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About us

As many of you will know DNA testing allows the male lines to be traced back over long periods. At the instigation of our late MacAodhagáin (the Clan Chief) Michael J.S. Egan we are undertaking the Clan Egan DNA Project as part of an attempt to bridge some of the major gaps in the documented genealogies particularly those occurring pre 1800.

The use of DNA in genealogical research is gathering momentum very quickly. As MacAodhagáin were a family who had a major responsibility in documenting the law and history of old Ireland we are perhaps morally obliged to be part of the action. In the greater Europe names were often associated with trades e.g. Smith for blacksmith, Baker for baker etc. In Ireland however the Gaelic names were tied to families. This makes the prospect for our surname project very good indeed as Egan is a recognised ancient name of Ireland.