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On the left, Click the DNA Results link and then select the Colorized Chart page to review the raw project results.  Using your ID number, you should be able to locate your kit and see where you have been placed.  On your own, you will be able to review your matches and may note those that appear in the project.  However, if your matches have not joined the project, then they will not appear in the project.

BigY700 tests with associated autosomal tests (Family Finder - FF) are recommended.

As of November 2020, there were 456 men participating on the Ross surname project at Family Tree DNA.  341 of these men have the Ross surname or can be matched within the genealogical time frame to another person with the Ross surname.  The genealogical time frame is generally considered to be the last 15 generations, which works out to about the year 1600.

So far, 108 genetically distinct Ross families have been identified by the project.  Although the majority of Ross families can trace their ancestry to Scotland, Ireland or the United Kingdom, several can be traced to other European countries outside of the UK.