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Miscellaneous Bruce data lists

Extract from "The Muster-roll of Angus: South African War, 1899-1902 : a Record and a Tribute"


A. Bruce, Trinity Cottage, near Brechin
Trooper, Fife and Forfar Contingent, Imperial Yeomanry

G. Bruce, Friockheim.
Private, 1st Active Service Section.
2nd V.B.R.H. South African medal, with clasps for Cape Colony and Wittebergen.
Made honorary Burgess of Dundee.

Geo. M. Bruce, Dundee.
Corporal, Imperial Light Infantry.

J. Bruce, of Menmuir.
Lance-Corporal, Cape Town Highlanders.
Served in Commander-in-Chief's Bodyguard, and in Kaffrarian Rifles and Johannesburg Mounted Rifles from June, 1900.
Wounded in foot at Bushmanskop, April, 1901.


Alexander Hood Bruce, 27 Wilkinson Street Gardens, Cape Town, native of Menmuir.
Driver, Prince Alfred's Own Cape Artillery — 1899.

James Bruce, Dundee.
Private, 3rd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders — 1897.

James Bruce, Dundee.
Private, 2nd Black Watch — 1893.
South African medal, with clasps for Orange Free State, and Transvaal, 1901 and 1902.

Henry M*G. Bruce, Wilkie's Lane, Dundee.
Private, 3rd Black Watch — 1894.

Robert Bruce, Dundee.
Private, 2nd Black Watch — 1899.
South African medal, with clasps for Cape Colony, Orange Free State, and Transvaal. 

Gathered from Scotland GRO Marine Returns for Census and Deaths

2 short spreadsheets of retuns deleted here due to FTDNA change of practice.   - some work to be done soon
Extract from: "Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations 1650-1775"

Extract from "The Original Scots Colonists of Early America 1612-1783"


Extract from "The Jacobites of Angus 1689-1746"

Andrew Bruce, born 1727, son of Patrick Bruce, Plowman in Braidston, Airlie, Soldier of Ogilvy's Regiment 1745. [OR15]

David Bruce, born 1717, son of George Bruce and Elizabeth Will, Butcher in Brechin, Soldier of Ogilvy's Regiment 1745. Prisoner in Brechin and Montrose 1746-1747 [OR15][P2.56]

George Bruce, Butcher in Brechin, Seargent Major of Ogilvy's Regiment 1745. Surrendered after Culloden [OR9]

James Bruce, Weaver in Dundee, Soldier of Ogilvy's Regiment 1745. Prisoner in Stirling and Edinburgh 1746-1747 [P2.56]

James Bruce, Butcher in Brechin, son of Seargent George Bruce, Soldier of Ogilvy's Regiment 1745. Prisoner in Inverness and Tilbury1746-1747 [OR15][P2.56]

John Bruce, Butcher in Brechin, Soldier of Ogilvy's Regiment 1745. [OR15]


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