Carr Family DNA Genealogy Project
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About us

The Carr Surname Project is open to everyone searching their Carr paternal line family history. All phonetic variations of Carr are included in the project. Phonetic variations of Carr include Kerr, Karr, Carre, Keir, Corr, among others. Membership requires testing the YDNA of a male with paternal line descent (father to son in each generation) that has used the Carr surname for several generations. The goal of this project is to unite Carr families around the world with the lost Carr cousins who share their recent paternal line ancestry. Studies show us that the geographical origins of people using the Carr surname today include Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany and elsewhere. We also find that the spelling of the Carr surname across generations within the same family often includes many phonetically equivalent variations. YDNA identifies paternal lines that may share a genealogically significant recent paternal line ancestor. Using this information and traditional genealogy methods has helped many family historians extend their family history back generations. A 37 marker YSTR test is recommended as a minimum. The 67 marker test is preferred since it provides the highest resolution for identifying common ancestry. Occasionally members have common (called nodal) haplotypes and will have a significant number of matches even up too the 111 marker test.