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About us

- Nov 29 2015. With the Y project going so well, we can afford to keep up with the times. Many of our members have taken Family Finder and after several requests, it may be time to loosen up and allow an autosomal category for people seeking Cornish cousins.  

- Nov 2015: We have finally passed 100 members

- Sep 2015. The new SNP packs have enabled us to show something we have always suspected - that Cornwall is full of ancient rare DNA from the early Bronze period around 2500 BC when Stonehenge was being constructed. In particular we have large  amounts of R-DF27, usually regarded as Hispanic - probably demonstrating the presence of an early "Atlantic culture" with heavy trading interchange of metals and grains.

- Nov 2014. After 3 years we have about 75 members, though we are looking for about 250 for meaningful analysis