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About us

August 2022 - we have asked Colin Keegan to become a Co-Administrator for the project. Colin's area of interest is Big-Y and linking participants together based on their haplogroups. His work is now displayed in the revamped groupings of results on our Public website.

 May 2019 - we will no longer be updating the TMRCA list on the Australian/NZ Chapter website; details on how to run your own TMRCA analysis will be published on the results page on this website

July 2018 - update to TMRCA analysis; if you purchased a kit after this date, or upgraded your test, you and/or your upgraded markers will not be included in the analysis

Feb 2012 - More test kits will be available at the next Clan Rally in Ireland in June for selected participants, especially those from Ireland.

April 2008 - The project joined the Irish Heritage DNA Project

April 2008 - One participant Tom Agin wrote to us about his success and hopefully a sign of more to come:

“I was therefore very surprised when practically every one that matched me originated within or in close proximity to the Ferbane-Cloghan - Shannonbridge triangle which is only about 8 to 10 miles on a side.”

The interesting thing here is that Tom is an “Agin”, clearly Egan, whose family went to the USA in 1759 and who had no idea where in Ireland they originated. It is also important to note that some of those originating from Tom’s triangle are living in Australia while others are still living in Ireland.

July 2006 - Dr Bennett Greenspan of FTDNA was the invited keynote speaker for the 2006 Clan Egan Rally in Dallas. His infectious enthusiasm for family history studies through his own personal experiences was very welcome. We thank Bennett for his participation in what was a highly successful Rally.