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Lindsay Stewart Lindsay Stewart
July 1 @ 6:43pm
Hello - kit #B655218. looking into my Stewart DNA
Kim Webb Kim Webb
May 25 @ 9:43pm
Bradford Williams
May 31 @ 2:03pm
What is the book called?
Kim Webb
June 1 @ 2:59am
From Loch Leven to Little River Our Stewart Family Volume 1
david dettor
June 8 @ 10:40am
If you create a free account here, you can borrow it for 30 days.
Kim Webb
June 29 @ 11:43pm
Randall Stewart Randall Stewart has a question!
June 27 @ 10:33am
Hello everyone! My kit is B356623 and GEDmatch is A061605. I've received the results for my full mtDNA and the Y-700 tests. Are there any other tests that I should/could add on or should I have all of the information already? I see where I land on the DNA results chart and just wanted to make sure that I've covered everything or if any additional testing would provide worthy results. Also, I'm showing as Y-haplogroup R-Z17581, but I just noticed that I'm showing additional downstream numbers underneath as positive, so I am just looking for clarification for my knowledge. Thanks in advance!!!
László Varsányi
June 27 @ 2:29pm
If you have a Big Y700, it includes everything. There is no need for anything else. This is the best test at the moment. The mtDNA test is just icing on the cake. If you have both, it's great.
Randall Stewart
June 27 @ 2:45pm
Ok, thank you! I didn't know if I should have learned anything different from my original Y-111 results now that I have my Y-700 results. I guess I was expecting to find out additional information. I just want to make sure the that I've covered everything and as of now have no need for any additional testing.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 28 @ 12:17pm
If you just received your results, there is a manual review process that has to happen before you are settled in your most recent haplogroup. It looks like there are four of you in the subgrouping that have the same haplogroup right now, but I think you will see there will be a new haplogroup once your data gets reviewed and compared to the other existing tests.
Randall Stewart
June 29 @ 9:48pm
Jeremy, Thank you for the response! I was thinking that might be the case, but I wasn't positive.
Donald Stewart Donald Stewart has a question!
June 28 @ 5:23am
Kit #905030 has been in the FGC34909 group in the classic chart for a good number of weeks. Now his terminal SNP has been changed to FT223221. In my BigY block tree FT223221 is shown in the same block as ZZ52. What does this mean.?
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 29 @ 9:13am
So, FT223221 maybe be in an area that has no calls for some percentage of tests, an area not covered well by all tests.
Robyn Stewart (ZZ52)
June 29 @ 9:25am
My Big Y 700 completed May 12 2019. Maybe FT223221 is a ZZ52 comparable? I don't think FTDNA has a test for ZZ52?
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 29 @ 12:36pm
They will be considered equivalents until someone tests negative for one and not the other. If that happens, then a new branch will be created. The no calls just make it unclear whether it is a new branch yet, as it appears they have no negatives.
Donald Stewart
June 29 @ 12:55pm
Travis #337622 does not show it either and he got his results in January. He also appeared in the FGC34909 group before BY78453 was found. I have ordered a BigY test for Richard #IN81759. I am expecting he will have ZZ52 but we will see what his results throw up.
Cornelia Coolidge Cornelia Coolidge
June 20 @ 12:15pm
Hi All, I have joined the group, because my great great great grandmother was born a Stewart. My grandmother had told all of the kids and grandkids that we are related to Mary Queen of Scots. I just want to know if my DNA says to and which royal Stewart it can be traced to. My kit number is 932528. Thanks much for any help
Belinda Dettmann
June 22 @ 6:15pm
If your brother is a Stewart his test might show what sort of Stewart. If the link is through a female at any stage his Y-DNA test would not help solve the problem. Your son's Y-DNA test would follow his father's father's line so that would not help either. You might discover other interesting things about your family from those tests but they would not help you find your Stewarts links.
Cornelia Coolidge
June 23 @ 6:59am
Hi Belinda, Thank you for all your help and information. I appreciate a lot.
Sonya Renner
June 24 @ 8:37pm
Hi Cornelia, you might find the Facebook group, Clan Stewarts of Appin, to be useful. It is certainly not a DNA or academic genealogical site, but the discussions and information provided by the group Admin, a genealogical expert Randy Stewart, are extremely helpful and detailed. This was a recent post of his, and I particularly draw your attention to the part about the Stewarts of Appin, as this is a parallel line, sort of like cousins I guess, to Mary Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie. There is some really exciting stuff in the Appin line, so please do not consider this to be a disappointment. Randy's post: "This came up again the other day... someone asked about the spelling of is an article I wrote with updates...Over the years, I have had various possessors of our family name tell me they are royal being descended from Mary Queen of Scots or Bonnie Prince Charlie. Most of these assertions are based on old family stories or the spelling of their name. The facts are, unfortunately, against the decent from royalty folks as the offspring of both Mary and Charles are well known and there are no loose ends out there. These stories seem to have been floating about in just about every Stewart family’s closet. To set the record straight, Mary had one son, James VI & I of Great Britain and Bonnie Prince Charlie had a son and daughter. His son, Charles died in childhood without issue and his daughter Charlotte lived to have children two of which died without issue and one whose line continues today. It is important to note no official marriage took place and any children from her union with Prince Ferdinand de Rohan would not be accepted by either side. None possess the name Stewart in any case. Another story out there is the, “I’m descended from Flora.” Charles had no children with Flora MacDonald a girl he barely knew and who was arrested and placed in the Tower of London shortly after meeting Charles. If she had, you can bet the Hanoverian government would have dealt with her quickly. It is important to note that there were a few stray royal lines long before Robert I the first Stewart king ever came along, as there were afterwards too. The surname Stewart is the most widespread name in Scotland. It is found throughout the country. The Stewarts, originally a lowland family of Breton-Celtic stock flourished when a Stewart ascended to the throne in 1371. The Stewarts the story goes were descended from a Breton knight, Flaald whose family held the office of Seneschal of Dol. Flaald had two sons, William who started the line of the Fitzalans, Earls of Arundel, and Walter, who was the ancestor of the Stewarts. Walter went to Scotland around 1164, and was created High Steward of Scotland by King David I. Walter the 3rd High Stewart adopted the name of his position as his surname, and it is from Walter those of us who possess the name in any of its forms can claim descent from. All of us have no doubt heard that the name is derived from the Saxon words “Sti”, meaning a dwelling and “ward” having the meaning keeper or master. The spelling originally in Scotland was the Scots spelling, STEWART, and in the Highlands the Gaelic, STIUBHARD. Later due to the family’s close ties and Scotland’s alliance with France the STUART spelling became another accepted form used. Records show Stewart merchants working in France used the STUART spelling before Mary Queen of Scots wed the Dauphin in 1558. In all today there are approximately twenty-four spellings in use; Stiùbhart, Stewart, Steward, Stuart, Steuart, Steuard, Steuarde, Sdiuord, Stevarde, Stevarte, Stewerd, Stigeweard, Stiuard, Stiubhart, Stiward, Stuard, Stuarde, , Stuarte, Stuerd, Stuward, Styward, Stywarde, Stueart and Steuardt. Each has an interesting origin dependant on where the ancestors of the bearers settled or found employment. There have been upward of forty recorded spelling variations over the last 800 years. Not all Stewarts are Stewarts either. A fact not wanting contemplation, but a reality all the same. Some bearers of the name are the descendants of McGregors who took the name in the 17th Century to avoid persecution by the government. Others bear the name because their ancestors were estate managers and took the name of their occupation as did the Smiths, Foresters and others. There is evidence too of tenants on Stewart lands taking the name of their laird to show they were adherents to the clan. It is important to note too that the Stewarts are not a clan, but rather a group of families spread across the country. Under the Highland tradition of clan, only the Stewarts of Appin were ever considered a clan as they were in the highlands and were organized as such. Most other Stewarts were scattered about the lowlands in various family groups. The Stewarts of Atholl and the Stuarts of Bute both have been considered clans or distinct groups at various periods in history. The spelling our Stewart line uses today may not be the one used by our forefathers. Often the clerk who recorded names on immigration papers, tax forms and other documents was responsible for the spelling used. I once was told by an American cousin that he found his ancestor’s name written and spelt 3 different ways on the same document. Whatever the true origin of your Stewart family, the kinship and communal history is shared. All Stewarts can be proud of those of their namesake who made a positive mark on our world, whether tinker or king.
Cornelia Coolidge
June 28 @ 12:14pm
Hi Sonya, Thank you so very much for the useful information. I will look into the facebook group. Cornelia
June 22 @ 3:09pm
Hello All, I have traced my fathers paternal line from Burnside to Wallace to Stewart up to King James of Scotland. I'm on Ancestry and transferred my DNA to Ged Match and FTDNA.
June 23 @ 6:51pm
I was able to trace my dads paternal line from son to father until it hit the name Agnes Stewart then it was her father the male line again until King James 1
June 23 @ 6:52pm
My dad died in 2011 and my brother was adopted by his stepdad.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 24 @ 10:11am
Ok, so you are just trying to confirm your suspected connection through atDNA(Family Finder). Depending on how far back your Agnes Stewart is, you may be able to find Stewart surnamed matches you could work with to verify that Stewart line.
Gail Hardy 791594/T124143
June 26 @ 6:47am
One of my 14th great grandmothers is Agnes Stewart, born 1470 in Garlies, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, and died 25 Jul 1530 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. She married John Maxwell (1436-1513). Her parents are James "Hearty" Stewart, 1st Earl of Buchan, Earl of Auchterhouse (1442-1499), and Margaret Murray, Baroness Auchterhouse, Countess Buchan (1442-1486). Oh, this James Stewart is the son of James I Stewart, King of Scotland, and Joan de Beaufort.
Sherry Bucher (Greathouse) Sherry Bucher (Greathouse)
June 24 @ 9:13am
Hello everyone! This is what I believe my line to be.
Sherry Bucher (Greathouse)
June 24 @ 9:13am
Robert II, King of Scots is your 18th great grandfather. Sherry Greathouse → Homer Edward Greathouse, her father →Martha Jane Harpole, his mother → Emma Olive Rutherford, her mother → Mary M. Johnson, her mother → Ruth Gatch, her mother → Benjamin Gatch, her father → Frederick Gatch, his father → Presocia Gatch, his mother → Anne Burgen, her mother → William Ramsey, her father → William Ramsey, 1st Earl of Dalhousie, his father → Lady Margaret Elizabeth Ramsey, his mother → Janet Lindsay, her mother → Marjory Stewart, her mother → Margaret Lindsay, Lady Innermeath, her mother → John Lindsay of the Bryres, her father → Agnes Stewart of Lorn, his mother → Joan Stewart, her mother → Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, her father → Robert II, King of Scots, his father
Sherry Bucher (Greathouse)
June 24 @ 9:14am
GEDmatch kit #649589
Rebecca Stewart Rebecca Stewart
June 16 @ 10:31pm
Hi all, my brother #626094 & I #678789 are both members of this group. I was able to convince another sister to test. She is #908372. How can we add her to the group? Thank you!
Belinda Dettmann
June 17 @ 12:17am
Hi Rebecca. Your brother belongs to the Stewart project, not this one, but that's OK. If you want your brother or your sister to join here they need to click on the Join Project link from their private FTDNA page and find the Stewart (Royal)/Stuart project and click on the Join link.
László Varsányi
June 17 @ 2:50am
Belinda, Rebecca wrote well. I looked at Rebecca's brother's KIT number. He is already a member of the "Stewart (Royal) / Stuart" group. "R-DF41> S775> S310 (L746)> S781> BY11989> FGC70756> A922> A921 branch of the descendants of the first hereditary High Steward of Scotland via Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl" Rebecca, you will need to login to the other kit (you are already a member here). With your sister's KIT number., and then click on Join.
Tracy Linscott Tracy Linscott has a question!
June 4 @ 2:33pm
I am new to this group. Where are you all finding your DNA matches and your haplogroup? I have done both Ancestry and 23andme but this test and results have me stumped. I see others posting about their DNA and haplogroup results but can not find mine anywhere. Please help guide me to where I can find this information. Also I don't see my kit# on any of the Dna results or groups. Thank you, Tracy
Belinda Dettmann
June 4 @ 5:01pm
Your results from the autosomal Family Finder match are on your home page at FTDNA. Click on the Family Finder matches link to see your matches. To see matches within this project click on the Advanced Matches link, tick the Family Finder box, and put the Stewart (Royal) project in the database box. Click on Run Records. You have not done a Y-DNA test or an mtDNA test, so you do not have results in either of those categories.
Joseph Stuart Joseph Stuart
June 4 @ 5:16am
I have a new Y-DNA match today. His surname is Stewart, has done Y-111 DNA and current haplogroup is R-M269. At 111 markers we match at genetic distance 2, which would lead me to strongly suspect he is 'Royal Stewart'. I am going to contact him to encourage him to join this surname project and Stewart S781+ project (as I am S781+) so that admin can investigate his results in greater detail. With genetic distance 2 at 111 markers do you agree with my assessment that he is likely to be 'Royal Stewart'? I'm not completely familiar with DNA matching so I want advise from others to see they agree with me. Thanks.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 4 @ 12:43pm
I commented on your post in S781. I have also sent that person an email about the project.