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About us

Upcoming release of myGroups
FTDNA will be releasing their new user interface for all public project at the end of March.
We hope there will be no major hiccups with their software release.
It is called myGroups, and features a facebook-like 'activity feed'.
This 'activiity feed' or messaging area will hopefully provide a good communication forum for our members.

Members are encouraged to join their appropriate Y-DNA haplogroup (or subclade) projects...
Look to see if your terminal SNP is listed in the available projects.
Just for example, all our R-L21 members are encouraged to join the R-L21 project.
Some of these haplogroup projects are doing great works.

Recent new members and group updates...
Ten new members have joined in the last seven months or so, and this has resulted in some rearrangement of the groups.
Phylogenetic graphing is now used to perform grouping, and these graphs can be viewed on the Results page.
TMRCA values are calculated from the STR markers, and obvious groupings can be seen when these are shown in a network.
Anyone interested in the relationship between tests (and groups of tests) should check these out.
This is becoming especially true for those exploring their SNPs, as this field develops.

We are now seeing more 'transfer' tests coming over from other testing companies, and finally a few Big-Y results.
Refer to the statistics section at the end of the main page to see a count of these.
Some transferred tests do not show up in the standard STRs reports, but their grouping can be inferred from their terminal SNPs.
If this applies to you, please contact us to discuss some strategies for getting your test included in the standard STR reports.

We also have about 40 or so associate members (these being non-Bruce tests and even a few non-male tests).
Some of the non-Bruce YDNA tests are potential NPEs, and some are exploring their relatedness in pre-surname times.

Coupon Offers:
Always check to see if any vouchers are available that may be specific to your needs.