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About us

Welcome to the Carr Family DNA Genealogy Project. The goal of this project is to aid all Carr family historians in overcoming brick walls in ancestral research by establishing the probability of recent common paternal line descent between the various Carr paternal lineages around the world today. Since surnames were often spelled phonetically in the past, the project includes all phonetic variations and ancestral names connected to Carr. Each participant's Y-DNA test results will be compared with other project members YDNA markers and, when available, also with established paternal line histories to establish the probability of a recent common paternal line ancestor.

Surnames which are phonetically similar or ancestral to Carr include Kerr, Le Carre, Car, Caer, Cer, Corr, Carrach, Kaar, Kar, Kahr, Kare, Karr, Karre, Kaurr, Kay, Kear, Keir, Keire, Kehr, Kehrein, Kehri, Ker, Kere, Keyr, Kurr. Ancient names converted to a phonetic version of Carr include Mac Giolla Domhnaigh, O' Carraigh, and O'Ceardain.

Carr paternal line YDNA haplotypes established to date have ancestral connections to the border lands of Scotland and England, Germany, England, Ireland, Belize, and the throughout the Americas, especially Canada and the United States. Families using a phonetic variation of the Carr surname with other ancestral origins have also been identified.

Additional information on this project and DNA testing for genealogy can be found on the project website as well.

Only males can be tested for Y chromosome DNA. The 37-marker Y-DNA test is recommended for highest fidelity results. A more limited test using fewer markers can be used to establish the probability of relatedness and expanded later if desired. 67 markers are recommended for close matches at the 37 marker level. Ancient ancestral identity can be studied using YDNA SNP tests.

Maternal Line ancestral connections and recent common ancestry can be identified using mitochondria DNA, mtDNA, which is passed solely from a mother to her sons and daughters. Both men and women can be tested for their maternal line mtDNA.

Information about the use of DNA in genealogy is available on the Family Tree DNA home page.

Join the adventure and learn about your ancestry, submit a request for a DNA test kit today and start your ancestral search journey as part of the Carr Family DNA Genealogy Project.