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Burnett Y-DNA Kits and Other Matching Surnames (Autosomal also welcome)
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About us

Participation in the Burnett YDNA Project is open to everyone who has taken a DNA test and is researching their Burnett Heritage. The project is first and foremost a Y-DNA project and is focused on identifying and researching the various Burnett family lines around the world. We encourage all males to take the YDNA test and all females to identify a surrogate male tester for their Burnett line. You should join this project if you: - know little about your Burnett heritage and want to learn more - have researched your Burnett line and want to prove your tree through science - want to take your Burnett line further back in time - want to be part of a group discovering how these families link back to their midieval origins If you are a male, surname Burnett and would like to take the YDNA test, please order your kit through the project to save $20, by clicking the "Join" button in the upper part of this page. In addition, we welcome all who have taken an autosomal DNA test (Family Finder, Ancestry.com, 23 and Me, etc.) to also join the project. If you took a DNA test on a system other than FTDNA, you can transfer your results to FTDNA.com for free. Our project is able to identify all other project members whose DNA matches other members of the project. Joining the project provides you access to other Burnett researchers as well as to the research done by and shared by the Project Administrators.