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Autosomal DNA

March 2017: Project no longer closed. 150 members have taken Family Finder test out of 270. First results from LivingDNA are very accurate.

jan 2017: seeking input from members on close relatives, non-Cornish and on the different requirements of Y and autosomal.

Nov 2016: Complex diagram showing most members are connected through distant links to half a dozen 'core members' or families who are also heavily connected:
SKEWES POLLARD, KIDSON, PLANT, PERRY , MATTHEWS, BASHER  and about 24 moderately connected members.  Cornish crest added.     

May 2016  About half of members taking the FF test have a match within Cornwall, 14 of these form simple a network around three men who are fully or half-Cornish. First diagram produced.

Nov 2015: 103 members. Project opened to autosomal 'associate' members; generally not vetted as long as Cornish ancestry is stated. 'Full membership' still reserved for men with Y-DNA from Cornwall.


March 2017. Due to changing focus of this project towards family matching away from Y-research, for consistency and administrative ease we have broken off the original Y-DNA project into a new Cornwall Advanced YDNA project with 101 members taken from this project. This  maintains the compendium of Cornish Y-DNA. All mmebers of the new project are also members of CORNWALL Men from this project who have tested SNPs may join the new project. 

Dec 10 2016. 200 members including 166 full members 

April 2016: L21 paper written which suggests SW England was a major point of dispersal for classic British R1b-L21 Y-DNA to the Continent

Nov 2015: We have finally passed 100 members. Associate membership introduced under trial for autosomal members, following teh lead of DEVON.

Sep 2015. 18 members order new R1b Backbone Test.  These new SNP packs have enabled us to show something we have always suspected - that Cornwall is full of ancient rare DNA from the early Bronze period around 2500 BC when Stonehenge was being constructed. In particular we have large  amounts of R-DF27, usually regarded as Hispanic - probably demonstrating the presence of an early "Atlantic culture" with heavy trading interchange of metals and grains.

Nov 2014. After 3 years we have about 75 members,  following the book launch at the Cornish Association of Victoria 

Oct 2013: 50 members

July 2011: Project starts in collaboration with Debbie Kennett, administrator of DEVON, the first single-county project