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R-M222 and Subclades

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The most current SNP M222 and Subclades  SNP testing information is to be found at our yahoo group

Our yahoo group "R1b M222 and Subclades" requires an email address to join and the email address you use may be the same as you use here at FTDNA.   You may also use a different email address IF you include your FTDNA kit number in the join request or same full name you use here at M222 in your join request at yahoo.    Other join requests will be rejected.


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5164Re: M222 Beta SNP Pack test & M222 v2

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  • lairdkinna
    Feb 12 8:07 PM

    Here are the SNPs that were offered in the original M222 SNP PACK and the updated v2 pack.

    The seven SNPs below sit directly below M222 and were added with the v2 SNP Pack. Those are the SNPs I needed for my Gillespie kits so I had to order the v2 version of the SNP Pack. I ordered the original M222 beta SNP Pack and the testees were ositive for M222 and neg for all downstream SNPs in that pack.  A Gillespie who ordered BIGY tested positive for those seven SNPs.

    A7359 15603749 T C ok
    A7360 16841620 C T ok
    A7361 17410177 C T ok
    A7362 17445313 G A ok
    A7363 21591844 G A ok
    A7364 7193542 A G ok = BY3340
    A7365 8744454 G A ok = BY3341


    R1b - M222 v2.0 SNP Pack
    Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
    M222, PF3292, PF3988, CTS12173, PF2028, CTS8580, CTS3771, F1400, CTS9501, PF910, PF7301, Z70, CTS6, A223, A224, A260, A359, A725, BY198, BY199, BY200, BY201, BY202, BY203, BY204, BY205, DF104, DF105, DF109, FGC12948, FGC4077, FGC4133, FGC4134, FGC5939, FGC8739, M4491, S566, S568, S588, S658, S668, S673, S7049, S7814, DF85, FGC5856, A1742, FGC19860, FGC23592, FGC4113, FGC23595, S590, S595, BY3338, BY3342, BY3343, BY3344, BY3347, A1206, A1743, A1774, A259, A5902, A6925, A694, Z29319, A883, A887, BY470, BY471, BY472, F1265, FGC19846

    Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
    BY197, F3952, S592, BY3339, BY3340, BY3341, BY3345, BY3346, A1147, A2299, A2317, A360, A361, A363, A7359, S7050, A7360, A7361, A7362, A7363, A744, A822, A982, PF1169, FGC452, FGC440, BY2667, BY2681, FGC4087, FGC35555, FGC35553, FGC35551, BY586, FGC12183, FGC12950, FGC19844, FGC29788, FGC29786, FGC29785, FGC19845, FGC19856, FGC19862

    ORIGINAL M222 BETA SNP PACK which was first offered in Sep




Historical Information:


New.......SNPs    currently    being   tested   by   FTDNA   as   part   of   the   FTDNA   M222  SNP Pack *

*Always check for the most recent SNP discoveries 

Please note:

Our yahoo discussion group "R1b M222 and Subclades" requires an email address to join and the email address you use may be the same as you use here at FTDNA.   You may also use a different email address IF you include your FTDNA kit number in the join request.    Other join requests will usually be rejected.

 To join this group you must have received your Y-DNA STR test results. 

When you make your request to join the M222 and Subclades please Include your present Surname Group and  your FTDNA kit number so that the Project Administrator has a chance to inspect your haplotype and confirm that you are a probable (or established) member of  SNP M222 or the new M222 positive downstream SNPs. 

The   R-M222 branch of the Y-DNA tree is defined by a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) called M222. This diagnostic marker is associated with many individuals whose roots lie in the counties of Northwest Ireland, Ulster and Lowland Scotland.The shaded footprint in the map at left shows the area where this profile is most often found. In no county is this pattern the dominant DNA profile, but in some counties (Donegal in NW Ireland, for example) it approaches 20 percent.

The map is intended only to show a population concentration; R-M222 individuals have roots within the oval but are not constrained by it. R-M222 individuals have been found in nearby areas outside the footprint -- in the Western Isles and in Orkney, for example, as well as in the North of England adjacent to the Scottish Border. A very few individuals have been found in Iceland, Norway and Germany.

 M222 SNP 

TheR-M222 project is open to all individuals who have a derived (i.e., positive) test result on the M222 SNP. The project will consider individuals who have not been SNP tested, but whose haplotypes show most of the following values:

DYS385b = 13
DYS392 = 14
DYS448 = 18
DYS449 = 30
DYS464 = 15-16-16-17
DYS456 = 17
DYS607 = 16
DYS413 = 21-23
YS534 = 16
YS481 = 25 (FTDNAconvention; = 24 EthnoAncestry convention)*
YS714 = 24

In March 2007 EthnoAncestry recalibrated their reports on several markers.Previous to that recalibration, the reported values for DYS481 in R-M222 individuals was 22 or23, and those values may still be seen in older discussions of the haplotype in Internet lists. In most cases the first three STRs in the list above are adequate to establish membership in this group. If you have at least two of those three values and differ by only one at the mismatching marker, you are very probably (though not certainly) a member of the R-M222 haplogroup. If you are uncertain about whether you belong to Haplogroup R-M222, please contact the project administrators for advice.

Since theR-M222 project is a resource for individuals who have already determined a haplotype,it is anticipated that no one will order a DNA test through theR-M222 project.For that reason the project does not accept automatic enrollment of new test orders. To join the project, click the "Join Groups" link on your personal page, then "R" in the Y-Haplogroup section of the option list that appears, then "R-M222." Finally, click on "Send join request."

The cluster now known as the R-M222 group was first recognized in late 2004 following manual cluster analysis of several hundred R-M269 haplotypes in Ysearch. A preliminary modal haplotype was established at that time based on roughly six dozen similar haplotypes. It was noted that family names associated with the cluster were almost entirely Irish or Scot. The cluster was initially referred to as the 25/11/14 cluster based on the dominant values for DYS390, 391 and 392. In late 2005 a research team fromTrinity College Dublin published a report that identified this cluster based on the distinctive values at DYS390 and 392. The research team called this pattern the Irish Modal Haplotype, or IMH, and provocatively suggested that the haplotype was to be associated with the Ui Neill kings of Northern Ireland who descended from the fifth century warlord Niall of the Nine Hostages. Since the haplotype is not in fact modal in Ireland – though a distinctive haplotype, itis a minor one – one should perhaps more properly call this pattern the Northwest Irish/Lowland Scots Variety of R1b1c. That recognizes the fact that it is most concentrated in Donegal (nearly 20 percent of the population) and nearby counties to the south and west (five to 10 percent). It is also found in Lowland Scotland and the Western Isles at a percentage that is hard to determine but may also be in the five to 10 percent range. In February of 2006, one of the administrators (DCW) predicted that the Northwest Irish/Lowland Scots variety would be found to correlate with the rarely tested SNP M222 and commissioned a custom lab analysis to test the hypothesis. The result, returned in March 2006, was positive. Immediately afterwards different labs began offering M222 as part of deep clade testing programs, and hundreds of individuals have now been found positive for the M222SNP. The modal haplotype for the Northwest Irish/Lowland Scots Variety, and therefore for R-M222, can be seen on Ysearch as record M5UKQ.


 TO JOIN THIS GROUP YOU MUST SEND A JOIN REQUEST FROM YOUR PERSONAL PAGE AT FTDNA. It is not possible to join this group until after you have received your Y-DNA test results. From your personal page click on the blue Join button in the upper part of the page. When the next screen opens up, click on R in the Y-Haplogroup Section. In the next screen, click on R-M222. Then on the next page click on the Join Request button. Please include your FTDNA kit number or your Ysearch record ID so that the Project Administrator has a chance to inspect your haplotype and confirm that you are a probable (or established) member of Haplogroup R1b1c7. See the public website (link above) for further information about the scope of the project. The R1b1c7 project is open to all individuals who have a derived (i.e., positive) test result on the SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) called M222. Also welcome are individuals without SNP results whose haplotypes conform to the Northwest Irish Variety of R1b1c.