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You've probably heard about DNA and all the possibilities that are opened because of it.  It is the fastest growing area of genealogical research!  Through DNA testing, it is possible for genealogy researchers to better establish - or disprove - a paternal link between individuals with a common surname.  Fathers pass their Y-chromosomes (DNA) down to their sons with little or no variation, from generation to generation.  Therefore, men with identical, or near identical DNA factors can be genetically proven to be descendants of a common male ancestor.  The test results will not tell you the degree of relationship, only that you do, or do not, share a common ancestor.

We're looking for male descendants with the Boon/e surname to participate in a DNA testing project. 


We are very interested in the documented descendants of Swan and Andres Boon from Sweden who settled in the early 1600's on the Delaware River in Delaware County, Pennsylvania;  and Major John Boone of the First Fleet who lived at Boone Hall Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina;   Capt. Boone of John's Island, South Carolina;  and John Boon/e of Talbot County, Maryland, just to name a few.

There are many different Boon, Boone, de Bohun,  La Boon, Bohun, Bohon, Bohn and Bown families in the United States dating back to at least,  the early 1600's.  They came here from, England, Canada, Barbados, Sweden. France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Holland, Nova Scotia, and other parts of the world.  Through this project, we've had inquiries from Boon/e's and variant spellings, in Pakistan, Australia, Argentina, England, Belgium, Germany, France and Mexico.