Burnett Y-DNA Project

Burnett Y-DNA and Autosomal DNA Project
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About us

Our goal is to identify the origins, genealogy, and heritage of the various Burnett families of the world through Y-DNA testing and autosomal DNA testing.
If you already know your Burnett pedigree, Y-DNA testing can provide scientific validation by matching your DNA to others of your line.  If you do not know your Burnett heritage, Y-DNA testing will provide ethnic origins for your Burnett line and provide a match list of other Burnett's in your line.
Members are encouraged to collaborate and share ancestral information and research resources that will lead to a better understanding for all Burnett descendants.  The Project team maintains a lineage book with the pedigree of all our members.
Surnames don't always match pedigrees.  If one of your ancestors was adopted or did not take the surname of his biological father, your matches may have a different surname.  We have members whose surname is not Burnett but who match to Burnett's, revealing a name change from Burnett to something else and we have members whose surname is Burnett but they don't match other Burnett's.  All are welcome!  The only requirement is an interest in Burnett Heritage!