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About us

The Boone-DNA Project was one of the first surname projects that began in early 2001 by Dell BOONE Ariola, as an independant study to scientifically prove or disprove the many Boon/e, and various spellings, lineage's that reach thoughout the world, using male DNA from the Y-chromosome which is inherited from the father and passed continuously from father to his sons, down through the generations with little or no changes. Thus, the word 'Genetic-Genealogy' was born. Currently, the Boone-DNA Project has participants in several countries; Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Scotland and growing. The first Boone-DNA Project tested was only 12 Y-DNA markers...the male participants now have a choice of 37, 64 and 111 Y-DNA markers, plus mtDNA for females, FamilyFinder test for males and females and the 'deep dive', Big Y-700 for males. Thank you. Dell Boone Ariola, Admin David Boon, Co-Admin