The Bruce Surname Project (was ... Y-DNA Project)
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The standard FTDNA reports for STRs and SNPs can be seen under the DNA Results tab at top left.

Phylogenetic (TMRCA) Trees

These trees show the Time to Most Recent Common male Ancestor of our members.
Branch lengths show the relative TMRCA between members, and between groups of members.
Click thumbnails to see the full sized images.

Haplotype M269:

TMRCA Tree (groups compressed to show inter-group relationships)

TMRCA Tree (groups expanded)

TMRCA table

Genetic Distance table

All other Haplotypes:


TMRCA table

Genetic Distance table

McGee's Y-111 tool was used, with FTDNA mutation rates, Hybid model, 75% probability.
That TMRCA data was then passed through Kitsch to build the probable tree, and then graphed using MEGA11.

Bruce surname frequency and populations

Table missing here. Needs to be restored.

This data was sourced about 2019 from...
Top 10 Bruce frequencies by Country:
Frequency for the 'rest of the world' is guestimated at 0.5 per million.
Current project member count is roughly 0.2% of the global Bruce population.
It seems that Monty Python was correct about Bruce!

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Scotland GRO Census - marine returns
Scotland GRO Deaths - marine returns

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