The Ross Family DNA Project seeks to use DNA analysis to enable Ross families to determine if they share a common ancestor with other Ross families.   For ease of developing this page, I have chosen my family name “Ross” to describe the project.  Please be assured that this project is for all derivatives of the name (Ross, Ros, etc.)

The project will:

  • Develop a table of genetic patterns of all Ross Families so that Ross researchers can determine whether their families have a common ancestor with other Ross families
  • Encourage Ross researchers to submit DNA samples.
  • Share the results with all participants in the project and make the results publicly available on the internet with appropriate considerations for privacy of participants

We need representatives from YOUR line.  Please find someone from your tree who qualifies and submit a test as soon as you can!  We recommend testing as many YDNA markers as you can.  37 or 67 markers are best.

Contact co-administrators of this project with any questions.