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June 21 @ 7:49am
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Carla Harris
Carla Harris
June 21 @ 10:07am
Hi everyone. I have done my autosomal test and am looking to connect to Boone cousins. I am descended from Jeremiah Boone and Joice Neville, they are my 4th great-grandparents. Then descended from their daughter Mahala Boone who married John Dishman then through their daughter, Prudence Dishman who married Henry Harrison Melton. My mother is a Melton. I am working on getting my DAR membership through Jeremiah.
Carla Harris
June 21 @ 10:09am
My GedMatch numbers are A623342 and T042067. Thanks.
Roger Williams Roger Williams has a question!
May 20 @ 10:34am
Does anyone have any birth, death, marriage and children information on Mary Boone (1736-1819) married to William C. Bryan (1733-1780)??? I'm especially looking for information on their child named John Bryan (est 1760-1841) and his marriage to Elizabeth Hardin (1765-1854); and any of their children. Thanks in advance
Stephanie Shultz
June 8 @ 9:50pm
Are you on Facebook? There are some good Boone groups to get info!
Roger Williams
June 17 @ 2:31pm
Thank you!! Yes I am on Facebook. I took your advice and have contacted two people from a Boone Group. Again Thanks.
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June 12 @ 8:35am
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Steven Bohon
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June 4 @ 10:13pm
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Barney Boone
Cordell Boone Cordell Boone
May 31 @ 12:42pm
Still working on mine! Hi Dell!
David Boon David Boon
May 29 @ 10:22pm
A note to Boon/es who belong to the I-M223 haplogroup. I have the results of my Big Y test back which confirmed that branching downstream of I-M223 has resulted it my new haplogroup of I-BY3095. In addition it has identified two matches which will result in the identification and verification of a new sub-branch downstream of I-BY3095. Beyond that there is further individual branching which may result in further sub-branches being identified for me once someone matches my currently unique novel SNPs on the Big Y test. The exciting part is that one of the two matches is listed in the matches from my original Y37 testing at a genetic distance from me of 4. Given there are other matches much closer in those results I would imagine if they tested Big Y it would create further branches downstream of I-BY3095, It would be really great to get other Boon/e I-M223s into the I-M223 group using current Y results as Wayne Roberts predicted I would be I-BY3095 prior to the big Y test. We are getting ever closer to the present with these matches and eventually it may get to the situation of the sub-branching overlapping with recorded trees.
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May 21 @ 7:49pm
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Stephanie Shultz
Brent Boone Brent Boone
April 25 @ 10:10pm
Hey everyone I'll try to keep it short. So, my brick wall for years has been John Boone b. 1755 York, PA. For a long time he was rumored to be related to the famous Daniel Boone line, but not proven due lack of evidence as to who his parents were. He claimed Daniel was his uncle in his Revolutionary War pension application. I ended up getting a yDNA test years ago which showed I was not a match for those who definitely descend from the Daniel Boone line. A theory that is out there is we possibly descend from a Boone female. Anyway, I just recently started looking around on myftdna and I'm hoping someone may have some advice about how to utilize these tools to attempt to solve this puzzle. One thing I found curious...when I looked at my matches there was one other Boone who's earliest known ancestor is my John Boon. However, there are also several others with the last name of Porter and I have never come across this surname before in years of researching my ancestry. Anyway, thanks for your time and I appreciate any input.
Lee Ann Parris
May 15 @ 6:23pm
Thank you David Boon for answering! Does the mtDNA result page on this post mean anything other than grouping us?? I joined the project to confirm the connection through mtDNA and autosomal testing. I have a documented line to Squire Boone.
David Boon
May 16 @ 4:04am
Hi Lee Ann. I am fairly new to all of this too so have not yet even received the results of my mtDNA test. I assume the results will group me in a similar way to the YDNA into a haplogroup. As with my YDNA it will rely on others of the same haplogroup testing. Because YDNA shows the direct male line and mtDNA the direct female line people may group to those with names which have a connection to names in their tree but in some cases it will be unclear what the connection is as it may connect at a level above documented trees as is the case with all my YDNA Boon/e matches. It may also connect to names not on your tree because the common ancestor was born before surnames were used. The autosomal DNA is the combination passed on by both parents so it really is a matter of finding others who have documented their tree back to Squire Boon and then using things like the chromosome browser and the 'in common with" tools to see if others who trace their line to Squire Boone share a match on one or more sections of a chromosone or chromosomes. It does rely on those with a documented tree being able to match both the tree and with more than one match both through the tree evidence and the chromosomal evidence.
Dorthy Mack
May 17 @ 2:29pm
Brent Boone regard John Boone, Sr. b 1755 York Co, PA died 17 July 1835 Monroe Co, VA. I have two DNA participants. DNA 4257 and DNA 18465. I will be more than happy to send you a pdf file of his descendants. No connection to Daniel Boone b 1734. My email address 12dorthy52631@comcast
Brent Boone
May 18 @ 10:56am
Hi. I am actually 4257. Thanks though
John Gonzales John Gonzales
May 17 @ 6:31pm
Hi I'm looking for my great grandmother, Sarah Boone. Born abt 1859 in Georgia. Her father was born in NC and mother in GA. Married William Fennon Westberry (son of James Madison) Oct 29, 1874 in Lowndes County, GA. Sarah and William Fennon are in the 1880 census for Bartow, Hamilton County, FL which lists her age as 21. My grandfather (Riley Mitchell Westberry) was born May, 1889 and his dad, William Fennon, remarried to Fannie scott March, 1891. Therefore, Sarah died b'twn May 1889 and March 1891, possibly in childbirth with Riley. I have searched for Sarah in 1860 and 1870 censuses when she would be 1 and 11 yrs old. I've searched in NC, GA and FL with no luck. There is also no record of her death. She 'should' be buried in Sassers Landing where James Madison is buried, but she is not listed for that cemetery. I've been trying to go thru all of the cemeteries within 50 miles, but no luck. The family story is that she is a niece (generations removed) of Daniel Boone and was raised by him. I've seen two geneaological accountings: 1 said Jonathan BOone married a Lakoosa Indian in PA (which resulted in him being outcast from the Friends church) and the whole family moved to NC, where Jonathan and wide died from consumption (tuberculosis). Another accounting says Daniel's brother Israel died and Daniel raised those children. I haven't been able to do any tracing. If Sarah's father was born in NC, then she would be related to the NC Boones. Does anyone have any info about her? There seems to be hundreds of Sarahs, but none born in 1859 (or 1858 or 1860). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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April 8 @ 3:52pm
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Arthur Mathews Stu Haley Linda Freeman / Schrader James Pattison
Linda Freeman / Schrader
May 2 @ 6:46pm
I am looking for Rev Robert Josiah Boone family I understand that he have 4 sons (in my mother bible) that William was his one of the son that married my grandma. They have 4 children, 3 daughters and one son they all are name as the father on the birth certificate. Also in 1900 census that grandma and 2 of the kids (vella and Foy) lived in the same house or next door. William was kill in train wreck in 1906 the body was never found. His watch was found with his name on it. The train wreck happen between Sweetwater and Memphis Tennessee on his route they went into the river. Any information would help Thank You
Dorthy Mack
May 17 @ 3:03pm
Linda Freeman/Schrader Robert Josiah Boone b 18 Sept 1844 Pike Co, MS is a descendant of William Boone b 1774 Halifax Co, NC d before 1830 Pike Co, MS married Penelope Skinner. I can send you a pdf file of this family. You sent me your ancestral line several years ago. Dell Boone Ariola descends from this line of Boone also. It was this William Boone b 1774 that was the reason Dell created the Boone DNA project.