BOYD Y-DNA Project - Results

VERY IMPORTANT - Results are sub-grouped by haplogroup. All those in sub-groups which have "UNMATCHED" in the title are not related to one another. There is no likelihood of people from different haplogroups having a common male ancestor within the past several thousand years.

Sub-grouping is dynamic and will be updated as new relationships become clear. This is vital to making sense of the data.

We have a wealth of Y-DNA data and some interesting findings. Like many surnames, the Boyds show great diversity with many different haplogroups represented.

The largest group (the rare R-U198) has a very distinctive "motif" which is only clear on a 37-marker test. Even better would be the 67-marker test as there are two further key markers on the 38-67 panel.

"Low resolution" tests (i.e. less than 37 markers) are often inadequate for establishing connections and this is especially true for any type of "R1b". Any member who has old results with fewer than 37 markers is strongly advised to upgrade.

The 111 marker Y-DNA test is arguably the best product of its type on the market. It is good value, very comprehensive and, within certain groups such as either of the two Boyd main lines, is helpful in separating family lines.

Deep clade ("SNP") tests can be helpful where the exact haplogroup is not known. These are not always necessary so we recommend contacting the project administrator before ordering.

All members are encouraged to upload their Y-DNA results to the "Ysearch" database. This is accessible by pressing the "Ysearch" button on your personal page.

Members who have few matches should check that their preference is NOT set to "surname matches only". You might well have a valid match with another surname. We have several such examples.