Burnett Y-Chromosome

YDNA testers who belong to or match the Burnett surname throughout the globe
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About us

Participation in the Burnett YDNA Project is open to

1) anyone who administers/manages the YDNA test results for a Burnett kit
2) anyone who administers/manages the YDNA test results that match to Burnetts at 37 markers or higher

If you do not have YDNA test results, please do not request to join this project.  YDNA testing is only available for males and identifies other males who share a common male ancestor on the paternal side.  In most cases, matches will share surnames but, due to adoptions, unwed mothers, and other reasons, matches may have other surnames.

We welcome as many Burnett's as we can find, literally - the more the better.  If you are not male, you can recruit your brother, your father, or any male Burnett cousin to take the test.  If they are not interested in the results, you can manage the results for them and join the group on their behalf.  If you have already tested, recruiting your father, male Burnett cousins, etc. will help you to interpret your results.  The learning and the value of this increases with each person tested.