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YDNA Haplotypes identified for Gov. Caleb and Robert Carr of Rhode Island, two Carr family lineages from early Tennessee settlers and Walter Ker, 1689 Perth Amboy Scotland to Freehold, New Jersey. Carr family YDNA haplotypes include families tracing their origins to ancestral Kerr lands in Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, Croatia, Belize, Africa, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

MtDNA, maternal line DNA, results of project members are also listed on the project public web site, but do not aid in paternal line genealogy. MtDNA passes from a mother to her children, since a woman's surname changes with marriage, the ancestral connection between surname and mtDNA is lost for the maternal line. Single Nucleotide Protein, SNP test results of members will be tracked by the project as well. SNP DNA test results identify ancestral population descent, Haplogroup, and suggest ancient ancestral origins for the paternal line.

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