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Burnett Y-Chromosome

Burnett Y-DNA Kits and Other Matching Surnames (Autosomal also welcome)
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About us

Participation in the Burnett Y-DNA Project is open to everyone who has taken a YDNA or DNA test and is researching their Burnett heritage.

The project is first and foremost a Y-DNA project and our aim is to identify the various Burnett family lines around the world through Y-DNA testing.  We encourage all Burnett males to take the Y-DNA test and all females to identify a surrogate male tester for their Burnett line.

Our project administrators collect the lineages of the various testers.  If your YDNA results match to another Burnett in the project, we compare your lineage to see if we can identify your common male Burnett ancestor.  If not, we work with the testers to try to extend the tree back further in time to identify the common ancestors of all male testers.  We have successfully extended the Burnett family trees of many of our testers by 100's of years.  In many cases the YDNA results have scientifically proven the work of June Bork, "The Burnett's and Their Connections" and in other cases we have proven mistakes in her work.  The science has enabled us to learn much more than records alone are able to reveal.  
We have identified about 10 unique Burnett lines in the world and have been able to link some of these back to their early origins in the 1300-1500's.  Each new YDNA tester brings us new information.  

If you would like more information on the project, contact