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READ BEFORE CLICKING JOIN. This Y DNA project is for men named COLLINS, COLLINGS, CULLEN, or close variation. See SURNAMES. * If you don't already have a Y DNA test of 37 markers or more, see the FTDNA Y products page: If you already have a FTDNA account with a swab submitted, LOG IN before ordering your Y DNA test. * MEN WITH PROJECT SURNAME (AUTOMATICALLY ELIGIBLE): STATE IN YOUR JOIN request that you have tested or have on order Y37, Y67, Y111, or Big Y. * ALL PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS should read our FAQ: * MEN WITH NON-ELIGIBLE SURNAMES: Follow instructions in the FAQ. * Read our DNA testing Q&A if you need help understanding the differences between the male line, female line, and universal lineage types of tests: * Feel free to send Susan a BRIEF email, NO ATTACHMENTS - DIRECTLY - at if you have any questions AFTER reviewing these recommended materials. Put the words COLLINS PROJECT in your subject line OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT GET A REPLY. * If you are ineligible, cannot join us at this time, or would like to be kept informed of project news and updates, consider joining our mailing list. Details are in our FAQ. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR RESEARCH