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Do you descend in a direct line (mother to her mother to her mother to her mother... to emigrant woman) from a woman who left the Palatinate area of Germany between 1708-1710? Or from a woman who stayed behind in Germany but was related to such an emigrant? An important study is underway to reunite families that were separated in the 1709-1710 timeframe as a result of emigration from the Palatinate area of Germany and Switzerland. These families have been a major subject of study by Henry Z. Jones, Jr., and this DNA study is intended to complement, and perhaps supplement, his work. If your ancestor, as described above, is found in any of the Jones books on the Palatines, you are welcome to join this project. Please note that we do require an abbreviated pedigree for the maternal line you are testing. For more information, please visit our website: Palatine DNA Project If you have questions, please write to: Alice Clark. To join our project and order a DNA test, click on the first entry at the top left of this page: Request to Join this Group. Please click on the tab, "Project Goals," for pedigrees and "Project Results" for test results.