The Bruce Surname Project (was ... Y-DNA Project)
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About us

** >> Click on the Background tab <<** All Y-DNA tests with the surname of Bruce and variants are invited to join this project. If you have a Y-DNA test and your surname is not Bruce or variant, AND you believe you have direct male line Bruce heritage (i.e, Adoptees and NPE cases) then email us to discuss. If you have an Autosomal test such as Family Finder or tests from other vendors like Ancestry, 23AndMe, etc, membership will be considered if your autosomal matches show affinity with Bruce men. Our project will help to further our genealogy research when the paper trail has grown cold. Use the Join button and follow the prompts to purchase a test kit or a third-party test transfer from FTDNA. We ask you to provide your Paternal Lineage as far back as you know by paper-trail. We will review your request and reach out asap. It is important that you visit our Background page to read our Membership Criteria before hitting the Join Button. ** >> Click on the Background tab <<**