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Clancy Surname (DNA) Project

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14 September 2017.

The Clancy Surname Project now has 33 members with STR results, of whom 15 are Clancys, 2 are Clanceys, 2 are Glancys and two others have known Clancy male-line ancestry (all Y-DNA37 or higher).

I have divided these members into seven Clancy subgroups, based mainly on their STR results, with a residual group for non-Clancys (generally men whose Clancy ancestry is not through the patrilineal line).

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Of the seven seemingly different Clancy lineages, six have roots in Ireland and one has roots in the USA back to 1797, but is quite likely to descend from a man who emigrated from Ireland before then.

The six Irish lineages trace back to four separate counties: Clare, Leitrim, Limerick and Wexford.

Different terminal SNPs can be identified for six of the seven Clancy lineages. Wexford belongs to haplogroup R1a and the other five all belong to haplogroup R1b and more specifically to haplogroup R-DF13. The remaining (Limerick) lineage is also predicted to belong to haplogroup R1b.

The STR results of all the members of the Clare (B) Clancy subgroup match the Irish Type III characteristics outlined here, so all can be confident that they will test positive for the L226 SNP, which three have already done.

The most intriguing group is Clare (A), where the three members are all at least 7/37 away from each other, but are all positive for the A933 SNP on this branch of the Big Tree.

The STR results of the Leitrim, Ireland (B) Clancy subgroup generally match the values that collectively indicate R-M222 status, outlined here. All can be confident that they will test positive for the M222 SNP, which three have already done. One has gone further and bought the R1b - M343&M269v2 Backbone SNP Pack which confirms that he is positive for the downstream SNP S588. It is very likely that the other members of this subgroup will also be S588+.

So far, there are BigY results for a Glancy in the Clare, Ireland (A) subgroup and a Clancy in the Leitrim, Ireland (A) subgroup.