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About us

Welcome Ross/Ros/Rosse Researchers!! The Ross DNA Project has been established to provide further genealogical support to Ross family researchers internationally. All those with Ross connections are warmly invited to join the project.

This project focuses on Ross surnames. Also, there is a Rose Y-DNA Surname Project that focuses on the Roses and all the variations, while this project focuses on the Ross/Ros trees. There is one group in the project that overlaps the Rose project "Group G" and is made up of Rosses and Roses. If you are one of the other spellings other than Ross you should join the Rose and or Ross project project depending on your matches. If your test does match the tests in "Group G", you should join both projects (Ross & Rose).

NOTE: There is a canned "REQUIREMENTS" section on this page that is on every surname project page in FTDNA explaining the YDNA tests for searching your surname ancestry. While the YDNA tests are needed for good surname research, you are welcome to submit or join the mtDNA (maternal mitochondrial) and Family Finder (autosomal) tests to this project. The admin might be able to help you plan a next step for further research. Although pricy, you will get your best paternal results in this project with a BigY test and it is highly recommended.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Ross project administrators. There is a FaceBook group run by Kelly Moores who is very knowledgeable about Rose/Ross history you might like at