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Jeffery Owens Jeffery Owens
October 3 @ 4:58pm
Greetings all! I match closely to a Charles Burnett and noticed that my Y DNA might match a few others in your group.
Jeffery Owens
October 10 @ 11:45am
I match this kit number 69638 Charles Horace Burnett
Larry Burnette
October 13 @ 7:44am
To All; I do not know who my biological grandfather was, but am almost certain that I am a direct descendant Levi Jackson Burnett (1850-1923) who was the son of Andrew Jackson Burnette (1816-1854), because Levi's known descendants show up as my cousins. All of us are from the Tuscaloosa area and know that Levi was from GA, then the family moved to the Talladega area over a hundred years ago. Any information will be appreciated. Kit No: 328191
Charles Burnett
October 18 @ 6:27am
Jeffery - Charles Burnett (my 1st Cousin dec.) kit # is 543551. Griffin
Bartlett K Burnett
November 3 @ 8:49am
Jeffrey - the Charles Burnett kit you are posting about is managed by Marilyn. Go to her kit in the match list and click on the envelope icon and you can email her. Last we spoke, she was still actively researching.
Beth Billingsley Beth Billingsley
August 12 @ 12:48pm
Hello All, I uploaded my DNA and then went to possible projects. It was suggested I join the Burnett project. I am from John Burnett of Scotland's line and my mother was a Burnett.What are we trying to accomplish or determine by joining this project?
Terry Barwin
September 9 @ 8:42am
Beth - please read the "About" page on this site to see the objectives for the project. If you have joined with an autosomal (Family Finder) kit only, the primary benefit for you is to be able to see others in the project to whom your autosomal DNA matches. On the DNA Results page, you will be able to see those the various groups of Burnett's. Each group has testers who share a common Burnett ancestor. If you are descended from John Burnett b. 1610 Aberdeen, your YDNA line is R1b-C. It would be very helpful for you to find a surrogate tester (a living male Burnett descended from your line). YDNA testers in the project have access to a lot more information. You should also reach out to Susan Kromer-Hunt who is the lead Administrator for R1b-C and can give you more information.
Susan Hunt
September 10 @ 1:21pm
Beth please email me at
Terry Barwin Terry Barwin
September 9 @ 8:53am
All - this Activity Feed is to enable all of you to share with each other. I often forget to check it for weeks. If you have a question about your kit that is time-sensitive, please email either myself or Susan by clicking on the envelope icons on the left side of this page.
Larry Bartlett Larry Bartlett
June 29 @ 8:57am
This is the Bartlett/Burnett family around 1863
Terry Barwin
September 9 @ 8:51am
Larry - thank you som much for joining the project. What a wonderful photo. The man in the back row left and the man in the back row right resemble my grandfather! I will send you a picture of him so you can see for yourself.
James Burnett James Burnett has a question!
July 15 @ 11:55am
How do I get in touch with Kit #357991? We match with a GD of 1 on the 67 marker test.
Terry Barwin
September 9 @ 8:46am
On your match list, you will see an envelope icon under the name of each match. Click on this icon to email a match.
Larry Burnette Larry Burnette
July 22 @ 8:52pm
Terry, I have been try to verify Aunt Lorraine's copy of the family tree from the old Bible. There is plenty of documentation for Jesse Burnett (1733-1820) as he is one of 17 heads of family in the 1790 VA census a Revolutionary War soldier and a Planter with more than 20 slaves, and his son William Clayborn Burnette (1769-1848) who died in NC. and his son, Valentine Burnett (1797-1854), b. in NC, d. in Carroll County GA. That is an odd entry, when you look at how many people were in the house and their ages. I have found at least 5 different men in the U. S. in the 19th century named Andrew Jackson Burnett, but cannot prove that Levi's father is the same one that was Valentine's son. Further confusing matters, there were at least 2 Valentine Burnett's, one the son of Mark Anthony Burnett, the other the son of William Clayborn Burnett.
William Burnette
August 9 @ 1:31pm
Hi Larry, I just ordered my test, so am awaiting proof, but I have the same Jesse Burnett in my tree. My sister has done most of the work on, and shows us as descended from Jesse's son, Eldridge.
Larry Burnette
August 11 @ 8:36pm
It has just been proven to me that I'm not descended from that line. It seems that my Andrew Jackson Burnett is a different one from the from the son of Valentine. He is also not the son of Mark, so I'm back to square one, trying to find which Burnett had a son named Andrew Jackson in 1816 in AL.
Murdo Burnett Murdo Burnett
July 18 @ 5:40pm
Terry, Ray, Shaun:I believe I have found a 'missing link' from our tree. The James Burnett b1861, who was apparently missing from the 1871 census, and therefore presumed to have died, was living with an Ann MacKenzie in Kishorn as a 'scholar'. He went on to marry a Margaret Cameron in 1881 and they had a son, John b1892. This John Burnett appears in NY (dated as 1900, but probably much later than that) having married an Anna McCue in Ireland in 1917. A close DNA match with the descendants of this family is what prompted me to go digging!
Shaun Burnett
July 28 @ 6:42pm
Hi Murdo, that's great news! The more the merrier. I'll send you an email. Cheers, Shaun
Raymond Burnett
August 2 @ 3:16am
Thanks Murdo.
James Clark James Clark has a question!
June 30 @ 9:29pm
I handle my brother's YDNA and I am signed on his page. Do I need to do anything other than join to have his DNA included?
Gary Burnette
July 19 @ 10:52pm
James, who is your brother ? I have a "Clark" in my Y DNA matches that i can't quite understand ...
Terry Barwin Terry Barwin
January 24 @ 10:52pm
FTDNA has introduced a new tool called the Big Y Block Matching Tool. If you have taken the Big Y test and want to use this new tool, you can visit the Learning Center to learn more. The tool makes it easier to understand how the paternal lineages of you and your matches relate to each other. More than five steps of matching will be displayed on the Block Tree. I have seen the output of the new tool for a Big Y I did on my Cox line. I am still awaiting my Burnett Big Y results.
Darrell Luckey
March 20 @ 10:23pm
Your Confirmed Haplogroup is R-BY33044 this is what is showing as of today I don't think I have all the information yet but starting to come in as of today.
Terry Barwin Terry Barwin
December 19, 2018 @ 8:00pm
Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays! I wanted to let you know that I have asked Susan Kromer-Hunt, who has helped us with all kinds of research, to be my co-administrator. Her expertise on the science-side is stronger than mine and she is also an avid Burnett researcher. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.
Shaun Burnett
December 19, 2018 @ 11:55pm
Thanks you two! Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated.
Quentin Appleby
December 28, 2018 @ 4:30am
Good to hear. Susan has helped me a lot!