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About us

Cornwall has been a relatively isolated part of the British isles. Up to 1550 it spoke its own language, and had its own form of government and currency until the 1700s. Compared with other parts of Britain there has been little intermingling. Except perhaps from Devon, and limited influx from Ireland and the continent, there has been limited in-migration until the present century. After 1850 however, when the great mines began to play out, there was a major exodus to other parts of the world where mines were to be found (Australasia, North and South America and South Africa).

Cornwall had the largest known tin deposits in the world for thousands of years, and initially a great deal of alluvial gold. The first metalworkers to arrive in Britain were the Beaker People around 2500 BC, and they worked Cornish gold and tin extensively, while constructing a large number of ritual sites and burial chambers. A significant part of Cornwall's ancient DNA stems from this very early period: there are many pockets of what appear to be early Bronze Y-DNA in Cornwall, along with later Continental and Irish intrusions.       


We accept only men with a paternal family tree (and usually a surname) with Cornish origins pre-1900, and who have tested their Y-DNA. A good paper tree on the male line leading to Cornwall is expected. If you are abroad, when joining please provide your most recent Cornish ancestor - the one who emigrated - and how you are related, so it can be checked   

A partial list of Cornish surnames is at and there is a good list in the  project profile.

Full members are generally assisted to understand their results and independent advice is given where further testing is indicated.


We maintain an Associate category for both sexes of those who have Cornish forbears down any recent line and have taken the FamilyFinder or another autosomal test. Membership may assist those seeking general Cornish ancestry during teh last 4-5 generations. We do not display the Y-DNA of Associates 


For full member applicants who have not yet taken a test, the appropriate costs are:

Y-37 $149         Y-67 (preferred)  $248 

which is a $20 discount on the usual cost. Occasional specials may reduce these costs further.

We also like most full members to take one SNP test, to see if their DNA is rare or unusual 

(cost $90 or $120 depending on haplogroup). 


Family Finder $99

Free transfer for autosomal test 

If these costs so not suit, please do not apply for membership as confirming your Cornish ancestry is time consuming.