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Larry Walker Larry Walker
5 hours ago
Things posted on the web are forever – except when they are not! Yahoo Groups is shutting down. “Beginning October 28 you won't be able to upload any more content to the site, and as of December 14 all previously posted content on the site will be permanently removed.” Additional details at I had the following reference links stored/shared there that some R-DF41+ people, particularly Stewarts, might find useful. A Brief History of Surnames The Stewarts of Appin, by J.H.J. and D. Stewart The Isle of Bute in the Olden Time - Vol. I JAMES KING HEWISON, 1893 The Isle of Bute in the Olden Time - Vol. II JAMES KING HEWISON, 1895 Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland - 1577 and 1587 Note: volumes 4 and 5 of the 1587 edition include the English translation of Historia Gentis Scotorum (History of the Scottish People) by Hector Boece, 1527. John of Fordun's Chronicle of the Scottish nation - 1384? The Chronica Gentis Scotorum or Chronicles of the Scottish People was the first substantial work of Scottish history. It was written by the priest John of Fordun, starting in 1363 until his death in 1385. This link is the 1872 translation from Latin. Walter Fitz Alan, The family tree of the First High Steward of Scotland See "Notes" for copy of: ◦THE STEWARTS, VOLUME 21 No. 2 (2001), pages 97 to 100. By Henry Stewart Fothringham The Highland Clearances, and their causes, effects, and results J.H. Round: The Origin of the Stewarts 1901 J. Horace Round's paper on "The Origin of the Stewarts" Mary Kifissia (née Stewart) transcribed most of J. Horace Round's paper on "The Origin of the Stewarts", from "Studies in Peerage and Family History" The Ancestors of the Scotch-Irish The Royal House of Stuart, From its origin to the accession of the House of Hanover by Samuel Cowan 1908 A Genealogical and Historical Account of the Illustrious Name of Stewart, etc avid Symson, Royal Historiographer for Scotland, MDCCXXVI (1726)
Belinda Dettmann
3 hours ago
Thanks Larry. There is also a Stewart-DNA list at Yahoo Groups. It has not been very active lately but every now and then someone posts to it, and it will be sad if we lose it.
Amy  Parrish Amy Parrish
September 14 @ 11:23am
Hello again. Kit # 183344 and I both descend from Robert Stewart 1625 (?)- 1688 of Norwalk, CT. After putting him in my tree, Ancestry says we are 7th cousins 3x removed. As you can imagine, it's a little hard to sort things out. We are both QUITE certain that we descend from Robert, as are (obviously) many others. (I have DNA matches all the way up the line and records, etc.) Wikitree ( has long speculated that Robert Stewart was one of the Scottish prisoners sent on the John and Sarah to Boston in 1651/2 to work as an indentured servant. Some also speculate that his parents were Francis Stewart and Isabel Seton. His grandfather would be Francis Stewart, 5th Earl of Bothwell and grandmother Margaret Douglas, daughter of David Douglas, 7th Earl of Angus and Margaret Hamilton, Countess of Angus. A genetics expert has recently linked my family's DNA to James Hamilton, 1st of Arran, via a number of testers, their trees and their shared chromosomes. Meanwhile, kit 183344's DNA came up Bonkyl here at FTDNA. For that reason, there's another descendant who is working on a theory that Robert Stewart of Norwalk, CT could've come from a James Stewart of Glasgow and Dorothy Dunlop. That line leads back to the Stewarts of Innermeath and eventually to John of Bonkyl. (Line is also listed in above link.) My question: does anyone else here descend from Robert Stewart of Norwalk OR the Stewarts of Innermeath OR the Isabel Seton family? And if so, can we trade trees and or Gedmatch numbers or whatever we can? Mercy buckets. <3 Amy
Amy Parrish
September 24 @ 6:11pm
Again, I said I was on my way to work and I gave you the first link I could find. There are lots of Dunlop websites and info in those peerage books. I'm not a fan of the Dunlop theory. I was just providing information. There is someone else working that out. I find it offensive that you go on for a paragraph about a link I shared to quickly explain what I was talking about. Are you assuming I just ZING in my name and try to connect it to Royal Stewarts? I have worked hard on my tree (in ANCESTRY) researching, finding records for each person, matching DNA.... I believe shared my tree with the admins when I joined. You said you aren't an admin. I'm curious why you are the only one ever answering any questions (and you are so unwelcoming when you do it...) Literally I feel like you are trying to scare people away. It makes no sense... As far as my DNA, I have 1st cousin marriages on the line that goes to Robert Stewart as recently as 1900 and it happened again a generation or two before that, so my DNA is kind of amplified in that respect. Whatever. I know my line is totally correct up to Robert and we'll see what that genetics expert finds out about the rest.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
September 25 @ 7:51am
I was just stating my opinion on the websites that provide you a link to the way past by entering your known ancestors, that's all. I meant nothing by it to you personally. I guess I can't have an opinion without offending anyone. I know that you have put in a lot of work, and have never discounted that in any of our conversations here or otherwise. I offered to work with you to confirm the line you are speculating beyond Robert Stewart, offering my time and effort to find other people to test. I'm not sure why others don't answer posts on here, but I'll stop since y'all think I'm such an terrible person. I'll leave it to the admins to answer all the questions, and just focus on anything that benefits me, and my research.
Roy Stewart
September 25 @ 10:01pm
Jeremy, I have valued your input and efforts to help others. I thank you for your contributions. I hope you realize the positive impact you have on many amateur but earnest researchers. Please don’t be discouraged by those who may not fully appreciate your intentions. Kathy Gariepy, niece of Roy Mathieson Stewart.
Amy Parrish
Yesterday at 9:34am
Jeremy - here's probably the issue: I think some people are better in person, using tone of voice, etc. and other people are better on the page. Jeremy, I bet your tone with voice, etc. would have conveyed that you weren't trying to attack people.... on the page you do come across as quite blunt/harsh, especially to women. Perhaps it's because we lack Y-DNA, I don't know. I have noticed a tendency in many DNA groups - not just this one - that some people get really harsh -- perhaps we have too much history of infighting within these families and, honestly, a lot of empaths with strong emotions in the group. But when I feel completely terrible multiple times after an interaction with someone I've never met, something's not good. Thanks for offering to help -- I definitely did not understand that you were offering help. In any case, let's let bygones be gone...
Mark Seaborne Mark Seaborne
October 12 @ 3:22pm
Hello all, I'm new here. My Gedmatch Kit is: ZY4180117 and I look forward to working with you all on this project
Gail Hardy 791594/T124143
October 12 @ 7:36pm
Hi Mark, I ran our matches at 200 SNPs and 2 cMs and we had matches on all but 5 Chromosomes (10, 13, 17, 19, and 20). Most of the rest had multiple matches on them. However, the largest segment was only 4.5 cMs and 216 SMPs. There was a strange match on Chromosome 6 that only showed 3.1 cMs but 1,261 SNPs. I've had a couple others do that lately. Basically, any connection is probably very far back.
Gail Andrews Hardy T124143 Gail Andrews Hardy T124143
October 12 @ 8:10am
Belinda Dettmann
October 12 @ 3:48pm
I find ScotlandsPeople most useful for BDM searches. The searches themselves are free there these days, and details of records found can be had for a price of 5 credits. You can buy 30 credits for a small sum (I think its 6pounds but don't quote me) but that makes it about a pound (or 2$) for a search result.
David Grant David Grant
October 10 @ 8:43pm
Hello Jeremy Stewart, You say the kit you admin has no match's in common with me but you were only refering to the FamilytreeDNA match's which is actually limited to the people who sign up with so; I am curious if you match a man named Gedmatch# A514579 (*Boe Beauchamp) from Canada from It seems my family match's this man and if you do too then that may be key to one of our connections in why we are cousins instead of assuming we are a false positive because I am not buying any assumptions without looking into the matter further. Beauchamp is a very interesting surname isn't it? Do you know anything about the surname Beauchamp? Just a bit of history about this surname: In fact, every king and queen of England since King Henry VII has been a direct descendant of the Beauchamp family, as King Henry’s maternal grandmother was Lady Margaret Beauchamp.. Just some neat facts about the surname. Also, are you related to DV9514123 (*Jean Stewart)? Because my family has full match's with her as well...just another person who probably isn't on And what about T841536 (Elizabeth Lamb) ? My family match's her as well & Kit A870698 (Clark Wilson)? I have a keen interest in my Royal Stewart match's and my ancestors in general.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
October 11 @ 11:00am
Melissa, Respectfully, the obsession you have with this connection is why I blocked your email when you reached out about IN29172 well over a year ago. You have reiterated over, and over, and over in this activity feed that you have so many connections to all these Royal people, but yet you won't leave me in peace about this one connection. I don't care if you find connections that are shared in common, because they don't prove that you have a paper trail connection back to a shared ancestor on IN29172's paternal line. Against my better judgement, I have uploaded a paternal tree to IN29172's account, so you can see the Stewart men that you have to find in your tree. If you cannot find any of those men as a DIRECT ancestor to you, then you are not related to IN29172 on his paternal line, and you can finally see what I have been trying to tell you, over and over. If you do not have a Stewart man within the last 7 generations in your tree, then there is no way you will find any of the listed men on his paternal line. Prove me wrong by finding that shared ancestor, with supporting documents, or please stop talking to me about it once and for all.
Belinda Dettmann
October 11 @ 5:03pm
If by full match you mean a 3cM match at Gedmatch, forget it. Those matches are rubbish unless you have at least a total of 3cM matches of at least 40cM, and then they don't prove that the match is a Stewart, just that it is a match on any of your ancestral lines within about the last 10 generations
László Varsányi László Varsányi
October 6 @ 11:55pm
My question will sound weird, but I would like to ask. Has anyone read, heard, or considered it possible that the ancestors of Kenneth MacAlpin are the same as the Prince of Rollo Normandy? Two separate branches, yet ... Is it possible that they have common paternal descendants somewhere? I encountered an anomaly for which I have no other explanation.
Belinda Dettmann
October 10 @ 5:34pm
R-M269 is the most widespread haplogroup in people of European descent, so it is common to get Y-STR matches with people when the common ancestor could have lived thousands of years ago. You belong to a rare subclade under R-P312>U152, dating to about 1170 BC, so you can ignore close matches under different subclades, such as R-L21.
László Varsányi
October 10 @ 11:24pm
Thank you very much for your reply Belinda!
David West
October 11 @ 12:29am
My matches to Rollo are autosomal. My West line is Family Group 21 on the West Surname Project here on ftdna. No one has proven relation to West/DeLaWarr. Records in Colonial Virginia were burned in the Revolution, the War of 1812, and in the Civil War. My tree is well corraborated to the late 1600's, but I don't have proof of the connection to the West/DeLaWarr's. If the Smithsonian Museum releases the DNA of Sir William West, or Baron Thomas West/DeLaWarr, we will know for sure if that is my line. 2 other family groups claim to be the "real" West/DeLaWarr line, but all 3 are different Y haplotypes. I have other parts of my tree that have 2 other West lines....but autosomal connections, not paternal.
Gail Andrews Hardy T124143
October 11 @ 7:50am
David, Sir Thomas West, 8th Baron De La Warr, is my 12th great grandfather through his daughter Elizabeth West (1487-1526). However, my connection is through the Alford/Alvord line of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Now, Sir Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, is my 11th great grandfather through his daughter Lucy West (1613-1660), but this line comes through Ireland, Massachusetts, and Illinois. All of my William West lines are also New England.
Paul Thompson R-BY11979 Paul Thompson R-BY11979
September 29 @ 6:16am
If people in a population meet and breed at random, it turns out that you only need to go back an average of 20 generations before you find an individual who is a common ancestor of everyone in the population. If you go back on average 1.77 times further again (35 generations) everyone in the population will have exactly the same set of common ancestors (although they will be related, of course, through different routes in all the different family trees).In fact about 80% of the people at that time in the past will be the ancestors of everyone in the present. The remaining 20% are those who have had no children, or whose children have had no children, and so on - in other words, people who were genetic dead-ends.
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Paul Thompson R-BY11979
September 29 @ 6:27am
This is from a BBC radio program By Dr Yan Wong Evolutionary biologist
Belinda Dettmann
September 29 @ 4:14pm
Certainly everyone with Scottish ancestry is descended from the Royal Stewarts. Some English people may not be, as the Scots and the English can generally be distinguished as two separate populations until recent times. If you are predominantly English, the common ancestors would include Edward I, the Hammer of the Scots.
Ann Stewart Burns
October 1 @ 5:41am
David Grant
October 10 @ 9:19pm
Interesting Belinda considering states: North and West Europe 89.6% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 70.4% North and West European 19.2% And my states I am 63% British Isles lumped all together ...using the same DNA file. And the Stewarts were certainly living in both Scotland and Ireland.
Donald Stewart Donald Stewart has a question!
October 4 @ 12:00pm
Why has kit #B8873 been added to the ZZ52 group.?
Donald Stewart
October 4 @ 1:53pm
My match chart shows I have a GD of 8 to #B8873 but I can only count 7. There is no consistency. Other kits that have ZZ52 are not included in the ZZ52 group.
Belinda Dettmann
October 4 @ 7:05pm
B8873 is in the ZZ52 group because the closest 111-marker matches (GD=3, 4, 5)are in that group. Normally I don't take too much notice of 111-marker matches but these are fairly consistent. Full BigY results are in the pipeline and the test might be allocated elsewhere if the SNPs do not correspond.
David Grant David Grant
September 19 @ 5:01am I like your chart Belinda Dettmann. I have Y-37 genetic links, where would mine fall on this chart? For example, my cousin is IN40089, where would he be put on this chart? I assume he doesn't have a broken male line....My guess is that he is a red dot.
David Grant
September 22 @ 6:10pm
Thank you Jeremy, (oh and I am related to atleast 20 Royal Stewarts in this group found through research that is more than "a few" ) please give my regards to "my Royal Stewart cousin" Bruce Stewart-the 5th cousin kit you admin because I am "quite" certain he would appreciate it. Family is Family, according to my papertrail I am a direct decendant of the High Stewarts on my maternal line via Elizabeth (Stewart born) Cunningham, and everyone deserves respect. Not only am I direct decendant of the Grant clan, I am a direct Decendant of the Campbells, the Frazers, the Sutherlands, the Cunninghams, the Douglas's, the Murays, Reid, Brown, the Gordons, Hill, the a lot of notable Scottish and Irish clans (the McGuires). ----The Stewarts, notable families also lived in Ireland, also they moved to America to escape religious persecution.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
September 23 @ 7:57am
Since you keep bringing it up, IN29172 is not a valid atDNA match to you. With the number of kits you administer, IN29172's kit should match more than David Grant. When doing a search of matches in common with David Grant, ZERO matches are shared between the kits. Being a 5th - Remote connection, that almost certainly means the match is just a coincidental matching segment. IN29172 has over 4400 Family Finder matches, and ZERO in common with you according to FTDNA's FF matching. If the connection was truly a valid connection, there would be people closer than a 5th cousin that would have inherited that shared portion of DNA, as well as larger segments as you get closer in relatedness, i.e. 2nd or 3rd cousins. I wish you luck in all your genetic genealogy endeavors.
David Grant
September 23 @ 10:22pm
Hi Jeremy, I find that hard to believe that zero match's are shared between my kit and Bruce's, he is a match for a reason (I have over 162 Stewart match's via FTDNA and it goes further outside the box with other DNA companies. Just out of curiosity how many Stewart DNA match's do you have with FTDNA? Let me know the Gedmatch# of IN29172 that you administer and lets look into it further. Gedmatch has extra tools one can use for deeper research. If you think that that kit is the only one matching m,e as a coincidence you are wrong and just trying to cut me off from researching this matter further but, it seems you only WANT to be confined to FTDNA for whatever reason you do not care-why are you wanting to be an Admin if you do not care about research? For example, do you think my autosomal match's to kit# 198781 and Kit# 453956 and kit#704952, kit#72199 and Kit#888640, kit#N53630 are coincidental as well? (I doubt it without looking into the matter further-just naming a few of my many) So far, I have had great luck in my endeavors, thank you for your input but yet again your opinions are not conclusive. (If your mother match's someone autosomally, that also means you match them-autosomal cuts off at a certain generation and the results in other family members doesn't always show up but doesn't mean you are not related-there are articles about this very phenomenom) I do have close Stewart match's "autosomally" although on paper mine are a bit more distant, so you have to take this into consideration when judging other aspects of relatedness. According to my Y-37 tip I have a 90% PROBABILITY of being Related within 12 Generations between myself and both Webb's. And btw, not all Royal Stewarts will match up with each other autosomally but, it doesn't mean they are not related by a common ancestor or two from 10 to 20 generations ago on paper. Also, Gedmatch is a useful tool to see if we have any inbetween match's, and to see if the match is valid via FTDNA that way (Because FTDNA cuts off match's at a certain point). It could be a fluke but then again you are assuming as there are other tools outside the box. Are you on or because if I see that match again, I will notify you. (because some of us do care about research) In a more positive light, I do have Royal Stewart match's that do have people in common and lots of them, one example is Malcolm Stewart and his father.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
September 24 @ 12:06pm
I don't really care if you find it hard to believe, since I can use the tools provided by FTDNA in the Family Finder matching to see what matches your kit and IN29172 have in common. It is not an opinion, it is based on actually using the tools and reporting the outcome. False positives are very common with atDNA, especially with very remote connections. I did not say anything about any other atDNA connection other than IN29172. I did not dispute your claim to any other atDNA connection to the High Steward line, only the one that I administer. I have not tried to discourage you from researching your other connections.
David Grant David Grant
September 24 @ 6:47pm
A great article by Roberta Estes explaining how and why it is so important to test as many of your aunts and uncles and even great aunts and uncles as well if you don't have the luxury of testing your grandparents and shows how and why even their matches that they have that you do not have in your own match list are still your matches too and just as important: