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STEWART (royal)

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21 Sep 2022. Marker for male line descendants of Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan, known as the Wolf of Badenoch. A number of testers who claim descent from the Wolf of Badenoch share the Z17581 SNP. and it is probable that this SNP occurred in Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan (1343-1405). 

27 Jan 2022. 
A new series of SNPs labelled FTT-have been detected in BigY results, according to the T2T consortium, and provisionally adopted by FTDNA. They have made some important breakthroughs in the Stewart DNA Project in the R-L21>>L745/L746Y-tree., specifically within the S781 (Appin) and the ZZ52 subsections. 

7 Aug 2019.
There has been a change of administration in the Royal Stewart Project.  The new Administrators are Belinda Dettmann and Kathi Bobb.  

28 Sep 2011. Results from a Walk Through the Y test  (WTY) revealed that Royal Stewart descendants can now be recognized by three new SNPs labelled L744, L745, L746, found in a tester from the Royal Stewart Project.

10 Nov 2010.  After the discovery of a Royal Stewart haplotype in the Stewart DNA Project, a separate Royal Stewart Project was approved, with William Stewart as Project Administrator. Royal Stewart descendants can now be recognized as those testers in the R1b (R-M269) haplogroup who have STR marker values of GATA-H4=10, 406S1=11, 565=11.