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2022 Oct 12

Our Results page has been revised and our Collins Project Tour has been fixed and overhauled. Hopefully these resources have improved.

2021 Nov 02

The annual project bulletin (private for project members) has been posted internally.

About 5% of eligible male Y tested project members are fully participating in the project to the extent that the project has been able to extend the analysis of their Y STR and SNP data and publish their Collins pedigree. That means 95% are not.

Given this low full participation rate, there will be no further updates of haplogroup pages for the time being.

If you are a project member and your account email looks okay but you don't think you are receiving project and FTDNA communications, check the Updates widget in the left sidebar of your account and make sure there is no Correct Email Issue notification. If there is, you will need to resolve the problem with FTDNA.

If not, work through the troubleshooting steps in the FAQ.

2021 Jun 03

The external mailing list for non-project members has been discontinued.

2020 Nov 03

A bulk email was sent out to project members on 03 Nov 2020 announcing the annual bulletin.

Project members who did not receive this bulk email or otherwise are missing communications from FTDNA should check their account profiles and make sure their contact emails are up to date.

If you are NOT a project member but have Collins in your lineage and would like a dedicated web page on your Collins family history, please view our Pedigrees page on our website and follow the instructions for submitting your family history content. If you'd like to stay updated on project news then subscribe to our non-members only mailing list.

2019 Aug 04

- Our prior MEMBERS ONLY communications are now preserved on the Members Only UPDATES page. (Members must be logged in to read that page.) That way newer members can read those communications.

- The most recent project communication will go on the Members Only BULLETIN page. (Members must be logged in to read that page.) That communication will get moved to the UPDATES page when there is a new communication to post in BULLETIN.