Palatine-mtDNA Project - Goals

Our goal is to reunite families that were separated as a result of the 1709-1710 mass migration from southwest Germany. The following pedigrees pertain to project members who have tested their mtDNA. Notice that email addresses have been disguised. To contact a member, simply replace AT with @ and DOT with a period. Project members are strongly urged to provide their known maternal line pedigree for posting here. Maternal Line Pedigrees Anna Maria Quint m. 25 Aug 1661 Oppenheim, Pfalz Johann Wilhelm Steinkopf Palatine Emigrant: Gertraud Steinkopf b c 1680 Oppenheim, Pfalz m Niclaus Rauch (Hunter List #583) Catharina Elisabeth Rau b 2 Jan 1697 Oppenheim, Pfalz m Johann Philip Feller Gertraud Feller b 21 Dec 1720 Rhinebeck, NY m Johann Adam Schaffer Catherina Schaffer b 17 Oct 1736 Kingston, NY m Eberhardt Wager Catharina Wager b 27 Jul 1769 m David Schryver Evina Schryver b 17 Dec 1804 Rhinebeck, NY m Noel LaBonte Minerva L. LaBonte b 2 Sep 1849 Rhinebeck, NY m Renselaer Case Worden Evina Worden b 6 Aug 1867 Rhinebeck, NY m John Franklin Tipple Anna Edna Tipple b 21 Feb 1889 Rhinebeck, NY m Jonas Gilbert Coon Isabel Coon b 3 Feb 1910 Hyde Park, NY m Theodore John Muller DNA Testee/Line Leader: doriswh AT gmail DOT com Margaretha Hacker b June 1843 IN, d Aug 1905, m George Vogel, Darmstadt, Germany Katherina Vogel b 23 Jun 1859 Jasper, IN d 6 Sep 1894 Haysville, IN, m Frederick Freyberger Anna Margareta Freiberger b 11 Mar 1877 Dubois, IN d 23 Oct 1944 Dubois, IN, m Lorenz Hemmerlein Elfrieda L. Hemmerlein b 28 Jun 1917 Dubois, IN d 27 Sep 1985 m Robert Joseph Heeke DNA Testee/Line leader: skenn63523 AT aol DOT com walnut1946 AT yahoo DOT com Maria Catharina (unk) b 1702 Switzerland d 1757 Pennsylvania m John Christopher Drube Catharina Drub b 1735 Pennsylvania d 1799 Virginia m Joseph Pancake Catharina Pancake b 1756 Hardy Co Virginia d 1806 m Michael Harness Catherine Harness b 1776 Virginia d 1848 m George W Yoakum Mary Yoakum b 1820 Ross Co Ohio d 1900 Ohio m George Purdum Sarah Belle Purdum b 1858 Ross Co Ohio d 1920 Ohio m George Franklin Fultz Mary Jane Fultz b 1889 Ross Co Ohio d 1948 Ohio m Thomas Allen Wilburn Eudora Lucille Wilburn b 1912 Ross Co Ohio d 1982 Ohio m Robert Ernest Walls DNA Testee/Line leader: walnut1946 AT yahoo DOT com Maria Neumann - hsgibson1 AT sbcglobal DOT net DNA Testee/Line Leader: PM-3 (Unknown) - EDaugh1138 AT comcast DOT net DNA Testee/Line Leader: PM-2 (Unknown) - twapat AT yahoo DOT com DNA Testee/Line Leader: PM-4 Susanna Schober Hausknecht - M.E.Cole AT mac DOT com Susanna Schober Hausknecht b 20 June 1784; d 1 May 1856 DNA Testee/Line Leader: PM-5 (Unknown) - peer AT wreawildblue DOT org DNA Testee/Line Leader: PM-7