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Samuel Stuart Samuel Stuart
May 21 @ 11:18am
Hello again, After years of searching on many genealogy sights, and hitting a brick wall, I am going to post a generation of family members here in hopes that someone will recognize this family and their ancestors. 1st and eldest son( William Stuart) b. 1690/1710? d) 1768 Augusta County Virginia. William inherited a freehold in the townland Rattrey Scotland or Raffrey Ireland. and in 1768 willed the land and chattels to His Sister Jane Stewart b)???? d)???? who was married to William Marshall who lived in the UK at the time of Wm Stuarts death in1768.
Donald Stewart
May 22 @ 6:24am
Not quite a brick wall. You havn't mentioned your kit #337622 which has documentation to another kit which has ZZ52. You should ask the admin. to move you to the Ardgowan group on the charts.
Donald Stewart
12 hours ago
A townland is a small geographical division of land used in Ireland. Raffrey is in County Down, Northern Ireland.
Maco STEWART (R-S310>S781>A5021>A8323, Bonkyll branch) Maco STEWART (R-S310>S781>A5021>A8323, Bonkyll branch) has a question!
May 16 @ 11:40pm
Both 783534 (line #79) and 199984 (line #61) belong to the R-S310>S781>A5021>A8323, Bonkyll branch. Why aren't we assigned to the same group at ?
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > FGC74573)
May 17 @ 9:49am
Typically, the admins do not know how to group a kit that does not have any SNP testing. Also, 199984 is only Y67, which doesn't provide enough information to group the two kits together at a GD of 5(without the anomaly of DYS570=12 for 783534). From the most distant known ancestors, there is no correlation between the two kits either. You are actually closer to 143035 than 783534, but he is no longer in this project. Now that you have brought it up, the admins here will know that they should be grouped together.
Belinda Dettmann
May 17 @ 4:21pm
How do you know you are A8323? Have you tested elsewhere?
Maco STEWART (R-S310>S781>A5021>A8323, Bonkyll branch)
20 hours ago
Both 143035 (R-A5021) and 199984 descend from Rose WHITE and James STEWART (~1740- Oct. 2. 1829).See
Robyn Stewart (R-L746 (S781 -) Robyn Stewart (R-L746 (S781 -)
May 14 @ 2:26pm
Kit # IN54330. I recently upgraded and received my results to BIG Y 700. In the general Stewart group I was classified: R1b Group Type 20: R-L746>Z38845 (S781-). From James, 5th High Steward via Robert II My genealogy research ends at James Stewart (1787 - 1876) who emigrated from County Antrim, Northern Ireland around 1830 to Prescott County, Ontario, Canada. I am a 5th generation male descendant of the male line in Canada. I have not been able to progress further than James though the history of the area suggests that they came from Scotland originally. Stewart appears a frequent surname in Northern Ireland. I suspected that they may have came to the Glens region of County Antrim with other settlers from MacDonnell estates in Argyllshire when John MacDonnell assumed the Earl of Antrim title. There are other connections with Bute. In reviewing my BIG Y classification I am wondering if I don't see a connection with the Albany Stewart's. I have matches with the Menteith branch as well that lend to this. Do my results basically confirm an ancestor in James, 5th High Steward (S781 -) then Robert II and then speculatively through the Albany line? There is an Antrim connection through James "The Fat" that could be interesting. In a nut shell, what is my confirmed ancestor (James 5th High? Robert II or am I distant thru the Stewards)? And are there any current markers being looked at to mark the Albany line? Sorry for so many questions. If there is any information I would be most interested. RS
Robyn Stewart (R-L746 (S781 -)
May 17 @ 8:47pm
Thanks Jeremy for the insight. I tried checking for + for the Z38845 marker with no results. I think I might have been been misplaced on the Stewart site. Here is hoping future data might discover connections with some of the higher steward lines. I have been tracing a small group of settlers that came out of County Antrim to Prescott County, Ontario, Canada in the late 1820's - 1830's. They all appear to be of scottish extract: McDonnell, McKinley, McAuley, McCormick, Darragh, McFall, McCrank, McAllistar, Hamilton among others. Pretty big gap from here to a 800 year DNA connection. Am pleased to confirm a direct Stewart connection though. RS
Donald Stewart
May 18 @ 3:46am
What FTDNA Stewart projects have you joined.? Are you on the classic or colorised charts.?
Robyn Stewart (R-L746 (S781 -)
May 18 @ 3:41pm
Hi Donald, I am in the Stewart and Stewart (royal) groups. My results show up in the classic charts. The grouping is different as the Stewart has me with Z38845 but the royal do not. I believe the R-L746 places me at somewhere around the 2nd - 3rd High Steward level if I understand correctly. RS
László Varsányi
May 19 @ 1:50am
Dear Robyn Stewart! (Sorry my poor in English, I can't speak, this is translate). I guess you understand it well, but the administrator will help you. Best regards, László
Jeannie Rayne Jeannie Rayne
May 14 @ 8:00am
Hi. My daughter is managing my account... she only has 300 FF matches and I have 2000... I have matches here with several Stuarts and a Stewart - Pierre Francois Stuart Pietri (R-S781) John Stewart (R-M269) and Rachel Stewart and then, of course, my daughter and my uncle. We just recently learned of our Stewart connection when my daughter researched the family tree. We have one line that goes to Robert Stuart/Stewart of CT 1625 (?)-1688 in Norwalk, CT. (There's someone in this group also connected to him.) We also have several lines through John Laing Jr of NJ and OT that lead to Janet Stewart (1502-1562) daughter of King James IV and Elizabeth Stewart (1465-1529) daughter of John I Lord Stewart van Balveny Earl van Atholl, granddaughter of James Stuart, Black Knight of Lorn. My gedmatch is YU4026192
Jeannie Rayne
May 16 @ 11:46am
It says he is a 4th cousin and the match is high. I will contact him directly.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > FGC74573)
May 17 @ 9:57am
That would be best if you are looking to confirm a match, especially to the Stewart line.
Gordon Stewart
May 17 @ 1:06pm
Jeannie, Glad to hear of another New England Stewart. My brick wall is at James Stewart (1772-1835) b. Vermont. Awaiting my Y-67 results. Hope we connect.
Amy Parrish
May 22 @ 8:17am
Family tree for all of us on this thread: Jeannie, Doug and me - is uploaded here under my name. The spoke goes through the Hartung/Cline spoke and then onward toward the three Stewart lines.
Philip Stead Philip Stead
April 6 @ 2:10pm
Hi all, I'm from Northumberland in the very north east of England and my most recent Stewart ancestor is Henrietta Stewart, born 1573, France but her father was from Scotland, Midlothian where a lot of my ancestors are from. I see that my family members and I have several Stewart matches in this group who have tested positive for the Royal Stewart yDNA SNPs. Our FTDNA kit numbers are as follows: mine; 259861, maternal uncle; 285968, mother and uncle's cousin; 376232. Our Gedmatch numbers are as follows: T925506, T871925, T816216 and T426482.
Barbara Forster
May 20 @ 8:19pm
Hi Philip looks like my cousin William Perkins matches all of your family..Gedmatch T795054
Efrain Ramírez
May 21 @ 3:02pm
Comparing Kit QK9183563 (*Efrain Ramirez) [Ancestry, FTDNA, DNAland, Livingdna] and T925506 (Philip Stead) [Migration - F2 - F] Segment threshold size will be adjusted dynamically between 200 and 400 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 5.0 cM Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 17 53,479,066 55,607,591 5.1 583 Largest segment = 5.1 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 5.1 cM (0.143 Pct) Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 7.7
Efrain Ramírez
May 21 @ 3:04pm
Comparing Kit QK9183563 (*Efrain Ramirez) [Ancestry, FTDNA, DNAland, Livingdna] and T426482 (Alan Waters) [Migration - F2 - F] Segment threshold size will be adjusted dynamically between 200 and 400 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 5.0 cM Mismatch-bunching Limit will be adjusted dynamically to 60 percent of the segment threshold size for any given segment. Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 22 22,255,000 25,205,100 7.0 508 Largest segment = 7.0 cM Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 7.0 cM (0.195 Pct) Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 7.5
Brian Miller
May 21 @ 8:25pm
Hello Philip. I match to all of your GEDmatch numbers with matching to your mom the most at 5.4cm and 7 segments. I have traced my line to the Stewarts of the royal line but am now in the process of confirming this by sourcing as I was a little loose just accepting other member family tree hints if they matched the majority and made sense. And to Gail Hardy I took a look at your tree and we have matching line to the Stewarts starting at Matthew Wallace but as I have stated I am still in the process of sourcing back that far. Cheers!
Brian Miller Brian Miller
May 14 @ 6:20pm
Hello. Trying to go through right now and source all of my family tree from Ancestry right now as I was a little loose and just accepted other family tree hints. Supposedly I connect through my Miller line to Wallace to I believe eventually to the royal Stewart line. I have done my DNA on Ancestry and uploaded here. Is there any way to tell from that DNA test if I connect to Stewarts of that line? Thank you for your time.
Brian Miller
May 16 @ 7:46pm
Yeah. Just didn't know what it meant, like what area or group it was from.
Brian Miller
May 16 @ 7:55pm
So a question. If my decent from the Stewarts goes through women such as Margaret Wallace my 7th great grandmother and other women, will it show on a YDNA test?
Gail Hardy 791594/T124143
May 17 @ 9:27am
Brian, no it wouldn't. Y-DNA tests show son to father back to pre-history; mtDNA tests show daughter to mother back to pre-history; autosomal DNA tests (Family Finder) shows everything in between, but since it's spread so widely, it's usually only good for about 7 generations, more if you've got collapsed DNA from cousins marrying.
Brian Miller
May 17 @ 10:24pm
Ah thank you Gail. So no definitive way to link to the Stewarts through DNA for me then I guess?
Larry Walker Larry Walker
March 24 @ 6:15pm
FTDNA have released a white paper on the science behind their new Big Y-700 DNA test at . What FTDNA said in their white paper is consistent with what I have seen in results from Big Y-700 tests in the DF41 project, and with the comparison analysis at where the histograms pretty much say it all. FTDNA is also now also making an upgrade from Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 available (see blue “Upgrade” button in “Y-DNA” results section of the dashboard of your FTDNA account). I have just ordered my upgrade from Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 for $179 as I consider it a very good deal.
Paul Stewart (S781 at YSEQ)
March 26 @ 5:15am
Just ordered one as well
Larry Walker
March 26 @ 7:04pm
It is official. The following from FTDNA via GAP Announcement: “The upgrade from Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 is now available to purchase! From now until March 31st, users can upgrade for only $179! After March 31st the standard upgrade price will be $249.”
Thomas Stewart (S781-) (Y14197 +)
March 30 @ 12:35pm
Ordered as well for my brother's upgrade. Thanks for the heads up.
Joseph Stuart
April 2 @ 10:36am
Ordered for my brothers upgrade, looking forward to seeing the results.
Marc Matthews Marc Matthews has a question!
May 14 @ 11:15am
I am trying to understand the true significance of my Royal Stewart Marker's A600+ & S775+, that were found from the original Big-Y 500 & Big-Y 700, I just recently upgraded. My surname is Matthews, but still feel I am very close to Scotland in my repressed memory, when I am there. I have been told by the FTDNA Royal Stewart Group that my paternal blood line family were either very close cousins or progenitors of the Pre-Royal Stewart's. My question I guess is, because my S775+ SNP Marker reflects the positive sign, what do the present Stewart line'reflect +/-. Thanks Marc Matthews
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > FGC74573)
May 14 @ 12:54pm
All Royal Stewart lines will be S775+, and then be positive for markers you are not positive for. You're branch is the A600 line below S775, and then BY23501. A600 is a brother clade of L746, which is all of the Stewart Royal lines. I hope that answered your question?
Thomas Stewart (S781-) (Y14197 +) Thomas Stewart (S781-) (Y14197 +)
April 24 @ 1:17pm
Hi everyone. I wrote recently that I ordered the Big Y upgrade to 700 for my brother who informed me he was sent a new test - since he tested back in 2014, and we've ordered numerous tests, I'm not surprised it was either degraded or perhaps not enough left to test. At any rate, if he has completed the test (not sure), it is either in transit or just arrived at FTDNA and could not possibly have been processed by now, yet, my/his account says his results were completed in March of this year. As FTDNA just referring to adding the block or something? If it's even in Texas, it can't possibly be done...thanks for any help....(Ann Stewart Burns for Thomas Philip Stewart, Kit 330477).
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Jeremy Stewart (S781 > FGC74573)
April 25 @ 9:52am
The date shown as completed should be the date you ordered the upgrade. I noticed that on all the kits i have looked at that ordered the Y500 to Y700 upgrade.
Thomas Stewart (S781-) (Y14197 +)
April 25 @ 11:31am
Thanks for your input Belinda and Jeremy. The order date does match the completed date...even though it isn't. How strange. No big deal though. Thanks - I've always thought FTDNA's dating system regarding tests was wonky!
Tim Stewart
April 27 @ 2:12pm
Ann, My order date was 03/27 completed date 04/14. 111 STR's are now showing in matches page. Before the max was 37. In the results page it shows 561 STR's with the rest waiting for lab results. Very confusing!
Thomas Stewart (S781-) (Y14197 +)
May 9 @ 8:35pm
Tim, yikes! I just checked. Tom's results are expected mid June. We can compare notes so Ill let you know when they are done...or sort of done...🤔
Niamh O'Byrne Niamh O'Byrne has a question!
February 18 @ 9:27am
Hi there everyone. I have a 'Stewart' ancestor from Ireland, and my autosomal DNA seems to match with some people who say their ancestors are the Royal Stewarts (Bute, Orkney, King James V etc). But, as a female, I have no idea if I am matching them because of 'other' shared ancestors (autosomal DNA) or if these matches are 'Highland Stewart' or 'Royal Stewart' matches. Is there a list of specific SNPs, mutations, alleles, sequences specific to the Royal Stewarts? I would like test my autosomal DNA against those so that I tell if these matches are Stewart matches or other shared ancestors. Thanks so much!
Niamh O'Byrne
May 3 @ 3:48pm
Belinda Dettmann
May 3 @ 6:50pm
Niamh, that site states "Autosomal tests give you a picture of your genetic heritage from the past five generations of your family. " Your suggestion that tests on the body of Bonnie Prince Charlies would be a help to modern researchers is not correct at least as far as autosomal tests are concerned. He lived at least 8 generations ago and it is extremely unlikely that any of his descendants, or their relatives, would have segments in common.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > FGC74573)
May 4 @ 6:09am
The site also says, "Most autosomal tests look for 600,000 to 1,000,000 SNPs, and will find approximately 100,000." So, a test procedure that only finds about 10% of it's target coverage, which is .03% of the total human genome, is going to be accurate out to 10+ generations? Here are a couple of links to ISOGG that might help reinforce what we are trying to tell you: Also, if anyone had this database or list of SNPs you seek, it would be ISOGG, and it doesn't exist. If you are interested in the science, these numbers should show you what you are looking for couldn't possibly exist.
Philip Stead
May 5 @ 4:16am
Jeremy is correct! Using a method of start and end locations of a segment on atDNA is not a valid and acceptable method for matching people(s). If it were, all companies would be using it and you'd find this method being used in peer reviewed publications.