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About us

 Cyriac-FHP (Cyriac et al spellings Family History Project)
 BACKGROUND  (work in progress)

 Members of our extended family living in Africa, England, Germany and the
 United States have been researching our family history since the 1920s.

 In the Bremen, Germany area, the most extensive efforts were made during the
 1969 through 1973 and 1998 through 2013 time periods.  During 1972, a paid
 professional genealogist researched much of our family in the church records
 in the Baden/Etelsen/Daverden area southeast of Bremen, Germany.  In late
 1972, Ben Ciriacks visited the churches northwest of Bremen in
 Osterhohlz-Scharmbeck, Sankt Jurgen and Lilienthal - almost of his finds
 were in the records of the pastor retired church of Sankt Jurgen out in the
 moors of the area between Scharmbeck and Lilienthal.

 Beginning in 2015, we have been transferring as much of that research as
 possible to the format(s) allowed here at Family Tree DNA.  It took decades
 to discover it all and will undoubtedly take a similar amount of time to
 reflect it all here.

 Once your DNA test results have confirmed that you are (or could be) a part
 of our Main Family Tree, we will make every effort to facilitate your own
 continued efforts in family research.  Should you share your own branch of
 the family tree with us, we will convert it to the similar "one page" (if
 possible) abbreviated display format that will allow you to colorize and
 tweak it to whatever other format you desire.  We encourage you to share
 that image with the rest of us.

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