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Dynnargh dhywgh dhe an ragdres TDN Kernow – bagas hwithrans fogellys war an istori genynnek a’n dus a Gernow. Oll an gwella ... or "Welcome to the Cornwall DNA project – a project dedicated to the genetic history of the peoples of Cornwall". This is a general project for people of Cornish descent.It is a place for people to investigate their Cornish DNA, to find Cornish matches and to discuss Cornwall and its people. Members need to have a proven paper Cornish ancestor. - if seeking membership with an Autosomal (Family Finder) test, you should be 1/32 Cornish or better - an ancestor born in Cornwall in the last five generations (g3gp), or with both parents Cornish in the last six generations. You need to give the name, and date and parish born or married) of this person. Also it is best if you have this person on your tree, with date and Cornish parish. - if seeking membership with a Y test, you need a Cornish ancestor on the straight paternal line (father's father's father etc), as the Y chromosome is passed almost unchanged from father to son. Again, provide the most recent Cornish paternal ancestor with date and parish. Also place a Cornish ancestor on the "earliest paternal line ancestor". - if seeking membership with a mt test, you should have a straight maternal line going back to Cornwall (Mother's mother's mother etc, women only). Again, provide this ancestor with date and parish.. The usual rules of engagement apply - people should show courtesy in discussion, and should avoid argumentative posts. You should not just join the project at random, or thinking you 'might be Cornish'.