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The Coffin family has a long and rich heritage, dating as far back as Sir Richard Coffin, who accompanied William the Conqueror on his conquest of England in 1066. For centuries, the Coffin family held Portledge manor in Alwington, Devon, England.

Tristram Coffin (Coffyn), born in 1609 in Brixton, Devon, England, brought his family to the United States in 1642, settling in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  It is estimated that 90% of Coffins in America descend from Tristram.  Other Coffin immigrants also came to America, notably Jacob Coffing, of Plymouth, Devon, England, came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1686.

The Coffin family DNA project is here to help determine how the various Coffin family branches relate together, and help researchers in determining where they fit in to the Coffin family.