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About us

The primary goal of the project is to help members find out where their Collins great*-grandfather was. We aim to carve out Collins paternal line pedigrees and lineages. Our means of doing this is through finding genetic matches through yDNA. In the Y DNA results page, a PEDIGREE is a cluster of testers sharing very few mutations between them and all documenting the same paternal ancestor. A LINEAGE is a cluster of testers with relatively few mutations between them. The testers in the cluster probably do not have knowledge of a single common ancestor, though they might be aware of common geographic proximity, etc.

Historical texts place many old versions of the Collins surname in specific locations around England and Ireland. Our research, if it were sufficiently developed, could contribute to the historical research of those areas. That is our secondary goal.

To achieve our goals, we have several smaller ones:

  • Assist members with family history / genealogy records and research, when possible, thereby helping them to identify their ancestry and fill in their family trees.
  • Identify and carve out relatively recent genealogical groupings, assigning a terminal haplogroup/SNP label to each.
  • Contribute to deep SNP research, and thereby the evolution of haplogroup research, by encouraging SNP testing, once members have done sufficient STR marker testing.
  • Review literature on the origins of the surname, along with state of the art haplogroup discoveries, to determine whether correlations can be made between any origin hypotheses and haplogroups.
    Identify the ancestral genetic signatures of the major Collins lines in Ireland.
    Identify the ancestral genetic signatures of the major Collins lines in England and the UK, possibly linking them to entries in the Domesday book.
  • Continue executing shorter term objectives to meet these goals.

Some of the shorter term objectives include:

  • Identification of the geographic origins of the Collins surname.
  • Ongoing development of our Collins project website intended for the preservation of records. Creation of genealogy record extracts pertaining to the most likely places of origin. Host extensive Collins family genealogies and biographies, written by members and researchers.
  • Communication with historical societies to raise awareness of the project and seek out new members.
  • Regular online visits to major genealogy forums such as those on, for purposes of project promotion. This includes surname forums and regional forums.

To help meet our goals, the project does seeks co-administrators with these qualifications:

  • Ideally, a project member (or a person who is supervising the test of a relative in the project). Has tested a full 111 markers plus BigY. Participation in or involvement in at least one haplogroup DNA project, along with a basic understanding of STR mutation rates, haplogroups, subclades, terminal SNPs.
  • Basic Excel spreadsheet skills in data entry, charts, etc.
  • Basic HTML/CSS web page development skills.
  • Word processing skills.

A more detailed description of a project administrator skill set is hosted at

Please email Susan at if you are interested in helping the project meet its goals.