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G Hennerich Boone G Hennerich Boone
March 19 @ 5:41pm
Hi I am a Boone through my birth father's family. We go all the way back to the de Bohun name in Europe and England and Ireland. I was adopted at birth because my mother was single and not married because my father was killed before I was born. My birth name was Geraldine Hennerich (Boone). My adopted name is Phyllis (Seiter) Gaffney. My Boone heritage has been proved thru DNA and goes back to the Viking era. I am currently applying for membership in the DAR thru Charles and Walter Boone who have already been proven. I am interested in finding anyone who might belong to this Boone line. It was the Boone's who came through Prince George Co, Maryland to Kentucky. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
Gerri Claibourn
May 23 @ 2:42pm
I am looking for lost Boon, Mary Elizabeth apex 1750's Do not know which set of Boon/he's she belongs to. T898001 married a Couch. Thanks Vicki
Michael Boone
June 18 @ 3:03am
Hi G Hennerich Boone, My name is Kerry and I administrate my cousin, Michael Boone's Y111 DNA test. I have extremely little so far, so have decided to do a Big Y test on his results to allow for (hopefully) more information about my mother's paternal Boone line. I have my Boone's back about 6 -7 Generations in the town of Bishopsteignton, in Devonshire, England. I have tried to find out anything more for YEARS, to no avail. I would love to be able to more about them as I know that my most distant Boone ancestor, Thomas, was not called Boone - I have records to show his Marriage and he is called 'Thomas Bohun' and on his children's baptisms he is still called that and the children are also called Bohun. This has always had me interested in where they originally came from. I realise that the Boone name is an anglicised version of Bohun, but that's all. so far, Michael's results have shown matches to Germany and possibly Belgium and I think it will be interesting to find out more. Good luck with your search : ) Kerry
Michael Boone Michael Boone
June 15 @ 11:35am
Michael Boone
June 17 @ 4:57am
Hi my name is kerry and I am administrating my cousin Michael Boone's Y 111 test. I am NEW to this site and still working it out so bear with me. Michaels DNA results are very low at present with only 3 exact 12 marker matches. But it is early days and I will be patient. I am considering the Big Y test as I think Michael's results may warrant closer inspection. BTW,.... any other Boones out there? I would live to hear from you. This is my Mothers Paternal line and we have 6-7 Gens in my tree that lived in the tiny Devonshire village of Bishopsteignton (near Newton Abbott) before that a big NOTHING!...Hence the Y111 test. Well, It's great to be in the Boone Project
Diana Gonzales Rodriguez Diana Gonzales Rodriguez
May 9 @ 8:55am
Hello, I'm new to this site and I was wondering if there are any here related to Anne Boudrot <several spellings (Boudreaux), and the > NEPHEW< of History's Daniel Boone. He was the Son of Johathan BOONE? Anne and Daniel BOONE had a daughter named MARIA CARMEN BOONE (My 4th great grandmother)
Lydia Vasquez
June 4 @ 2:55pm
Ricardo Boone is also our cousin, Diana and I. Ricardo’s ancestor, Pedro/Pierre/ Peter Boone is María Carmel Boone Boudrot’s brother. This has been verified thru Dorthy Mack, Boone Genealogist and Dell Boone Ariola, ftdna Project Administrator. Jaime i think you are also related to us. My moms Boone of the USA intermarried with my Dads family in Mexico. Do,
Lydia Vasquez
June 4 @ 2:56pm
So, we have Boone on both our maternal and paternal side.
Jaime Hernández
June 4 @ 10:07pm
Thx for the info Lydia! My maternal Rendon roots are deep in San Antonio. We were there when the state was Coahuila y Tejas. Although I am a Boone descendant by blood, I am trying to figure how to connect the dots. In FTDNA I am showing kinship to you and your brother and sister, as well as a Theriot and Ricardo Boone. It appears we are all chromosome matches to Ricardo Boone.
Jaime Hernández
June 4 @ 10:14pm
Back again! I am matching a Nikki Theriot and an Edgar Boone who also matches Ricardo Boone
Jerry Boone Jerry Boone
May 22 @ 8:30pm
I have joined the group and now I need to know how to interpret my DNA results as far as the boone project goes. My kit number was 847991.
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Jerry Boone
May 23 @ 4:02pm
Thank you. I just uploaded them to Gedmatch. What is next step?
David Boon
May 29 @ 7:43pm
Jerry, You need to make sure that you have given the admin of this group the permissions to access and share your results. You can email Dell at the link at the top left for more information about how to do this and also with help to answer your question. At the moment your kit number is not showing up. Once Dell has added you to the results she will be able to group you with those you most closely match in terms of DNA. GEDMatch is another site that allows you to compare your DNA with people who have uploaded their DNA from a range of DNA testing companies so gives you another group of people with whom you can compare results. It does not link to this group or site in any way. Also what testing have you done with FTDNA? Have you just done Family Finder or also other testing such as Y and mtDNA? If you want to look at your direct Boone line then it will be YDNA testing that may shed light on which Boone line you are from.
David Boon
May 29 @ 7:45pm
Jerry, I am also on GEDmatch so happy to give more information on how to analyse your results there.
Jerry Boone
May 30 @ 1:49pm
Thank you so much for your help. I will email Dell now.
Polly Driver Polly Driver
May 29 @ 1:34pm
Here are some of my notes about my 4x great grandfather, Jacob Boone, son of Joseph Boone and Elizabeth Warren/Warin, who was the son of Joseph Boone Sr. and Catherine Brown Warren, who was the son of George Boone lll and Mary Mauridge. Fought in the Revolutionary War Services included: Soldier in Capt. John Bishop's Company, 5th Battalion, Berks Co., Militia. Berks Co., Fine lists, page 29 shows that Jacob Boone was enrolled as a member of Capt. John Bishop's Company and was fined for non-attendance during the spring and fall of 1779 with no absences recorded during 1777 & 1778. Oath of Allegiance of Berks Co., PA by act of General Assembly, June 13, 1777, recorded in Book D in Berks county, PA. A list of those who have taken the Oath of Allegiance before me, Jacob Shoemaker. Jacob Boone August 8, 1777. Reference for Military Service -- Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd series, Vol. 6, Page 314. Buried in the Old Pioneer Cemetery, behind the Maysville Historical Museum, Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky. His headstone reads: "Jacob Boone who departed this life May 4, 1827, age 72 years, 8 months and 11 days. Affliction sore, long time I bore, Physicians were in vain, Till God did please to give me ease And free me from all pain." The following is from the records found in the Maysville Genealogical Society's files History tells us that Jacob Boone was a "favorite cousin" of famed pioneer Daniel Boone. Jacob Boone was born in Berks Co., Pennsylvania, 15 Aug 1754 and died in Maysville, Mason Co., Kentucky, on 4 May 1827. He married 1774 Mary DeHart, Jacob's father, Joseph Boone, Jr., died 31 Jan 1776, as the widow, Elizabeth, went before the Court for the settlement of the estate. As the eldest son, Jacob filed the petition for settlement as he was the heir-at-law. It was 1783 or 1784 before it was settled and Jacob was able to settle with the rest of the family. About that time, Daniel Boone (famed pioneer) returned to Berks County for a visit and induced his three cousins (the brothers Thomas, Jacob, Ovid) to return to Kentucky with him. So Thomas, Jacob and Ovid sold their farms and started for Limestone (now Maysville, Kentucky) in the fall of 1785, but winter overtook them so they wintered at the mouth of the Sewickley on the Monongahela River, "killed a great quantity of pigeons," built a boat, and reached Maysville 11 May 1786. All were married with children. Ovid left after helping lay out the town, going into Bourbon County near Lexington, then moving after 1800 into Indiana, not far from Richmond, where he died. Thomas went to Round Bottom near Cincinnati where he lived the rest of his life. Jacob remained in Maysville where his grave and that of wife Mary may be seen in the cemetery (land donated by Jacob) behind the Maysville library. Jacob often went out on scouting trips and was a Quarter Master of Militia, furnishing grain for St. Clair's and Wayne's troops. He was one of the first trustees of Maysville 11 Dec 1787 and signed a petition on 19 Sep 1787 for the division of Mason Co. from Bourbon Co. On 12 Sep 1797 we find Jacob Boone appointed Supervisor of Roads in Adams Co., Ohio. Daniel Boone, famed pioneer, made his first trip into Kentucky in 1767. He was a skillful hunter and made many trips into the area before finally moving his family where they settled in the Kentucky River area. He was always restless and on the move and in 1786 left the Kentucky River area to reside at Limestone. Daniel was a tavern keeper and merchant and ran a ferry. He was the city of Maysville's first trustee as well as the first trustee of the town of Washington, near Limestone. Jacob was also a tavern keeper (perhaps he and Daniel had a joint venture). The oldest house in Maysville, once the tavern of Jacob Boone, was located on Front St. (formerly Water St.), the second door west of Limestone St. It was not built until 1815 although Jacob Boone came to Maysville in 1786. In this house he and his wife, Mary, lived until his death 4 May 1827. Jacob was also keeper of the upper ferry at Maysville for several years. The house and Tavern were destroyed in the flood of 1937, although it is said that some of the remains were still standing as late as 1941. After his death, his widow Mary DeHart Boone went to live with her daughter and son-in-law, Ann and Capt. Thomas Nicholson, at whose home she died. Quaint old funeral invitations of Jacob Boone and his wife are preserved among the family heirlooms: "Yourself and family are requested to attend the funeral of Mr. Jacob Boone from his late residence on Water Street, this evening at 2 o'clock, at which time and place a sermon will be preached by the Rev. Mr. Tidings, Maysville, May 5, 1827." "Yourself and family are requested to attend the funeral of Mrs. Mary Boone from the residence of Captain T. Nicholson at 2 o'clock this evening. A sermon will be preached by the Rev. A. Robinson in the Presbyterian church, July 31, 1828." Source of above historical information - Shirley Glorius and Kentucky Gateway Museum Center (Formerly "The Museum Center"; formerly "Mason County Museum") 215 Sutton Street Maysville, Kentucky 41056 606.564.5865 Fax 606.564.4372 Jacob and Mary Boone's Burial Place by Shirley Chain Glorius Information received from Shirley Glorius in 1987. On 20 March In late March 1985 I received a letter from a G. Woods who sent me a few postcards of the old graveyard behind the Mason Co. Library where Jacob and Mary Boone are buried. He said the two grave markers shown on the card do NOT stand on the grave sites of the Boones. He said several years prior to 1985 someone decided that the deplorable condition of the burial ground had to be cleaned up and restored because the markers were in such a mess; many broken and most of them down somewhere in the dirt and grass. So all of the ones in better condition were taken up from where they were found and arranged around the outer edge of the graveyard; inside its walls but in orderly rows instead of being helter-skelter as when found. Because the markers for Jacob and Mary were about the best ones found they were given the choice location near the wall of one of the buildings now beside the graveyard and right opposite where one enters it so they are about the easiest to spot now when one goes there. From lying face down in the dirt for so long the marker for Jacob has weathered badly but the wording can still be made out if one works at it. Note, too, that Mary is shown as the ``consort´´ of Jacob and not as his wife. That, however, is no slander or slight to her for in those days a distinct difference was made between ``wife,´´, ``consort,´´ and ``widow.´´ As we well enough know the ``widow´´ survived her husband. But her husband´s death while ``consort´´ indicated she had died before he did. That can also be some help in genealogy research to establish or prove believed facts about the years of death for each. I think in this case Mary may have died in 1828 and Jacob one year later but cannot make out the inscriptions that well on the postcards. As always, G. Woods Author's Note: In this instance Mr. Woods is incorrect because Mary died in 1828; Jacob one year earlier in 1827, one year before Mary died. It is also known that Jacob donated the land for this cemetery. As Limestone the place was known until, on the 11th of December, 1787, the Virginia Assembly passed an act of incorporation and establishing the town of Maysville on one hundred acres of land lying on the lower side of Limestone Creek, in the County of Bourbon, the property of John May and Simon Kenton. The first trustees were Daniel Boone, Henry Lee, Arthur Fox, Jacob Boone, Thomas and George Mefford, ``gentlemen.´´ John May, after whom the place was named, was, two years later, killed by the Indians while descending the river from Pittsburg on a flat-boat. Simon Kenton, becoming disgusted with the evil fortune which stripped him of his lands and confined ``within bounds,´´ for debt in Kentucky, removed to Ohio, where he lived to an extreme old age. Daniel Boone, after leaving Maysville, lived a few years in Virginia, representing one of the Kanawha counties in the Legislature, and thence removed to Missouri, where the Spaniards made him an officer. Henry Lee represented Bourbon and Mason counties in the Virginia Legislature, was a delegate from Bourbon to the convention which ratified the Constitution, against which he voted, was for a time County Lieutenant of Bourbon, was a conspicuous man in all public affairs, and amassed a large fortune which he left to his descendants, who are numerous in this city and county. His oldest son. Richard Henry Lee, was one of the founders and early editors of the Cincinnati Commercial. Arthur Fox died early and young, leaving children, and a widow, who married Henty Lee. Jacob Boone, cousin of Daniel, left many descendants, some of whom still live among us. Thomas Brooks and George Mefford are represented by many descendant, who continue in the community. The Kenton family, which is numerous and influential in the county of Robertson, is represented in Maysville by the Rains brothers, great-grandsons of Cornelius Rains and Patsy Kenton. They are among the worthiest and most prosperous of our business men. The Evening Bulletin, June 25, 1891, page 2
Polly Driver Polly Driver
May 29 @ 1:00pm
Jacob Boone's residence/tavern in Maysville, Mason, Kentucky. He and Daniel Boone the pioneer, laid out the town of LImestone, now called Maysville. Daniel moved on to Missouri but Jacob stayed. He was one of the first town trustees and donated the land for the first cemetery.
Polly Driver Polly Driver
May 29 @ 12:52pm
Funeral notices for my 4th great grandparents, Jacob and Mary DeHart Boone. Jacob was b. 15 Aug 1754 in Exeter Twp, Berks, Pennsylvania, USA and d. 4 May 1827 in Maysville, Mason, Kentucky. He was the 2x great grandson of George Boone III. Mary DeHart Boone was b. 10 Oct 1753 in Amity Twp., Berks, Pennsylvania, USA and d. 30 Jul 1828 in Maysville, Mason, Kentucky.
Rebecca Hauther Rebecca Hauther
March 1 @ 11:36pm
Hi , I'm looking for any ancestor of George Boone who is the brother of Daniel. I'm wondering if we could check to see if our DNA matches . I found out that my grandmother was not her father's biological daughter and she was my link to George Boone through her father. Unfortunately he wasn't her real father.
Gerri Claibourn
May 23 @ 2:48pm
Rebecca, have you downloaded your DNA results to if not you should
Christine Rankin Christine Rankin
April 30 @ 10:00am
In documentation I have found it said that Daniel married Salley Horne George Horne’s daughter is this true?
Kelly Ritter
April 30 @ 10:06pm
I recently discovered that my 9× great- grandmother was Sarah Adeline Boone. I think she was the sister of Squire Boone. If you go to it says that Daniel married Rebecca Ann Bryan. It could be helpful as they have records of marriages,births,etc...
Kelly Ritter
April 30 @ 10:16pm
I am new to researching this line of my family,so I am never sure that what I find is always true,sometimes it is hard to tell. I would guess that there are probably a few names with a supposed connection to the Boone family that just aren't true.
Gerri Claibourn
May 23 @ 2:31pm
Kelly have you done a mtDNA? Are you a direct. Female line back to Sarah Adenine?
Stephen Sollenberger Stephen Sollenberger
May 8 @ 2:01pm
I believe I’m a direct descendant of Isteal Boone, Daniel’s brother. His granddaughter Sarah Richardson ( daughter of Jemima) married into my Isbell line. He should be my 6th great grandfather. Interested in proving this through DNA. Anyone else here have the William Zechariah Isbell/ Sarah Richardson connection?