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Donald Stewart Donald Stewart has a question!
June 12 @ 8:42am
Donald Cole #507332 and Robyn Stewart #IN54330 have both completed the BigY test yet their terminal SNP does not reflect this. S794 and L746 respectively. Should'nt they be showing downstream SNPs.?
Robyn Stewart (R-L746 (S781 -)
July 7 @ 4:23pm
The "Big Tree" placed me at Z38845 > ZZ52 but with a caveat that it could change with further analysis. I wonder if the placing is inferred or confirmed. Needless to say, I am well pleased to find the connection even at any level! When I search "Results" in FTDNA for Z38845 and ZZ52 it states "currently no results". I am wondering if the SNP was tested for? It would be nice to confirm via FTDNA. Perhaps there are more test results to come in the future. It would be nice to double confirm. Needless to say, the information and connections to date have been quite exciting. My Uncle always said to me " Remember, your are a Royal Stewart." This coming from a rather humble line of settlers that farmed their patent in Canada from the 1830's. Thistle, Shamrock and Maple. I spent some time a few years ago in Belfast at PRONI but hope to go back and see the Glens of Antrim and now into Scotland. I informed my wife of the possible "Royal" connection. She raised an eyebrow but was otherwise interested in a trip. She is a McDonald. If there are any Stewart matches that have Ancestry Trees or Ancestry DNA results let me know as I have all my trees there. RS
James Stewart
July 10 @ 4:46pm
I am also ZZ52 and have autosomal DNA results on Donald and I share a common branch, BY101802. Unfortunately the DNA results on Ancestry are so crowded that I can't pick you out. Nice problem to have, or so it would seem, but it is one of the frustrating problems with their DNA results. My branch also came through Canada to the USA.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
July 11 @ 12:09pm
Matching on Ancestry is really only good out to about 5th-6th cousins, and those connections still have to be thoroughly verified to be sure the match is Identical by Descent(IBD), and not a coincidental sequence of DNA that happens to match, which is called Identical by State(IBS). I am lucky enough to have both parents, one grandparent from each side, and my brother all tested at Ancestry. If I have a match that pops up that is not a match for either of my parents, I discount it as a false positive, or IBS. That segment must come from a parent to possibly be IBD. As an example, I have a match in FF to a man with the same surname as one of my maternal 4GGM, with the longest block being 21cM. This person does not match either my mother, or her father, at all, so it is not possible for me to inherit this matching block and prove a common ancestor for that surname. At Ancestry, the same man shows as a 9cM match on 1 segment, but still does not match my mother, or her father. Also, this person doesn't match my father, so I can rule out a connection from either parent.
Robyn Stewart (R-L746 (S781 -)
July 12 @ 1:55pm
Hi James, Only Donald was a closer match (4) than You, Edward, Charles and Colin (5). The matches point to Kintyre and a possible connection to the Ardgowan line. I saw the connection with your John Stewart also entering through Canada. It looks he arrived about 10 years before my James. I also had a look at Ancestry and found your tree. I didn't see a DNA match but, as Jeremy points out, our connection is likely in excess of 8 generations and would have to be above BY101802 for which I am negative. Donald has provided me with some interesting and terrific information and I am looking forward to doing some reading. RS
Julie STEPHENSON Julie STEPHENSON has a question!
June 18 @ 2:39pm
Both my son and i have tested. his GEDcom kit is B525356 mine is B533494. I have Hamiltons on Mom's side and Stewarts on Dad's. In the Facebook group for Royal Stewarts, i do match several people, but am stuck on Parent of Joseph Stewart, born 1770 , my research shows his wife as Charity Smith, my GGGG Grandfather Moses Stewart is son born 1804. Joseph died in Montogomery County, Indiana. i am having a lot of difficulty pinning down his birth location and his parents. Any help would me most appreciated - as i wonder if i have someone listed incorrectly in my line?
July 10 @ 9:43pm
my earliest Stewart is Joseph Stewart born about 1770. There were several Joseph born about the same time so having trouble identifying his parentage. My Joseph was married to charity Smythe... also spelled as Smith
Edward STEWART (S781/A5024\888640@FTD\YF62924@YfullNA)
July 12 @ 12:54am
Julie, I have in my tree a Joseph Stewart 1758-1826 married to Charity Smirl (Smyth) 1770-1832 who had a son Moses Stewart 1841-1880 married to Cynthia ? 1844-1904. Joseph's father would be John Stewart 1740-1805 married twice to two diff Mary's, one was Mary Wetherton. email @, if this is a match or you want more data
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
July 12 @ 7:08am
Ed, Your dates don't match up on the ancestors you mentioned. Did you put the wrong date born for Moses Stewart, because he has a birth date 9 years after his mother died, and 15 after his father?
László Varsányi
July 12 @ 11:01am
@ Ed - Jeremy wrote well, and good comment, Ed really wrote the births badly.
Karen Showell Karen Showell
July 10 @ 12:02pm
Hi, I am new to this and I don’t know quit how it works , but I will figure it out.My kit number is # 910447 and my number Is EN477683!i am related to King James 1-5 They are still processing my kit. It is nice to meet you.
Gail Andrews Hardy T124143
July 10 @ 4:02pm
Hi Karen, James I of Scotland is my 17th great grandfather and my 16th great grandfather through his daughter Joan Stewart who married William Gordon. He's also my 16th great grandfather through his daughter Annabella Stewart who married George Gordon. He is also my 15th great grandfather through his son John Stewart. Welcome, Cousin.
Karen Showell
July 11 @ 11:01pm
Thank you so much sweetie for writing me. Also, thank you for the information that you provided. It is such a blessing to get to know you. I will get it all figured out/ I just got out of the hospital not to long ago, so my head is a little fuzzy, but I appreciate you. God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers cousin. Love you, Karen
Karen Showell Karen Showell
July 10 @ 12:12pm
Here is just one of them
Kemp Stickney Kemp Stickney has a question!
July 2 @ 1:21pm
Just joined the group and I believe I am a descendant of Lady Isabel Elizabeth Stewart 1439-1510 although I listed her grandfather as my earliest descendant Robert Stewart II. I appear on line 185 along side others who believe they descend from the Stewarts on the maternal side, although I am currently ungrouped. Is there a different group I should join if I descend from the maternal side? Thx.--Kemp
Belinda Dettmann
July 2 @ 6:32pm
Hi Kemp. I have moved you into the group that claim maternal descent from a royal Stewart. You are in the right place but that's about all I can say. You might find royal Stewart matches if you use the Advanced matching tool under your Family Finder link.
Kemp Stickney
July 3 @ 5:37am
Many thx Belinda!--Kemp
Gail Hardy 791594/T124143
July 3 @ 12:33pm
Hi Kemp, Robert II King of Scots is my 30th great grandfather through his daughter Catherine who married David Lindsay. He's also my 17th great grandfather through his daughter Elizabeth who married Thomas de la Haye Lord Erroll. Some of my ancestors married wives much younger than themselves.
Kemp Stickney
July 4 @ 7:42am
Thx Gail. Robert II King of Scots would be my 18th Great grandfather. I knew I had roots in Scotland but didnt know anything about the connection to the Stewarts until recently when I was working on my family tree on Ancestry.
Gary Lawrie Gary Lawrie
June 29 @ 4:56pm
I have just received the results of my DF41 SNP pack which shows positive for S781. My FTDNA Kit Number is #453956. My link to the Stuarts is via my grandfather who was illegitimate, his father identified as George Stuart. My research has traced my lineage back to my 5x great grandfather, John Stuart who was the 9th Laird of Birkenburn, near Keith, Banff-shire. The Stuarts inherited Birkenburn from the Gordons of Birkenburn through the maternal side. My earliest Stuart ancestor traced to date using documentary evidence is a Robert Stewart, named as being a shipmaster from Inverkeithing, Fife, estimated birth around 1640-1650. Jeremy contacted me by email a few weeks ago about further testing. I welcome advice and assistance on where or how I may link into the Royal Stewart line, or options for further testing.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
July 1 @ 10:27am
Glad you got your results back so soon. Welcome to the S781 line! Go ahead and request to join the S781 project. Also, the next step for you in testing, if you choose to do it, would be the BigY. That will help you figure out just which line you are related to below S781, and help the project build out more of the tree.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
July 2 @ 12:35pm
Just so you and everyone else in the project know, the project member sale was extended to 07/04, and you get $150 off the upgrade from Y67 to BigY using promo code PROJECTSBIGY.
William Stewart William Stewart
June 28 @ 10:05am
Looks like the Y-67 came in a bit early! Wasn't due until late July/Early August. Kit No.B520703 for me. Very excited to see where anyone connects with me. Just ordered the Y-111 today.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 28 @ 1:54pm
You are grouped as a descendant of the High Stewards of Scotland, but need to do further testing to find out where you fit. The Y111 test will give you closer matches, but likely won't help you out much more. If you were going with the Y111 because of the cost of the BigY, I would see if you can cancel the order before it is batched, and save up for the next sale and order BigY-700. That, I beleive, is going to be the best bang for your buck. SNP testing is really going to be the only way you get more granular details about your paternal line at this point. Also, the BigY-700 includes the Y111, and more STR values. Welcome to the confirmed Royal Stewart line, and we look forward to your further testing.
Belinda Dettmann
June 28 @ 5:55pm
It is still possible that upgrading to 111 markers might narrow down your Stewart family possibilities, depending on which line you come from. Most don't but a few families have distinctive patterns. BigY is the most comprehensive test and does include 111 markers, but it is expensive (on sale till the end of the month for a discounted price if you use the discount code PROJECTSBIGY). If you can't afford BigY the most cost-effective test would the SNP Pack test for DF41.
William Stewart
June 28 @ 8:59pm
All good advice. Thanks!
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 29 @ 8:01am
It looks like the PROJECTSBIGY is valid for Y67 to BigY and makes it the cheapest it has been for that particular upgrade.
Robert Stuart Robert Stuart has a question!
June 14 @ 7:54am
Robert Stuart #905009 family hisstory was we descended from James but my YDNA I-M253 seems to disprove that. I also have seen many people linking Duncan Stewart of Rowley to Alexander of Ivernayle, Clan Stewart Appin. is there a haplogroup for Alexander of Ivernayle?
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Robert Stuart
June 14 @ 4:33pm
Thank you
Robert Stuart
June 21 @ 7:27am
I checked out the above link and that is the Duncan I am talking about. Ducan b.1625 died in Massachusetts 1717. But none of the YDNA matches to this Duncan that I see belong to haplogroup R-S781. They are haplogroups I-M253, I-FGC9486, L-22 that I know are related to the Duncan who died 1717 in Massachusetts. others who claim to be his desendants but I have not confirmed belong to haplogroups R-M269, R-L21. So maybe Duncan who died in Massachusetts is not part of the Stewart's of Appin, and is incorrectly connected to this tree.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 21 @ 2:02pm
Unfortunately, I am not an admin in this group, so I am not able to look at your kit, or see what other testers you are referring to that claim descent from the same Duncan you do. Also, you are the only person in this project that has a Duncan Stewart listed as a most distant known ancestor, so I cannot see what you are seeing. The reason I asked you to reach out and find other, more distant cousins to test is to rule out an event between you and the Duncan you claim where the paternity of the line changed. Since you see people with both I and R haplogroups claiming descent, then there may be a branch that spawned from infidelity or adoption(of child or surname). Again, I'm just going off of what information I can find quickly, and would prefer that Belinda chime in to help you out, since she is much more knowledgeable about this line than I am.
Belinda Dettmann
June 26 @ 5:25pm
Robert, you are not a royal Stewart descendant but you match other Stewarts within the Stewart DNA Project. You are grouped there with them in the I1 Group Type 6a family group, but I know nothing about their antecedents.
Samuel Stuart Samuel Stuart
May 21 @ 11:18am
Hello again, After years of searching on many genealogy sights, and hitting a brick wall, I am going to post a generation of family members here in hopes that someone will recognize this family and their ancestors. 1st and eldest son( William Stuart) b. 1690/1710? d) 1768 Augusta County Virginia. William inherited a freehold in the townland Rattrey Scotland or Raffrey Ireland. and in 1768 willed the land and chattels to His Sister Jane Stewart b)???? d)???? who was married to William Marshall who lived in the UK at the time of Wm Stuarts death in1768.
Samuel Stuart
May 28 @ 7:25pm
I found a family member living in saintfield county down it is about 20 miles from Rattrey county down, Andrew Shaw and Mary Stewart shaw they owned a merchantile. Still searching for Mary's parents? Thanks Donald Stewart, I would ask but I dont know the administrator of the zz52 group.
Donald Stewart
May 29 @ 6:44am
In Phyllis (Stewart) Guiver's publication in Aug. 1971 there is a paragraph which states, " Here it is interesting to note what my father told me that when the Stewarts settled in Kintyre there were two brothers one settling in Kintyre and one in Ireland." This statement seems to be borne out by the fact that FTDNA's ZZ52 group have testers who have their origin in Kintyre and others who have their origin in Ulster.
Samuel Stuart
May 30 @ 2:23pm
Looking for an Andrew Shaw b) about 1720/30 d) ? Saintfield, kileagh county down northern ireland, m) Mary Stewart before 1768 in England. My kit 337622 contact me please.
Paul Stewart
June 22 @ 6:22pm
I have extensive information on this family. Send an email, I can fill you in on it,
Jacob Stewart Jacob Stewart
June 15 @ 10:46pm
My DF41 came in. Updated haplogroup to R-S781. Bonkyll, no? Anything else I can glean from the results?
Belinda Dettmann
June 16 @ 1:49am
Not without more testing. I suggest the DF41 SNP Pack, or the BigY test. A Y-STR 67 or 111 marker test would also give you some close matches to other Stewarts with whom you could exchange information.
Jacob Stewart
June 16 @ 1:43pm
HI Belinda. I did order the DF41 SNP pack. That's what I meant. I believe it has been processed. B504448.
Jeremy Stewart (S781 > M2889)
June 17 @ 8:00am
Jacob, you'll have to do more testing if you want any further information about the family line you descend from under S781. Typically this means doing the BigY test, since that is about the only way to determine which line you are from. There is a single SNP test for FGC74572 that you could do to see if you are positive for that. That would tell us which part of the project you belong to, as it forms a major branch below S781. Any further information would need to come from the BigY.
Jacob Stewart
June 17 @ 9:06am
Got it. Thanks Jeremy!