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J David Boyd J David Boyd
October 25 @ 4:55pm
My direct line that I can authenticate is Robert Boyd 1783-1844, TN, I have taken it further back with Ydna and others trees to Robert Boyd 1728-1806, Kilarnock to NC. He married Eleanor McCulloch. The rest is mostly supposition with little facts.
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J David Boyd
October 25 @ 5:09pm
again, Does anyone else else have these links to Robert 1783 or Robert 1728? Can I trust the trees on that go back to Hew Archibald Boyd 1551 in Ayrshire, Scotland? There are a few sources along the way but so many different opinions. Thanks for any help
William Boyd
November 4 @ 9:17pm
I am also R-M269 haplogroup. I've also traced to a Robert Boyd (father of Edmund Boyd in Edgefield, South Carolina). Edmund Boyd was born in 1758, the son of Lucretia and Robert. He married Susannah Thurmond on April 3, 1785, in South Carolina. They had eight children in 20 years. He died in November 1800 in Edgefield, South Carolina, at the age of 42. I'm pretty solid to Edmund, but have little to nothing regarding Robert. I've created a study of Robert Boyds in the area to try to narrow down by elimination. Perhaps it can help you too?
J David Boyd
November 11 @ 2:37pm
Love your study of Robert Boyds- WOW Thanks for your family information- I found it on -goes back quite a ways. Whether correct or not is another question. I will add it to my YDNA tree.
James Eubanks
December 6 @ 4:42pm
J David, I am administrator for my maternal uncles kit (James Eubanks). He has similar groupings to you, however the family name is Eubanks. I can only trace this bunch back to George W Eubank (no "s" on the end) who was born around 1844 somewhere in TN, according to Texas census records. He was in the household of a James Eubank in 1850. Tracing this family has been a decades-old nightmare. Y-DNA testing gave me a clue why since George came back so heavily aligned with the Boyd surname. George was possibly from a non-paternal event or adopted somewhere along the way. I've looking all over in southern Kentucky and in Tennessee for a connection to the two surnames (neighbors, a sister with a deceased Boyd husband?)
J David Boyd J David Boyd
November 15 @ 2:03pm
After reading all previous posts I am beginning to understand. Is there an administer for haplogroup "R" ? I have trees from several R'S and they seem to match into mine at some point. Does anyone know of a correct history of Boyd's of Kilmarnock? I seem to pick up bits and pieces.
John Boyd
November 26 @ 4:43pm
In what regard do you mean "correct history of Boyd's of Kilmarnock?"
J David Boyd
December 4 @ 1:50pm
I have a Robert Boyd born 1728 in Kilarnock, Ayshire, Scotland. I have his parents as Robert Boyd b. 1699 in East Ayrshire and Elizabeth Anderson b1703. I am not sure of this link as I can't find source to tie them. It seems his progenters are from North Ayrshire.
J David Boyd
December 4 @ 1:51pm
thanks, Gwen Eggen for Wava Boyd
W Boyd W Boyd
November 26 @ 8:44am
Are there recommended SNP testing to further define branches? There's a fascinating youtube video from the Genetic Genealogy Ireland (Belfast) 2018 "y-DNA of a Scots-Irish Diaspora" featuring the Irwin/Irvin, etc surname given by James Irvine. Wonder if it would be useful for further defining Boyd lines?
John Boyd John Boyd
November 18 @ 12:34am
I would love to chat with the other E-L117 matches
J David Boyd J David Boyd
November 15 @ 2:05pm
again, I keep hitting enter and get new post. Thanks to all.
J David Boyd J David Boyd has a question!
November 11 @ 2:58pm
Are there lists of haplo R Boyd family?
Raymond Ray Raymond Ray
November 1 @ 1:02pm
Maybe this is where the Ray,s got mixed up with the Boyd's
Raymond Ray Raymond Ray
October 15 @ 2:44pm
I guess I am starting a new line of Ray's
Raymond Ray
October 15 @ 2:48pm
I just received info that I have a 51 year old son that I knew nothing about his name is James Sheets (DNA) don't lie
David Boyd-Ellis-Hall
October 15 @ 3:42pm
I guess belated congratulations are in order? Well congratulations Raymond.
Raymond Ray
October 16 @ 8:34pm
Thanks I guess
Richard Wray Richard Wray
July 1 @ 6:56pm
My current hypothesis is that Edy Wray was "forced" by an older relative, possibly a brother of John Wray, her father. That would give Benjamin the right chromosome and the right last name. That older relative would have been the father of my Thomas Wray who settled in Tennessee. This is all sheer speculation, of course. The older relative (and John Wray) would have had the Boyd chromosome by "some mechanism" in a previous generation.
David Boyd
September 3 @ 2:34pm
If there is anything that helps this speculation then it would be great to see. It would mean that much of the document is correct with just a twist at the start.
Richard Wray Richard Wray
July 1 @ 6:16pm
I am posting in response to a request from David Boyd. I am a descendant of Thomas Wray who died in Wilson County TN in 1829. He was born ca 1740, possibly in Virginia. His second son, William Wray, was born on 23 Dec 1760 and died 1843 in Davidson County TN. William married and received land in 1790's. I descend from Thomas, through William Wray, in a direct line of Wrays. Benjamin Ray was born about 1755. Hence, the starting Ray/Wray/Rhea must be either Thomas Wray (who is older) or a person born prior to Thomas and Benjamin - in the earlier 1700's or late 1600's. This unknown person could be the grandfather or great-grand father of these men. I firmly believe that Benjamin is NOT the common ancestor of the Ray's, rather he is the ancestor of a prolific branch of the W-Rays. The timing just does NOT work for the entire family of W-Ray. You may have read the "Benjamin Ray Descendants" book at the DAR library in Washington. The book outlines the relationships in a large family, discovered through traditional genealogical methods, but they do not include me and my family. Unfortunately the Y chromosome is coming to an end in the Robert Wrays of north Texas. My brother has only girls. Susan Wray Cook
David Boyd
July 2 @ 1:21pm
Thanks for posting and the e-mail, Susan. "Benjamin Ray Descendants" book at the DAR library in Washington. Seems a good reference book and key to your contention. Is that a trip to Washington to view or are copies and transcriptions available elsewhere? Do you have any more details such as who published and when? Any other references you have would also be helpful.
David Boyd
September 3 @ 2:32pm
Just so you know where I am at with this line of research: The document I shared is the only link I have seen with supporting detail. I was not able to get hold of the book in the DAR library. Although it doesn't give a direct link there may just be something to help give context to Benjamin and family.