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Donte Fleming Donte Fleming
12 minutes ago
Hi I am researching Francis Marion Boone. I have a few of dna matches that link back to him. I believe he was born around 1853. Maybe in Miss. He lived and died in Cherokee, Texas. He had a wife named Mandy or Amanda. Daughters named Pearlie, Francis & Melvan. From my understanding Melvan was mulatto. As was Pearlie and Francis. Apparently Pearlie and Francis both were quite fair skinned and passed for white. Melvan, however did not. The family lore is Frank Boone fathered all 3 with a Black woman named Julia Chaddick or Chaddrick. (From Georgia) One of Julias daughter's named Celia came to Texas from Georgia and Adopted Melvan as her own child. I also have match with a Troyce Boone from Texas as well, he falls around the 3-4 cousin range. If any of these names ring a bell or any one can help me further my search.... that would be splendid.
Brent Boone Brent Boone
48 minutes ago
Hey everyone I'll try to keep it short. So, my brick wall for years has been John Boone b. 1755 York, PA. For a long time he was rumored to be related to the famous Daniel Boone line, but not proven due lack of evidence as to who his parents were. He claimed Daniel was his uncle in his Revolutionary War pension application. I ended up getting a yDNA test years ago which showed I was not a match for those who definitely descend from the Daniel Boone line. A theory that is out there is we possibly descend from a Boone female. Anyway, I just recently started looking around on myftdna and I'm hoping someone may have some advice about how to utilize these tools to attempt to solve this puzzle. One thing I found curious...when I looked at my matches there was one other Boone who's earliest known ancestor is my John Boon. However, there are also several others with the last name of Porter and I have never come across this surname before in years of researching my ancestry. Anyway, thanks for your time and I appreciate any input.
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10 hours ago
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Roger Eledge Lisa Marquise
Julie Mayer Julie Mayer has a question!
April 17 @ 10:28pm
I have transferred my DNA from Ancestry & joined this group as my research so far is pointing to being a Boone descendent (Joseph from George & Mary). How or what do I need to do to see if this is indeed the case?
David Boon
April 18 @ 3:50am
Hi Julie. Have you looked at your matches on FTDNA to see if there are any possible Boone matches?
Julie Mayer
April 23 @ 10:06am
I have and I come up with 5 people who have Boone in their surname list, but have no idea on how I am supposed to figure out which line we descend from. And in Ancestry I have quite a few more than that. But I notice that less than half my matches in FTDNA have a surname list.
David Boon
April 23 @ 4:28pm
I have numerous matches to Boons and Boones through both transferring my ancestry file and through the YDNA 37 test but even though I have established my tree back to the 1600s In England I have still not established a link to any of these matches. The links must be further back on my tree but there are no surviving church records to establish what the links are. Regardless of what your DNA results are you still need to be able to establish your line using traditional family history research using the documentary evidence. Over time the trees of those who test and do provide their trees may help with researching your line.
Steven Chambers Steven Chambers has a question!
April 23 @ 11:03am
If you joined the group and transferred your DNA from Ancestry should you see your kit number in the DNA results in this group?
Dorien Gardner Dorien Gardner
April 13 @ 8:01pm
Hello, My name is Dorien Michael Gardner. My father was Doyle Richard Gardner but he was adopted. I never knew him as he was killed when I was 3 years old. My mother never talked about him as I believe it was too painful and I never insisted. He was born in Waco, TX in 1931 and his natural parents appear to be Richard T Boone and Viola Inez Clouse. My mother did say at one point that she believed that Boone was his actual surname and based on the DNA that is confirmed. Does anyone know of either Richard T Boone or Viola Inez Clouse who lived in Waco, TX around the 1930s? I am hitting a wall finding their respective parents.
Steven Chambers
April 23 @ 10:42am
Name: Inez Boone Gender: Female Residence Year: 1932 Street address: 426 Webster av J Residence Place: Waco, Texas, USA Spouse: Richard T Boone Publication Title: Waco, Texas, City Directory, 1932 is this whom you are speaking? If you have birth-dates or death dates it helps find the right person. There appears to be many Richard T Boone's.
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April 20 @ 10:26am
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Melody Baldwin Albert Boone Steven Chambers DANIEL BOONE
M Kaifer M Kaifer has a question!
March 26 @ 2:11am
Does anyone happen to know who Sarah Morgan Boone's parents were?
Patricia Bond
March 26 @ 9:26pm
Edward Morgan (1660 - 1736) Elizabeth Jarman Morgan (1678 - 1731)
M Kaifer
April 12 @ 12:39am
Oh! Thank you SO much! I've been searching forever for that information!
John Gonzales
April 14 @ 10:47pm
Sarah Boone (Morgan) Also Known As: "Sarah Jarman Morgan" Birthdate: September 23, 1700 (76) Birthplace: Towamencin Township, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, Colonial America Death: Died January 1, 1777 in Mocksville, Davie, North Carolina, United States Place of Burial: Mocksville, Davie, North Carolina, United States Immediate Family: Daughter of Edward Morgan, the tailor and Elizabeth Margaret Morgan Wife of Squire Maugridge Boone, I Mother of Samuel Boone, Sr.; Nathaniel Boone; Sarah Cassandra Wilcoxson; Israel Morgan Boone; Sarah "Sally" Reese and 17 others Sister of Thomas Morgan; Elizabeth Morris; Margaret Thomas; Ruth Morgan; John Morgan and 12 others Occupation: House Keeper, Probably incorrect, from Sarah Wilcoxson b. 1724 in PA.
Mary  Sayers nee Gore Mary Sayers nee Gore
March 26 @ 5:43am
Still hoping to find out more about my English Boon(e) line which currently meets a brick wall with the missing birth/baptism of my 6g-grandfather: here are his marriage and the baptism of his son, born posthumously: Marriage: 18 Jul 1723 St Elphin, Warrington, Lancashire, England Joseph Boon - Labourer, Warrington Esther Pepper - Warrington Married by published by: Richd. Garnett Curate Register: Marriages 1698 - 1743, Page 30, Entry 10 Source: LDS Film 1562956 Baptism: 5 Apr 1724 St Elphin, Warrington, Lancashire, England Joseph Boon - Son of Esther Boon, Widow Abode: Warrington Register: Baptisms 1701 - 1733, Page 65, Entry 8 Source: LDS Film 1562956 Any information gratefully received.
David Boon
April 4 @ 7:30am
What DNA tests have you or family members had? It might help to make connections with other lines.
Mary Sayers nee Gore
April 4 @ 3:28pm
My brother and I have both had atDNA tests. We're on GEDmatch (T533211 and T600835). My son has had mtDNA testing: his (and of course my) haplogroup is K1c2.
David Boon
April 10 @ 9:42pm
Hi Mary, Sorry to take a while to get back to you. I have been on the road for work. My Boon/es are from Somerset. Unfortunately there was no match between us on GEDmatch. I have just discovered my predicted haplogroup is I-M223 so no surprises there wasn't a link.
Mary Sayers nee Gore
April 11 @ 7:44am
Thanks. I suppose it is still, however, possible that we're connected but that the amount of shared autosomal DNA is too small to register. Differences between my brother's DNA and mine, which result in known relatives (both close and distant) not showing as matches to him when they are clear in my case, and vice versa, lead me to make this frustrating conclusion!
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April 9 @ 1:49pm
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Julie Mayer