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About us

Our goal is to build a database that will enable our families to determine which of the variant-spelled Boon/e lines are related and possibly determine the approximate time they began to branch away.  Y-line DNA testing has recently come onto the genealogy scene.  Y-DNA is passed from father to son only, from generation to generation   with little or no change and can be used to prove or disprove lineage back to a Most Recent Common Ancestor, when compared to another "paper genealogy cousin".

Would you like to see if your Y-DNA matches the George/Daniel Boone line?  Or, how about the Thomas Boon-Isle of Wight line and the German line of Johann Diehl   Bohn that we have recently established?  Perhaps one of the lines from Ireland?  We have those and several more that their ancestral homelands are still unidentified.  Perhaps your genealogy research can help identify some of them. 

The Y-DNA test cannot tell you the name of your ancestor, but it can prove or disprove your relation to the ancestral line you have been researching.  It is more accurate at disproving a family line, thereby allowing you begin your research on another line.