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March 27 @ 9:57am
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David Boone
M Kaifer M Kaifer has a question!
March 26 @ 2:11am
Does anyone happen to know who Sarah Morgan Boone's parents were?
Patricia Bond
March 26 @ 9:26pm
Edward Morgan (1660 - 1736) Elizabeth Jarman Morgan (1678 - 1731)
Mary  Sayers nee Gore Mary Sayers nee Gore
March 26 @ 5:43am
Still hoping to find out more about my English Boon(e) line which currently meets a brick wall with the missing birth/baptism of my 6g-grandfather: here are his marriage and the baptism of his son, born posthumously: Marriage: 18 Jul 1723 St Elphin, Warrington, Lancashire, England Joseph Boon - Labourer, Warrington Esther Pepper - Warrington Married by published by: Richd. Garnett Curate Register: Marriages 1698 - 1743, Page 30, Entry 10 Source: LDS Film 1562956 Baptism: 5 Apr 1724 St Elphin, Warrington, Lancashire, England Joseph Boon - Son of Esther Boon, Widow Abode: Warrington Register: Baptisms 1701 - 1733, Page 65, Entry 8 Source: LDS Film 1562956 Any information gratefully received.
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March 24 @ 12:43am
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March 13 @ 11:39am
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March 6 @ 11:28am
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Charles Osborn
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March 2 @ 5:15pm
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February 15 @ 8:38am
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Ramona Sadlon Ramona Sadlon
January 1 @ 8:19pm
Joined this group to help delineate a Boone connection on my mother's DNA. She has had LOTS of DNA connections on Ancestry with the Boone surname though we have no known Boone surnames. We do, however, have many ancestors that lived in close proximity to the Boone family in Kentucky the early 1800s/late 1700s. George Snow's (my ancestor) land abutted Boone land. Also, other ancestors in the areas of Estill Co, Fayette Co. and Madison Co. Kentucky. We do have missing names and dead ends like most, so anything is possible? I see there is Y-DNA and Mitochondrial DNA but no autosomal?? My mother's Kit # is 518796. She has both autosomal and M-DNA done. Thanks for any input or advise!
Lydia Vasquez
January 24 @ 3:13pm
I'll ask my sister Diana Rodriguez if she can do a Gedmatch comparison using your kit number. Our gggg grandfather was Daniel Boone, nephew of the famous Daniel Boone. Our gggg grsndfathers dad was Jonathan Boone, brother of the famous Boone.
Ramona Sadlon
February 13 @ 9:27am
Lydia Vasquez- did anything come of the comparison? Thanks!
David Boon David Boon
February 10 @ 3:59am
Hello to everyone in the group. I have just posted off my test and I am looking forward to getting the results. I would be interested in making contact with anyone who may connect to Boon/e's from Somerset in England. I can trace my line from the mid-1600s. My ggg grandparents and gg grandfather came to Tasmania, Australia in the 1840s.