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Raymond Ray Raymond Ray
October 13 @ 4:32pm
Edith (Ray) Mize - Son Benjamin Ray By Stephanie Ray December 12, 2012 at 05:47:14 I have pulled the page for the court order records and it does not state "the bastard son Bastard son of Edy WRAY" ordered to be "bound out" by the Church Wardens of Meherrin Parish. It states Edith Mize and bastard son Benjamin Ray. I have submitted the document to the new Ray website.If anyone would like a copy please let me know and I will forward to you. I am still confused as if this Edith Wray/Ray is the same Edith that was the daughter of John Wray and married Jeremiah Mize.
Kenneth Ray
March 1 @ 11:03am
What about Elizabeth Rea who was born in 1756 and her son William Rea born in 1750, which is impossible, I know. I was told that this son was illegitimate, possibly fathered by Boyd, and Elizabeth was the mother, but how can that be? Her father was James Rea born c. 1730. He was married to Johanna Kasoinah (sp?) James was from Henry County in Virginia. Elizabeth was in North Carolina at one point but lived with William and his wife, Rebecca in Greenville, SC. She had later married Thomas Cooper and had many children. William was referred to as "her son". So, who is Benjamin Ray, born c. 1756?
Kenneth Ray
March 1 @ 11:05am
By the way, I am Laurie Ray Konrad, daughter of Kenneth Ray. He passed away in 2012. I had my dna done recently, but it is through How do I get it uploaded to this group to see how things match up?
David Boyd
March 1 @ 1:22pm
On the Boyd - Ray connection, I am of the opinion it's illegitimate Benjamin Ray, B Abt. 1756. Nearly there with that one and will share shortly. The evidence is not conclusive but I am of the opinion that it's as good as it gets. I have not seen any other suggestion with such a good case. Now for porting Ancestry to Family Finder. Given that it's a low cost test I just did the test on both. Had it been a higher-value test then I would have looked at how to port over.
Kenneth Ray
6 hours ago
I have a definite paper trail from my father back to William Rea of Greenville, SC, who is listed as Elizabeth Rea’s son in Thomas Cooper’s will. Elizabeth married Thomas and had many children but William was always William Rea. I just can’t figure out why his birthdate is circa 1750and hers is 1756.
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March 7 @ 10:46pm
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Joseph Boyd
Robert Boyd Robert Boyd
February 25 @ 12:50pm
This house was built by James Berry Boyd in Sandy Mush NC around 1800 and is still standing on Boyd Cove Rd
David Boyd-Ellis-Hall
February 27 @ 9:30pm
Porch needs a bit of attention, I could fix that right up.
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February 25 @ 11:26am
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Robert Boyd
Bruce Boyd Bruce Boyd has a question!
November 12 @ 2:13pm
Hey David Boyd, I just realized that in a June response you said you would send me a chart if I gave you an email address. Is that still an option?
David Boyd
February 19 @ 12:50pm
I can't see Bruce on my Big-Y matches. Also can't see him in my matches. I'm in the A-M32 group.
Bruce Boyd
February 23 @ 2:07pm
So our Ancestor is Alexander Boyd, Born 1821 and died 1910. I manage the test both for my cousin Bruce and my Cousin Ron, so you will see both of these tests in the A haplogroup. One is kit #363554 the other kit is # B11228.
David Boyd
February 24 @ 4:28am
Sure can see them, Randy.
David Boyd
February 24 @ 4:29am
Ron has a few markers missing - looks like his information was imported from another supplier.
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February 18 @ 2:09pm
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Denver Boyd
Bruce Boyd Bruce Boyd has a question!
February 18 @ 10:49am
The 1815 Virginia Landowner's Directory lists Alexander Boyd as owning land in Halifax county "Branch of Toby Creek 18 mi SW. Does anyone have information for Alexander or know if this is the same Alexander you might have in your tree?
Raymond Boyd Raymond Boyd has a question!
February 16 @ 1:19pm
Quick question to confirm that I am fully signed up for this BOYD group. I am hearing from another group member that my name and kit # (712874) is not showing up. Thanks in advance for confirming and letting me know if I need to do anything else to participate. -Ray Boyd
David Boyd
February 16 @ 1:48pm
It's there, Raymond. Perhaps you need to increase the page size. Default value just shows the first few. Just fill the box with 9s. You are just past the half-way point.
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January 25 @ 11:48pm
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R. Boyd
1 Recent New Member
January 4 @ 11:30pm
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William Boyd