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Written March 24, 2016 by Stewart 143035.

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Discount Coupons

The General Fund of this project may help pay for the Big Y test of anyone who tests positive for SNPs that are downsteam of R-L746, e.g., Y14197 &/or Y14198. A Y14198 A+ result is referred to as (DERIVED) instead of Y14198 G- (ancestral).

Big Y tests cost less during FTDNA's sales, and if you can find a DISCOUNT COUPON worth up to $100 at (after the web page opens, look at the input field in the bottom left corner of the web page and make sure that the correct week is selected).

I hope that the following opinions will help all Big Y testers to benefit from their results, and first-time testers to SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS by ONLY ordering FTDNA's Big Y tests (includes over four times as many STR markers as a ~$339.00 Y-DNA111 STR tests).

The results of your STR and individual SNP (but not your BIG Y) tests will be posted on the website of your branch of this family within about a month if you return your DNA (saliva) sample collection kit promptly.

My friends are more long lasting and loyal because they know that MY (and President Greenspan's) goal, sacred and inviolable honor and responsibility is to help all genealogists to achieve their collective goals as frugally as possible by making the wisest & most cost-effective choices.

Please invite more members of your clan to have Big Y tests. The more genealogists have Big Y tests and provide the information that the geniuses who analyse their Big Y test results need, the sooner their collective genealogical goals can be accomplished.

The information below is OLD NEWS about FTDNA's December, 2014 sale FTDNA may have a similar sales during the summer and December, 2015

FTDNA's current Holiday Sale ends at midnight on December 31, 2014.

Click here to see FTDNA's Sale Prices.

The results of our next round of Big Y test results may allow Royal Stuart project administrators to group more testers into the same branches, and to discover more sub-branches (see Graph # 1 below).

Scroll half way down to the green horizontal lines below if you want to use coupons worth up to $100 that reduce FTDNA's prices during sales even further (e.g. a $25 coupon may lower the cost of a $39 test for SNP S781 to only $14).

Big Y Tests will cost $575 after Dec 31, 2014. They now cost only $425 if you can obtain a $100 OFF COUPON (good for only one week). $50 OFF a Big Y test coupons expire on Dec. 31st. Many are still available. Only one can be used per purchase.

Big Y tests are the most reliable and accurate way to determine from which branches of your patrilineal family you descend.

If you and a Big Y Tester have some of the same off modal STR marker values, and are close matches at the Y-DNA37 or higher levels, you may test positive for one or more of that Big Y tester's "novel variants" (a SNP mutation that no sibling branch inherited). See the instructions below about how to order an individual SNP test for $39.

$100 OFF COUPONS like those listed below can not be used to reduce the price of a Big Y test to $425 after FTDNA's sale ends on Dec 31. Please use any coupon that you want before someone else does, and notify Rosanna so that she can remove it from the list if you do so. You may also ask her for a $50 off a Big Y test coupon that does not expire until Dec 31. All of the coupons below were either used or will EXPIRE on Dec. 28, 2014.

Additional Incentives

". . . now that we have a relatively comprehensive framework, additional tests that were not in our targeted set should start the pairing process." Larry Walker.

FTDNA can not pay for all or part of your DNA test via donations to a General Fund unless its administrator approves BEFORE you order it.

$100 OFF a Big Y test.
235915 donated a $100 OFF coupon to 329057 (S781+) Dec/9/2014.
330477 donated a $100 OFF coupon to 337093 (781-) Dec/13/2014.
No one requested 143035's $100 OFF coupon before it expired.

$25 OFF any purchase (e.g., a test for SNP S781 for only $14):
none offered,

$10 OFF any purchase (e.g., a test for SNP S781 for only $29):
none offered

$5 OFF any purchase (e.g., a test for SNP S781 for only $34):
5Z1HJEG-R (143035), 5A6EX0X-R (143035), 5GPZ0HL-R (143035), 5OFXNFQ-R (143035), 511XYY0-R (143035).

$20 OFF Family Finder (e.g., a test for Family Finder for only $69):
50X55DB-R (143035).

$10 OFF Family Finder (e.g., a test for Family Finder for only $79):
5KAZKYQ-R (143035).

$5 OFF Family Finder (e.g., a test for Family Finder for only $84):
5D0B684-R (143035).

Members of this Stuart project whose kit numbers are listed below donated at least $100 to this Stewart project. One or more members of this project whose Y67 or Y111 test results closely match those of one of these donor's can:

  • Purchase a Big Y test for only $425 even after FTDNA's sale ends (ask any administrator whom you trust if you qualify).
  • Receive a $100 credit (towards the purchase of one or more SNP, etc. tests either for himself or as a gift) if his Big Y test results show that he has the same novel variant as someone whose kit number is listed below (his Big Y test may actually cost him only $325).
  • 5987
  • 75703 & 283694
  • 115205
  • 147822 & 330477
  • 315522
  • 330477
Ask an administrator whom you trust if you qualify.

The $50 offer below allows some members of this Stuart project, e.g., 329057, 179069, 181994 and 183344, to have a Big Y test for only $375 if they obtain a $100 OFF COUPON and allow an administrator of this project to order it for them. If you do not belong to this project ask an administrator whom you trust if you qualify.

In the holiday spirit I will donate an additional $50 to pay for the BigY tests of my nine 67 marker perfect matches if they are s781+ and s768- or untested for either of those SNPs.

I believe that these 6 meet those criteria:
s781+, s768- 183344
s781+, s768- 349908
s781+, s768- 287075
s781+, s768- 214547
s781+, s768- 329057
s781+, s768- 181994

These three would not qualify:
s781- 110059
s781- 179069
s781+ s768- 235915 (BigY completed)

XXXX Stewart