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Nov 2017. Second autosomal network graph

Almost  everyone with recent Cornish descent now connects to a tight network of 7 'core members' (more than 200 CM shared in-project) and 23 'key members' with 100 cM shared. Only 3 isolated pairs. 
Number of matches is now a fairly good indication of '% Cornish'

Core members are Kidson, Plant, matthews, Skewes, Pollard, O'Ceallaigh (Basher) and Perry

May 2016 early autosomal results. 

About half of members taking the FF test have a match within Cornwall, 14 of these form a network around three men who are fully or half-Cornish.

Sep 2015 Second summary of results

The R1b Backbone Test has finally allowed us to analyse our most important haplogroup, R1b. The most surprising result is that we have almost as much R-DF27, the Iberian subclade, as we do R-L21, the 'Celtic' subclade. This probably represents multiple incursions from the Continent (Spain and Brittany) over thousands of years.

Some of the unusual results we have are

- two R1b-L624, an ancient branch of R-P312 going back to the early Bronze, the time of building of Stonehenge.

- A R-P312** and a R-U106*, unknown branches of these main haplotypes   

Jan 2015. First summary of results

Of these, eight are I (about the same incidence as the rest of Great Britain) and five are "rarer" haplogroups (R1a E G J  Eastern R1b). This gives a little over 80% R1b, similar to Ireland.

The R1b is quite mixed. About 2/3 is P312 )and 1/3 is U106. The latter is a little higher than the English average. 

We have four R-U198, a very old subclade of U106  largely restricted to Britain.
The numbers in CORNWALL are still too small for statistically significant results - we are aiming at about 250.