The Bruce Y-DNA Surname Project - News

Recent new members...
2 -> group C
1 -> group F
1 -> group I
2 -> I2b1 (2)
3 -> associate members
We are now seeing a few 'transfer' tests coming over from other testing companies.

Private Bruce forum...
There is a new contact request from B6404.

Recent group updates...

Ongoing work on the groups is needed to accurately reflect the Y-DNA results.

Group names have recently been changed for the haplotypes R1a1a, I2a and I2ba.
This was done to improve the display ordering of the groups.

Phylogenetic graphing of our members has been used to perform some recent regrouping.
These graphs can be viewed on the Results page.

For the technically minded...
I used to generate the TMRCA data,
using the Hybrid mutation model, 95% probability, 25 years per generation, and FTDNA mutation rates.
The resulting PHYLIP data text was then fed into the Kitsch program, using commands l, j, 9, 1000.
The resulting tree file was then massaged and labelled using Mega5.0, and then the graph images created from that.
This link was helpful -

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