Carr Family DNA Genealogy Project
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January 2020 - 507 Project participants, 201 Carr Family YSTR haplotypes. 

67 marker Y-DNA signature of a descendant of Walter Ker who settled in Freehold, New Jersey in 1689 shows three other Carr, Karr families with potential ties to Walter share his YDNA signature.

Participation by documented descendants of Gov. Caleb Carr and his brother Robert Carr show other Carr families who share this haplotype and are potential paternal line descendants of these brothers.

65/67 marker matches found between Carr Families with suspected common ancestry to early Tennessee Carr families (1700s). Matching Carr family YDNA signatures show potential links to Carr families in neighboring states. Results so far support family lore of common paternal ancestry and that there are at least two Carr paternal lines common to Putnam County, Tennessee who have separate paternal line ancestry as believed. Descendants of these Carr families were also early settlers of Virginia and Texas.

29 Sep 2004 - The Carr Surname Project was created.