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About us

The Irish surname Clancy, originally MacClancy and even McGlanaghy, and in Irish Mac Fhlannchaidh or Mac Fhlannchadha, has at least two separate origins. One sept, in Thomond (now County Clare), were hereditary brehons to the O'Briens. The other was of Rosclogher in County Leitrim. The name has since spread throughout Ireland and abroad. The 1911 census of Ireland included 3,632 Clancys, 653 of them born in County Clare and 573 in County Leitrim.
Please feel free to use the Activity Feed to direct any questions that you may have to the project administrator (Paddy Waldron - greatgrandson of a Clancy) and for discussion with other project members.
To benefit from project membership, it is imperative that you fill in names, dates and places for both your Direct Maternal (i.e. matrilineal) and Direct Paternal (i.e. patrilineal) Most Distant (i.e. most distant known) Ancestors here in order to help those looking for mitochondrial DNA matches and Y-DNA matches respectively; and that you also upload a GEDCOM file here showing your direct ancestors (which will automatically populate your surname list).
For a discussion of the latest results, see here.
The banner image for the project shows a detail of the Clancy shopfront in Kilmihil, County Clare, photographed on 30 July 2017.