names during my late 1972 (Munich Olympics were ongoing at the time but I didn't attend) to Bremen.  A couple decades later, a color coded Bremen area ancestry image was prepared showing all those discoveries and the family tree involved with them.  Inexplicably, the name of this one individual was left off that image as some sort of clerical processing error.  His brother and siblings were there but not he.  In any case, the patrilineal ancestry died out within a couple generations when there were no male heirs to carry on the name.  The daughters did carry on their DNA, though - ergo the inquiry from the woman in Austrailia.

 Almost all of the ancestry data was obtained over several days while Ben stayed at the Scharmbeck Inn next to the railroad tracks and commuted via his rental car to the 
 St. Jurgen Church to peruse its marriage, birth, death and other records with the help of the retired pastor's son who was fluent in english.  Ben still knows very little german.  The church, its records and its cemetery had retired with the pastor.

 CYRIACKS Claus Hinrich 1824~1885 - connected via initial German genealogy
 online site.  [ 7-29-15 10:15 am - just lost a half-hour's worth of updated narrative due to a MICROSOFT program error.  Will try again here another day - moving on to other priorities. ]

 VARIOUS-Bremen - new discoveries of ancestors going back to 1537 via newly
 created Die Maus Bremen genealogists online site.

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