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Raymond Ray Raymond Ray has a question!
May 18, 2017 @ 11:58am
My DNA shows more Boyds then Rays I do not know of any Boyds in my Family My earliest known Ray is Thomas Leander Ray b. 1726/27 Ireland/ Scotland please help
James Boyd
November 7 @ 2:20pm
James Boyd
November 7 @ 2:21pm
Could You send me a copy of the flow diagram of the Haplogroup A DNA Project?
David Boyd
November 26 @ 5:42pm
Have sent it over, Jim. (Only just seen this post)
James Boyd
June 7 @ 9:31pm
I haven't seen it yet!
Charles Roberts Charles Roberts
June 3 @ 12:10pm
My third great grandfather was Joseph Roberts who lived near Faber in Nelson County, Virginia. He was born circa 1750, but we do not know where or who his parents were. My y dna is mostly matching surnames Boyd and Ray. Does anyone have any Boyd ancestors in Nelson County in the time period, 1750-1800?
Robert Boyd Robert Boyd has a question!
April 12 @ 7:40pm
There must be 50 Boyds in the extensive main list of Boyds. How are you supposed to determine what line you come from or who you are related to?
Tony Godwin
May 23 @ 8:50pm
Do deep haplogroup testing. This classified my group more accurately. I took my R-U198 and it led me too: U198; DF93 > JFS0009. This is way downstream from the generic R-U198 and more accurately traces my YDNA origins. Out of all the Boyds listed (my biological father was a Boyd), I only have three matches. One with a common relative 10 generations back, one at 7, and one at 5. The last one matches all my 111 alleles except 3. I was able to find my biological father with this information. Turns out, he was from the same town as the dad who raised me.
Tony Godwin
May 23 @ 8:54pm
There are many lines of Boyds. Once you figure out which one you belong to you can make a lot of headway in your ancestry search. All I had to do was start with the tree my closest Boyd was in. I started out researching Godwin, but after 3 YDNA tests, I learned I was a Boyd. 23andMe, FTDNA, Ancestry. My dad never knew of mom's indiscretion. You might not have any Boyd YDNA.
Tony Godwin
May 23 @ 8:55pm
And, I have a very rare haplogroup for Boyds. This led me to test deeper.
Tony Godwin
May 23 @ 8:56pm
I have only one match in the Boyd chart.
Raymond Ray Raymond Ray
October 13 @ 4:32pm
Edith (Ray) Mize - Son Benjamin Ray By Stephanie Ray December 12, 2012 at 05:47:14 I have pulled the page for the court order records and it does not state "the bastard son Bastard son of Edy WRAY" ordered to be "bound out" by the Church Wardens of Meherrin Parish. It states Edith Mize and bastard son Benjamin Ray. I have submitted the document to the new Ray website.If anyone would like a copy please let me know and I will forward to you. I am still confused as if this Edith Wray/Ray is the same Edith that was the daughter of John Wray and married Jeremiah Mize.
Kenneth Ray
March 23 @ 4:48pm
I have a definite paper trail from my father back to William Rea of Greenville, SC, who is listed as Elizabeth Rea’s son in Thomas Cooper’s will. Elizabeth married Thomas and had many children but William was always William Rea. I just can’t figure out why his birthdate is circa 1750and hers is 1756.
Richard Wray
May 18 @ 5:32pm
Hello Mr David Boyd,My brother and I are in the A haplotype Wray group. We are closely related to the Benjamin Ray descendants. Unfortunately, I have a hard paper trail to Davidson County, Tennessee. My ancestors name is William Wray. His brother's descendants (Elijah Wray) of the next county, (Wilson County) are a genetic match of 1. William and Elijah are OLDER than Benjamin by some thirty years.
Richard Wray
May 18 @ 5:34pm
Hence, I believe that the first Wray ancestor is several generations back from Benjamin, perhaps in Scotland. Sorry. This perpetuation of the Benjamin business is a distraction. We need to be looking further back.
Chad Ray
May 20 @ 11:21pm
Thank you, Susan, for helping us realize that we need to look further back.
Carroll Radford Carroll Radford
May 12 @ 1:53pm
Love this group and the wonderful administrators , especially Bob! Thanks for helping us learn about our heritage and our rare haplogroup. Hopefully we can eventually discern the facts about where and/or when our Ray (Radford) line intersected with our Boyd patriarch. To know who that Boyd was would be awesome, but just narrowing down the possibilities are the current goal.
Chad Ray Chad Ray
April 10 @ 9:02pm
I am wondering if any of the Boyd's and Ray's in the Haplo A group are listed on
David Boyd-Ellis-Hall
April 10 @ 10:26pm
I’m not
David Boyd
April 29 @ 10:43am
I am, but have not found it much use in my research.
Chad Ray
April 29 @ 11:32pm
Hello, it is so good to hear from you. For some reason I can't find your Boyd on
David Boyd
May 8 @ 12:45pm
Possibly we are too far apart to register on Ancestry's "Family Finder". We know that our common ancestor is at least 10 generations above us.
Bobby Cayton Bobby Cayton has a question!
April 27 @ 9:44am
I don't see my kit number on the list. Help?
Chad Ray
April 28 @ 9:06pm
Have you found your results? There was one posted yesterday under Carroll Radford. Is that one yours?
David Boyd
April 29 @ 10:45am
Can't see you on the DNA results table, Bobby. Suggest you ask Bob Boyd who administers our project. It could be that you have only just joined the project and it takes a week or so for your results to appear in the table.
Robert Boyd Robert Boyd has a question!
April 5 @ 4:51pm
When the y-results come in how are they put into the Boyd project to determine which group he will closely identify with ? RJBoyd
Chad Ray
April 8 @ 8:01pm
Are you a member of When do you expect to get results on familytreedna? When you realize what haplo A or R group you are in, it will fine tune what direction you should go.
Bob Boyd
April 10 @ 6:53pm
Hi Robert. I presume you are referring to the subgrouping. When someones results first come in they fit into the "Ungrouped" group. We, as Project Administrators look at the results and matches for the person and use that information to determine which subgroup to put them into. We may also create a new subgroup if we feel that is warranted. The order in which the results appear within a subgroup is managed by FTDNA's sorting algorithm. With the Boyd project I like to assign a subgroup to everyone soon after their results become available so you won't see anyone Ungrouped for long.
Chad Ray
April 10 @ 8:57pm
Hey Bob! I appreciate the work you're doing! I find it interesting that the Haplo A Boyd's and the Haplo A Ray's seem to be the ones using this the most.
Chad Ray
April 10 @ 8:58pm
Is there any Haplo A Boyds on
Bruce Boyd Bruce Boyd has a question!
November 12 @ 2:13pm
Hey David Boyd, I just realized that in a June response you said you would send me a chart if I gave you an email address. Is that still an option?
Bruce Boyd
February 23 @ 2:07pm
So our Ancestor is Alexander Boyd, Born 1821 and died 1910. I manage the test both for my cousin Bruce and my Cousin Ron, so you will see both of these tests in the A haplogroup. One is kit #363554 the other kit is # B11228.
David Boyd
February 24 @ 4:28am
Sure can see them, Randy.
David Boyd
February 24 @ 4:29am
Ron has a few markers missing - looks like his information was imported from another supplier.
Bob Boyd
April 10 @ 7:01pm
Test results imported from another testing company (not FTDNA) have kit numbers starting with a letter which depends on the testing company.
Robert Boyd Robert Boyd
February 25 @ 12:50pm
This house was built by James Berry Boyd in Sandy Mush NC around 1800 and is still standing on Boyd Cove Rd
David Boyd-Ellis-Hall
February 27 @ 9:30pm
Porch needs a bit of attention, I could fix that right up.