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Origins of the House of Stewart

Sandra J. Phillips (Sister of Ronald Clayton Phillips - Kit # 130263) wrote the following on Dec 9, 2016:

The Kings of Scotland, The House of Stuart, tested positive for Haplogroup R-DF13
I believe Haplogroup R-DF13 originated in County Meath, Ireland, with the High Kings of Ireland, Milesian Dynasty.

I believe Haplogroup R-DF13 goes back to about the year 286 B.C. Back to Roighen Ruadh, High King of Ireland.

The people who lived in Brittany, France can trace their ancestry back to Pembrokeshire, Wales.
The people who lived in Pembrokeshire, Wales can trace their ancestry back to County Meath, Ireland, back to the High Kings of Ireland.

So the House of Stuart were really of Irish Origin.

The House of Stuart, Kings of Scotland, are descendants of Flaad (Flaald).
Flaad was NOT the son of Alan Dapifer, like Historians claim.
Flaad was the son of Johannes (John) I of Dol, seneschal of the Bishop of Dol.

There are documents that were found by J. Horace Round, that state Flaad had a brother named Rivallon.

 J. Horace Round wrote a book called “The Origins of the Stewarts.”
(The book can be found in the Reference section - House of Stuart, Wikipedia.) On Page 122 it says…
(Latin) “Rivallonius dominus Doli castri, filius Johannis archiepiscopi,”
(English translation) Rivallon the counter of the Castle, the son of John archbishop,”
J. Horace Round must has missed this passage in his book, because he still listed Alan as being the father of Flaad. (Alan was the brother of Flaad, not father.)

Flaad was born c. 1069 Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France.
Johannes I was born c. 1050 Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France, and died 1092. In 1082 he became Archbishop, Lord of Dol, Anchient Diocese of Dol, Dol Cathedral, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France.
Johannes I was the son of Rivallon.
Rivallon born c. 1010, was a direct line descendant of Magloire
Saint Magloire born c. 500 and died 575, was the son of Riwal and a Welsh Princess.
Riwal, a Breton Noble, was the son of Budic I
Budic I, King of Brittany, France, born c. 420, was the son of Aldrien
Aldrien, King of Brittany, France, born c. 373 and died 464, was King of Brittany, France, and was the son of Salmon I
Salmon I born c. 352 in Cornwall, England, was Prince of Brittany.

Saint Sampson, of Dol was a cousin of Saint Magloire.
Saint Magloire, a Welsh Monk, was of Irish Origin. His name from Maglorius, of Gaelic origin.
Saint Magloire was born c. 500 in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and died c. 575 in Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France.
Saint Sampson made contacts with Churchmen in Britain, Ireland and Brittany.
He traveled from Caldey to Ireland, and founded a Monastery in Howth (suburb of Dublin), Fingal County, Ireland.
He traveled to Cornwall, South Hill or Golant.

Stewart 143035 slightly edited the above message and wrote the following comment on Dec 13, 2016:

According to an article by Alistair Moffat in the 27 December 2011 issue of the Scotsman, "It may well be, on the evidence of DNA, that the Stewart dynasty of Scotland and of Great Britain and Ireland actually originated in the south or south-west of England..." If Flaad's pagan ancestors lived in that part of Britain some of them may have helped to build Stonehedge about 5000 years ago, and belonged to the Celtic tribe known as Dumnonii, which lived far enough from the beechheads of the German's genocidal invasion for them to ascertain that it could not be stopped. The Stewarts may descend from a Cornish farmer who was prosperous enough to transport his valuables and family via horse and wagon about twenty miles (about a day away) to a port from which boats crossed the "British Sea" to Armorica, which was also the homeland of the Celtic nation. If the Celts had not been disarmed by the Roman Empire, they might have defeated the polytheistic Anglo-Saxon imperialists.